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Name:Bartek Nowak
Country: Poland
Joined:Nov 12th, 2010
Last interaction: Today at 14:34:34
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Number of GPs:0 (808)
Points scored:0 (1405)
Wins:0 (48)
Podiums:0 (105)
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Fastest laps:0 (61)
Avg pts/race: - (1.74)
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First GP: Season 22, Race 14
Times logged on:13788
Time spent on GPRO:5337.2 hours
Birth date: -
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Game data overview

Group:Master - 1
Season position:13th
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: Pete Follmer (151)
Tech D: Gavin Czapski (108)
Staff overall:24
Tyres: blank
Team name: CL-DNF Racing
Team position:361
Team points:0


J.P. Morning (P12) - 10 races
Electronic Earths (P12) - 6 races
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Manager career of Bartek Nowak (Last updated: Dec 7th 2020, 02:05:00)
Silly games/sports challenges champion:
- 2018 PDC World Darts Championship Challenge
- 2018 Olympic Ski Jumping Challenge

All stats correct as of S79, R5: Yeongam GP;

1st - S22, R14: Silverstone GP - 14th in R238
50th - S25, R13: Kyalami GP - 15th in R238
100th - S29, R1: Buenos Aires GP - 28th in A56
200th - S39, R2: Montreal GP - 6th in R189
300th - S52, R10: Yas Marina GP - 28th in A112
400th - S58, R17: Brno GP - 28th in A112
500th - S64, R15: Monte Carlo GP - 34th in A22
600th - S70, R13: Montreal GP - 2nd in P23
700th - S76, R11: Rafaela Oval GP - 21st in A28
800th - S82, R9 (planned)

MASTER - 3 seasons
Races: 51
Debut - S71, R1: A1-Ring GP - 32nd
Last race - S73, R17: Imola GP - 18th

Points: 3 times:
S71, R11: Hungaroring GP - 8th;
S72, R3: Monza GP - 5th;
S72, R13: Suzuka GP - 6th;

Highest grid: 7th - S72, R3: Monza GP

PRO - 7 seasons
Races: 107
Debut - S62, R1: Bucharest Ring GP - 27th
Last race - S79, R5: Yeongam GP - 7th

Hattrick: S70, R16: Irungattukottai GP

Wins: (7 times)
S67, R12: Irungattukottai GP, start - 25th;
S68, R4: Suzuka GP, start - 2nd (2nd in Pro overall);
S68, R11: Bremgarten GP, start - 4th;
S69, R5: Jyllands-Ringen GP, start - 1st;
S70, R8: Bremgarten GP, start - 1st;
S70, R10: Imola GP, start - 1st;
S70, R16: Irungattukottai GP, start - 1st (5th in Pro overall);

Podiums: (12 times)
S67, R12: Irungattukottai GP - 1st;
S68, R4: Suzuka GP - 1st;
S68, R11: Bremgarten GP - 1st;
S69, R5: Jyllands-Ringen GP - 1st;
S70, R5: Barcelona GP - 2nd;
S70, R6: Mugello GP - 2nd;
S70, R8: Bremgarten GP - 1st;
S70, R9: Monte Carlo GP - 3rd;
S70, R10: Imola GP - 1st;
S70, R13: Montreal GP - 2nd;
S70, R14: Adelaide GP - 2nd;
S70, R16: Irungattukottai GP - 1st;

Points: 24 times in S62, S67-S70, S79
First - S62, R17: Brno GP - 4th;

Pole Positions: (4 times)
S69, R5: Jyllands-Ringen GP, finish - 1st;
S70, R8: Bremgarten GP, finish - 1st;
S70, R16: Irungattukottai GP, finish - 1st;
S79, R4: Sakhir GP, finish - 4th;

Fastest laps: (7 times)
S68, R4: Suzuka GP, finish - 1st;
S68, R11: Bremgarten GP, finish - 1st;
S70, R4: Singapore GP, finish - 5th;
S70, R7: Bucharest Ring GP, finish - 5th;
S70, R10: Imola GP, finish - 1st;
S70, R13: Montreal GP, finish - 2nd;
S70, R16: Irungattukottai GP, finish - 1st;

AMATEUR - 22 seasons
Races: 348
Debut - S29, R1: Buenos Aires GP - 28th
Last race - S78, R17: Zandvoort GP - 9th

Grand Slam: S78, R1: Mugello GP

Hattricks: (6 times)
S61, R12: Monte Carlo GP;
S78, R1: Mugello GP;
S78, R7: Zolder GP;
S78, R8: Indianapolis Oval GP;
S78, R10: Interlagos GP;
S78, R14: Istanbul GP;

Wins: (22 times)
S56, R5: Avus GP, start - 16th;
S61, R5: Avus GP, start - 9th, 200th Amateur race;
S61, R11: Istanbul GP, start - 3rd;
S61, R12: Monte Carlo GP, start - 1st;
S61, R16: Sochi GP, start - 2nd;
S66, R3: Jyllands-Ringen GP, start - 7th;
S66, R4: Imola GP, start - 3rd;
S66, R6: Grobnik GP, start - 2nd;
S66, R7: Monza GP, start - 1st;
S66, R8: Ahvenisto GP, start - 2nd;
S66, R9: Magny Cours GP, start - 2nd;
S66, R14: New Delhi GP, start - 3rd;
S66, R15: Sochi GP, start - 2nd;
S66, R17: Suzuka GP, start - 3rd;
S77, R16: Buenos Aires GP, start - 2nd;
S78, R1: Mugello GP, start - 1st;
S78, R2: Hockenheim GP, start - 2nd;
S78, R7: Zolder GP, start - 1st;
S78, R8: Indianapolis Oval GP, start - 1st;
S78, R10: Interlagos GP, start - 1st;
S78, R11: Fuji GP, start - 2nd;
S78, R14: Istanbul GP, start - 1st;

Podiums: (46 times)
First - S52, R14: Brands Hatch GP;
S52 - R14; S54 - R15; S55 - R2; S56 - R5; S57 - R1, R2, R3; S58 - R2; S60 - R4; S61 - R4, R5, R6, R7, R9, R11, R12, R13, R15, R16, R17; S65 - R4; S66 - R1, R3, R4, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R13, R14, R15, R16; S77 - R16, R17; S78 - R1, R2, R6, R7, R8, R10, R11, R12, R14, R15;

Points: 102 times in S51-S52, S54-S58, S60-S61, S63, S65-S66, S75-S78
First - S51 R5: Poznan GP - 5th
S66 - all but one races (R11)

Pole Positions: (17 times)
S61, R10: Jerez GP, finish - 5th
S61, R12: Monte Carlo GP, finish - 1st;
S66, R7: Monza GP, finish - 1st;
S66, R16: Yeongam GP, finish - 2nd;
S78, R1: Mugello GP, finish - 1st;
S78, R4: Brands Hatch GP, finish - 17th;
S78, R6: Oesterreichring GP, finish - 2nd;
S78, R7: Zolder GP, finish - 1st;
S78, R8: Indianapolis Oval GP, finish - 1st;
S78, R9: Mexico City GP, finish - 7th;
S78, R10: Interlagos GP, finish - 1st;
S78, R12: Irungattukottai GP, finish - 2nd;
S78, R13: Baku City GP, finish - 4th;
S78, R14: Istanbul GP, finish - 1st;
S78, R15: Anderstorp GP, finish - 2nd;
S78, R16: Grobnik GP, finish - 6th;
S78, R17: Zandvoort GP, finish - 9th;

Fastest laps: (37 times)
S51 R14; S53 R3; S54 R15; S58 R13; S60 - R8, R11, R13, R16, R17; S61 - R5, R8, R11, R12, R15, R16, R17; S64 R10; S65 - R5, R16, R17; S66 - R6, R8, R10, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17; S77 R16; S78 R1, R2, R7, R8, R10, R11, R14;

ROOKIE - 20 seasons
Races: 239
Debut - S22, R14: Silverstone GP - 14th
Last race - S50, R17: Avus GP - 7th

Grand Slam: S49, R10: Suzuka GP

Hattricks: S49, R10: Suzuka GP; S50, R3: Buenos Aires GP; S50, R7: Hungaroring GP

Wins: (11 times)
S23, R2: Suzuka GP
S24, R2: Interlagos GP
S28, R7: Indianapolis Oval GP, start - 13th
S32, R9: Kaunas GP
S39, R13: Irungattukottai GP
S49, R8: Yeongam GP
S49, R10: Suzuka GP
S50, R3: Buenos Aires GP
S50, R6: Imola GP (9th in Rookie overall);
S50, R7: Hungaroring GP
S50, R14: Adelaide GP

Podiums: (33 times)
First - S23, R2 Suzuka GP;
S23 - R2, R3; S24 - R2; S28 - R2, R3, R4, R6, R7, R9, R13, R14, R16, R17; S30 - R10; S31 - R14; S32 - R9, R10; S39 - R8, R9, R12, R13; S48 - R17; S49 - R8, R10; S50 - R3, R6, R7, R9, R11, R13, R14, R15;

Points: 111 times in S23-S28, S30-S32, S34, S37-S39, S47-S50
First - S23 R1, Kyalami GP - 5th
S28 - all races
S50 - all races

Pole Positions: (12 times)
S24, R2: Interlagos GP, finish - 1st
S28, R5: Fuji GP, finish - 4th
S39, R8: Fiorano GP, finish - 2nd
S39, R9: Istanbul GP, finish - 3rd
S39, R11: Ahvenisto GP, finish - 4th
S39, R13: Irungattukottai GP, finish - 1st
S39, R17: Kyalami GP, finish - 16th
S49, R10: Suzuka GP, finish - 1st
S49, R16: Rafaela Oval GP, finish - 9th
S49, R17: Austin GP, finish - 5th
S50, R3: Buenos Aires GP, finish - 1st
S50, R7: Hungaroring GP, finish - 1st

Fastest laps: (10 times)
S23, R1: Kyalami GP, finish - 5th
S23, R2: Suzuka GP, finish - 1st
S23, R3: Brno GP, finish - 2st
S23, R6: Monte Carlo GP, finish - 17th
S23, R7: Hungaroring GP, finish - 19th
S49, R10: Suzuka GP, finish - 1st
S49, R17: Austin GP, finish - 5th
S50, R3: Buenos Aires GP, finish - 1st
S50, R7: Hungaroring GP, finish - 1st
S50, R9: Yas Marina GP, finish - 2nd