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Name: Constantin Heller

24% unlocked

Gender: Male
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Relationship status: Single
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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs: 10 (247)
Points scored: 22 (714)
Wins: 0 (26)
Podiums: 3 (70)
Pole positions: 0 (26)
Fastest laps: 1 (14)
Avg pts/race: 2.2 (2.89)
First GP: Season 29, Race 1


Group: Rookie - 22 Sponsor 1: -
Money: $??.???.??? Sponsor 2: -
Season position: 6th Sponsor 3: -
Certification: The manager has passed the GPRO certification test successfully! Sponsor 4: -
Sponsor 5: -
Car livery Tyres
Driver: Guy Plowman (102)
Tech D: None
Team name: -
Larousse Lola lc90 - 1990 Pipirelli
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You can never not come back, I guess.

Quote ( Daniel Klar @ May 13th 2014,06:08:24 )

Okay, viele Dank für die Infos :), also Zettel und Stift rausholen und los gehts :D


S25 - 1st season (R225): Started to learn GPRO. Failed. Came too late in the season. No luck = no fun.
S26 - 2nd season (R225): Still didn´t have much fun and deleted my account.
S29 - 3rd season (R32): Went back to the game as I found it in my shortcuts. Came too late in my 2nd season. Got a few points and decided to stay for another season.
S30 - 4th season (R32): Continued racing in the same group with my buddies ;) Got a few points again. Had no time to play GPRO anymore. Left the game and retired.
S37 - 5th season (R193): Noticed the game as I took my shortcuts to my new Laptop. Joined again. Was NOT too late. Got a few points, then wasted my money. BUT it was enough fun to continue.
S38 - 6th season (R193): Spent too much money. At least got top 4 this time. And got some wins! This convinces me that I can do it! Most of all, because I was less than 200000 in negative.
S39 - 7th season (R193): Less starting money this time. Went into negative balance, but already had enough points. Then tried to collect money for Amateur. FIRST PROMOTION TO AMATEUR!
S40 - 8th season (A119): First time in Amateur. Strong enemies. Some money. New driver. And I retained with 7 points...A MIRACLE!
S41 - 9th season (A119): I guess now I'll see if I can promote to Pro. Strong driver, good car, should be possible! Or not. Well, let´s retain! Forget it, back to Rookie! :D
S42 - 10th season (R32): Real life took its toll and 1 season away from me.
S43 - 11th season (R32): First race back, first win after several seasons dry streak. Seems to be a pretty good start :D Definitely going for the promotion.
S44 - 12th season (R32): Still in Rookie, I WILL promote though. Actually, I AM promoting ;)
S45 - 13th season (A12): Back to Amateur. Neither car nor driver are really strong enough. I did retain pretty easily though and got some points.
S46 - 14th season (A12): Same group, same task: Retain. Won the second race. WON it. In Amateur!!! o.O But intentionally dropped to Rookie.
S47 - 15th season (R383): Don´t even know what happened this season. Lost my driver and lost my interest. Retired.
S53 - 16th season (R99): Back after being inactive for a while. Do I still know how to play this game? Yup. Got it. Back to Amateur.
S54 - 17th season (A64): Forgot to get a driver, so my season starts at R2. Wish me luck, I´ll need it.
S55 - 18th season (A64): Well, these are gonna be my last races...for now!
S58 - 19th season (R90): And guess who's back again! You people can't get rid of me. 2 points in 2 races, not too shabby.
S59 - 20th season (R195): Let's start the grind all over again. New driver, new competitive Rookie group, time to fight for those points!


S38, R2: Valencia GP (Spain)
S38, R3: Magny Cours GP (France)
S38, R4: Singapore GP (Singapore)
S38, R5: Hockenheim GP (Germany)
S39, R2: Montreal GP (Canada)
S39, R3: Interlagos GP (Brazil)
S39, R4: Mexico City GP (Mexico)
S39, R10: Serres GP (Greece)
S43, R3: Brands Hatch GP (UK)
S43, R12: Singapore GP (Singapore)
S43, R13: Sakhir GP (Bahrain)
S44, R1: Kaunas GP (Lithuania)
S44, R5: Serres GP (Greece)
S44, R12: Ahvenisto GP (Finland)
S44, R14: Nurburgring GP (Germany)
S47, R6: Brands Hatch GP (UK)
S53, R2: Ahvenisto GP (Finland)
S53, R4: Imola GP (San Marino)
S53, R7: Buenos Aires GP (Argentina)
S53, R12: Irungattukottai GP (India)
S53, R13: Fuji GP (Japan)
S53, R16: Estoril GP (Portugal)

S46, R3: Serres GP (Greece)


S29, R14: Irungattukottai GP (India)
S30, R1: Fuji GP (Japan)
S30, R2: Sepang GP (Malaysia)
S30, R3: Yas Marina GP (UAE)
S30, R9: Singapore GP (Singapore)
S43, R11: Laguna Seca GP (USA)
S43, R14: New Delhi GP (India)
S43, R15: Shanghai GP (China)
S44, R3: Slovakiaring GP (Slovakia)
S44, R4: New Delhi GP (India)
S44, R6: Rafaela Oval GP (Brazil)
S44, R8: Sochi GP (Russia)
S44, R9: Valencia GP (Spain)
S44, R11: Yeongam GP (South Korea)
S44, R12: Ahvenisto GP (Finland)
S44, R13: Mugello GP (Italy)
S44, R14: Nurburgring GP (Germany)
S44, R15: Zandvoort GP (Netherlands)
S47, R10: Fuji GP (Japan)
S53, R2: Ahvenisto GP (Finland)
S53, R7: Buenos Aires GP (Argentina)
S53, R9: Montreal GP (Canada)
S53, R11: Baku City GP (Azerbaijan)
S53, R13: Fuji GP (Japan)
S53, R16: Estoril GP (Portugal)
S53, R17: Silverstone GP (GB)


S38, R7: Kaunas GP (Lithuania)
S38, R12: Monte Carlo GP (Monaco)
S44, R12: Ahvenisto GP (Finland)
S53, R12: Irungattukottai GP (India)
S53, R13: Fuji GP (Japan)
S53, R17: Silverstone GP (GB)

S41, R7: Zolder GP (Belgium)
S45, R13: Interlagos GP (Brazil)
S55, R3: Serres GP (Greece)


Getting too many to list them all here
S29: 2x3rd, 1x2nd
S30: 1x3rd
S37: 1x3rd
S38: 2x2nd, 4x1st
S39: 2x2nd, 4x1st
S42: 1x3rd
S43: 2x3rd, 3x1st
S44: 2x3rd, 3x2nd, 4x1st
S47: 1x3rd, 4x2nd, 2x1st
S53: 5x3rd, 3x2nd, 6x1st - that´s 14 podiums in 1 season!

S46, R3: Serres GP (Greece) - 1st place
S46, R11: Sepang GP (Malaysia) - 3rd place


S44, R12: Ahvenisto GP (Finland): /gb/RaceSummary.asp?group=Rookie%20-%2032&Season=44&Race=12
S53, R13: Fuji GP (Japan): /gb/RaceSummary.asp?group=Rookie%20-%2099&Season=53&Race=13


FIRST RACE: Season 25, Race 6: Zolder (Belgium) -- Place 17
FIRST "SUCCESS": Season 25, Race 8: Magny-Cours (France) -- Place 12
FIRST POINTS: Season 26, Race 2: Estoril (Portugal) -- Place 8
FIRST PODIUM: Season 29, Race 2: Brasilia (Brazil) -- Place 3
FIRST POLE: Season 29, Race 14: Irungattukottai (India) -- Place 17
FIRST WIN: Season 38, Race 2: Valencia (Spain) -- Place 1
FIRST FASTEST LAP: Season 38, Race 7: Kaunas (Lithuania) -- Place 5
FIRST PROMOTION: Season 39, Race 17: Kyalami (South Africa) -- Place 16
FIRST AMATEUR POINTS: Season 40, Race 5: Nurburgring (Germany) -- Place 8
FIRST AMATEUR F-LAP: Season 41, Race 7: Zolder (Belgium) -- Place 5
FIRST HATTRICK: Season 44, Race 12: Ahvenisto (Finland) -- Place 1
FIRST AMATEUR WIN: Season 46, Race 3: Serres (Greece) -- Place 1

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