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Larousse Lola lc90 - 1990
Name:Constantin Heller
Country: Germany
Joined:May 8th, 2011
Last interaction: Today at 01:45:46
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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs:0 (332)
Points scored:0 (1070)
Wins:0 (43)
Podiums:0 (107)
Pole positions:0 (46)
Fastest laps:0 (25)
Avg pts/race: - (3.22)
Certification: The manager has passed the GPRO certification test successfully! (Apr 7th, 2014)

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First GP: Season 29, Race 1
Times logged on:8750
Time spent on GPRO:3460.5 hours
Birth date: -
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Relationship status:Retired

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Money: $?
Driver: None
Tech D: None
Staff overall:0
Tyres: blank
Team name: -
Team position:0
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Manager career of Constantin Heller (Last updated: Apr 19th 2019, 22:52:21)
You can never not come back, I guess.

Quote ( Daniel Klar @ May 13th 2014,06:08:24 )

Okay, viele Dank für die Infos :), also Zettel und Stift rausholen und los gehts :D


S25/26 - Rookie 225: Started to learn GPRO. Failed. Came too late in the season. No luck = no fun. Deleted my account.
S29/30 - Rookie 32: Found the game in my shortcuts. Got a few points, then didn't have the time to play anymore and left again.

S37/38/39 - Rookie 193: Found GPRO again. Got more and more points. Almost made it in my second season back but was slightly in the negative after wasting my money. Went negative again in the season after that, but managed to pull it back and promote to Amateur for the first time!
S40/41 - Amateur 119: Got some money and an okay driver, made some points. Used too high risks in the second season and decided to demote.
S42/43/44 - Rookie 32: Didn't have the time to play seriously for a while. Returned and managed to promote easily.
S45/46 - Amateur 12: Car and driver not too good, but collected a few points. Actually won a race in S46. Decided to return to Rookie once again.
S47 - Rookie 383: Unintentionally lost my driver and didn't feel like playing anymore. Somehow promoted after leaving the game anyway.

S52/53 - Rookie 99: Back again, and off to Amateur it is.
S54/55 - Amateur 64: Couldn't leave much of a dent without a good driver, and instead decided to leave the game instead.

S58/59 - Rookie 195: Guess who's back? Swapped to a different Rookie group to have a competitive battle against some of the other guys in the group. Fun, but driver training didn't work out as I wished and once again lost interest. Again promoted without even being there.

S68/69 - Rookie 22: One shitty season to train up my new driver, a dominant start into the next one. Easy victories and picked up some hattricks on the way!
S70 - Amateur: Let's see what a higher class has in store for me!


Rookie: 37

S46, R3: Serres GP (Greece)


Rookie: 41


Rookie: 19

S41, R7: Zolder GP (Belgium)
S45, R13: Interlagos GP (Brazil)
S55, R3: Serres GP (Greece)


Rookie: 24x3rd, 25x2nd, 37x1st

S46, R3: Serres GP (Greece) - 1st place
S46, R11: Sepang GP (Malaysia) - 3rd place


S44, R12: Ahvenisto GP (Finland): /gb/RaceSummary.asp?group=Rookie%20-%2032&Season=44&Race=12
S53, R13: Fuji GP (Japan): /gb/RaceSummary.asp?group=Rookie%20-%2099&Season=53&Race=13
S69, R3/5/8/11/14/15/16: /gb/History.asp?table=Standings&group=Rookie%20-%2022&am...


FIRST RACE: Season 25, Race 6: Zolder (Belgium) -- Place 17
FIRST "SUCCESS": Season 25, Race 8: Magny-Cours (France) -- Place 12
FIRST POINTS: Season 26, Race 2: Estoril (Portugal) -- Place 8
FIRST PODIUM: Season 29, Race 2: Brasilia (Brazil) -- Place 3
FIRST POLE: Season 29, Race 14: Irungattukottai (India) -- Place 17
FIRST WIN: Season 38, Race 2: Valencia (Spain) -- Place 1
FIRST FASTEST LAP: Season 38, Race 7: Kaunas (Lithuania) -- Place 5
FIRST PROMOTION: Season 39, Race 17: Kyalami (South Africa) -- Place 16
FIRST AMATEUR POINTS: Season 40, Race 5: Nurburgring (Germany) -- Place 8
FIRST AMATEUR F-LAP: Season 41, Race 7: Zolder (Belgium) -- Place 5
FIRST HATTRICK: Season 44, Race 12: Ahvenisto (Finland) -- Place 1
FIRST AMATEUR WIN: Season 46, Race 3: Serres (Greece) -- Place 1

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