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Name:Leo Longhi
Country: Brazil
Joined:Jan 19th, 2013
Last interaction: Today at 15:10:00
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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs:8 (394)
Points scored:36 (903)
Wins:0 (37)
Podiums:4 (78)
Pole positions:0 (23)
Fastest laps:1 (24)
Avg pts/race: 4.5 (2.29)
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Fast facts

First GP: Season 34, Race 11
Times logged on:3473
Time spent on GPRO:1865.5 hours
Birth date: -
Place of residence:-
Relationship status:Lad

Game data overview

Group:Amateur - 93
Season position:3rd
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: Manuel Cabral (132)
Tech D: None
Staff overall:23
Tyres: Pipirelli
Team position:199
Team points:141.4668


Jean Germanior (A93) - 14 races
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Manager career of Leo Longhi (Last updated: Feb 22nd 2017, 10:20:41)
/First rookie race: S34 R11//////////First amateur race: S52 R1//////////////////First pro race: S56 R1
/First rookie retire: S34 R14/////////First amateur retire: S52 R10///////////////First pro retire: S56 R17
/First rookie pole: S37 R8///////////First amateur pole: S55 R1//////////////////First pro pole:
/First rookie fastest lap: S37 R8////First amateur fastest lap: S53 R5///////////First pro fastest lap:
/First rookie points: S37 R11////////First amateur points: S53 R2////////////////First pro points: S56 R15
/First rookie podium: S38 R1////////First amateur podium: S54 R12/////////////First pro podium:
/First rookie win S38 R1//////////////First amateur win: S55 R1////////////////////First pro win:
/Best rookie ranking: 1(S51)////////Best amateur ranking: 1(S55)///////////////Best pro ranking: 21(S56)
/First rookie promotion: S51/////////First amateur promotion: S55///////////////First pro promotion:
/First hattrick: S55 R10///////////////First amateur retrocession: S57 (Reset)////First pro retrocession: S56
/First grand slam:

Note: [ ] results are season's best

Season 57
Qs: 30-33-/-20-19-21-21-22-[17]-23--Reset--
Races: 28-35-/-19-[12]-23-19-21-14-16--Reset--
Points: 0--Reset--
Group: A46--Reset--

Season 56
Qs: 31-26-36-33-18-34-34-28-30-30-16-[9]-18-29-7-9-22
Races: 21-34-30-27-34-28-24-33-31-27-13-24-23-21-[4]-21-39R
Points: 5
Ranking: 21
Group: P21

Notes: First season in Pro
Recoiled due to negative balance

Season 55
Qs: 5-[1]-2-[1]-5-[1]-2-2-2-[1]-2-3-3-3-2-2-2
Races: 2-[1]-2-[1]-5-3-[1]-2-[1]-[1]-[1]-[1]-[1]-5-[1]-2-4
Points: 141
Ranking: 1
Group: A20

Note: Promoted to Pro

Season 54
Qs: 7-6-6-10-10-6-5-6-10-9-5-5-[3]-[3]-[3]-7-4
Races: 8-14-13-11-22-13-5-13-13-10-7-[3]-24-9-4-13-18
Points: 18
Ranking: 8
Group: A20

Season 53
Qs: 11-13-[9]-22-11-11-13-20-10-11-10-[9]-13-[9]-12-10-12
Races: 13-[8]-21-24-28R-35R-11-22-15-11-9-12-17-10-9-13-10
Points: 1
Ranking: 23
Group: A20

Season 52
Qs: 27-26-30-29-23-17-30-[13]-21-21-21-27-19-28-20-16-21
Races: 29-30-35-27-32-23-24-21-21-34R-18-21-22-10-26-[9]-27
Points: 0
Ranking: 26
Group: A20

Note:First Amateur Season

Season 51
Qs: [1]-[1]-3-2-[1]-2-[1]-[1]-2-2-[1]-2-2-4-[1]-[1]-[1]
Races: [1]-[1]-[1]-4-[1]-2-[1]-[1]-3-[1]-4-[1]-3-[1]-[1]-2-7
Points: 140
Ranking: 1
Group: R86

Note: Promoted to Amateur

Season 50
Qs: 11-11-11-12-8-8-[1]-2-2-2-[1]-7-2-4-6-2-2
Races: 9-9-8-8-12-7-3-4-6-4-[2]-4-9-11-5-[2]-4
Points: 53
Ranking: 5
Group: R15

Season 49
Qs: /-/-/-/-/-/-/-8-7-6-10-8-8-6-9-[3]-7
Races: /-/-/-/-/-/-/-[3]-6-4-10-7-4-5-8-5-6
Points: 33
Ranking: 7
Group: R15

Seasons 40-48

Season 39
Qs: 6-[5]-7-12-16-7-/-13-12-10-9-12-10-8-8-/-9
Races: [8]-18-17-21-20R-15-/-15R-15-13-13-13R-9-12-12-/-10
Points: 1
Ranking: 16
Group: R228

Season 38
Qs: 11-15-/-10-[4]-5-5-13-9-6-9-6-8-6-12-/-9
Races: [1]-8-/-2-[1]-[1]-3-3-8-21R-[1]-3-16-16-20-/-5
Points: 72
Ranking: 4
Group: R228

Note: Not promoted due to negative balance.

Season 37
Qs: /-/-/-/-/-3-/-[1]-/-5-13-17-14-18-7-16-10
Races: /-/-/-/-/-10-/-17-/-10-[4]-17-14-15-7-[4]-14
Points: 16
Ranking: 12
Group: R228

Season 36
Q: [6]
Race: [23]
Points: 0
Ranking: ?
Group R241

Season 35
Qs: 9-[6]-9-7-/-9-24-24-/-15-17-16-10-22-10-9-17
Races: 20-[11]-17-14-/-21R-21-23R-/-19-21R-19R-16-15R-24R-17-20R
Points: 0
Ranking: 25
Group: R241

Season 34
Qs: /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-25-20-23-22-24-[14]-16
Races: /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-17-17-21-24R-19R-17-[15]
Points: 0
Ranking: 29
Group : R241

Note: Season 34 has been my first season ever in