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Name:Sudeep Pednekar
Country: India
Joined:May 9th, 2014
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First GP: Season 41, Race 13
Times logged on:5691
Time spent on GPRO:3597.7 hours
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Group:Rookie - 23
Season position:26th
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: None
Tech D: None
Staff overall:2
Tyres: Pipirelli
Team name: -
Team position:0
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Manager career of Sudeep Pednekar (Last updated: Nov 16th 2020, 07:29:34)
Mafia Career:

Games Played - 26

AlignmentPlayedWonLostWin %
Town 14 7 7 50
Mafia 4 3 1 75
Third Party 2 - 2 -

Games which weren't included :-

1. Replaced into these games. (1 - W & 2 - L)
2. Mod killed [Unfairly so :P]. (1 - L & 2 - W)
3. Unannounced bastard elements/extremely one sided setups. (1 - L & 2 - L)

Games hosted - 9

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
2. Pick Your Power X/Y
3. Anything Upick
4. Mini Normal
5. 09:12
6. Chain of Command
7. Kids with Guns
8. Divide & Rule
9. Brooklyn Nine Nine

I. Best Performance as Town

1. Mutiny on the Bounty, this setup had a cultist (no mafia), so it's incredibly hard as town because you cannot rely on your "town" reads after every night. Managed to get the cult recruiter lynched in lylo along with Jeremy(who also played well, IMO the best player mechanically on this site), then strong armed the lynch of the 2 recruits on the next two days. Which meant we lynched 3 scum consecutively to win. A recruit was so annoyed by my accurate read on her that she made the mod do a fake reveal lmao. {Fake reveal, True reveal}.

2. Backup 6, beat the GPRO cop curse in this setup and made it to 3p lylo :P. Had to lynch scum back to back in 5p and 3p lylo to win and did that. Town hunting was on point in this game therefore caught scum by POE mostly. Formed a sort of town bloc with Ivelin who also played well. Won it with his help. Lylo is one of the most enjoyable but at the same time, stressful phase of the game. Glad I was on the right end of it. :)

II. Best Performance as Mafia

1. Tiberium Wars, well this was a multiball. Winning a multiball as mafia has a lot greater satisfaction. My day play was average, nothing spectacular. What won me this game is making the correct kills/night play. Killed cop night 1 and killed the remaining scum from the other faction to win the game.

2. Fruit Salad, a classic case of just fooling most of the town and getting a flawless victory.

Silly game achievements:

F1 Dream Team 2015
[Individual] - Winner with team Shadow

Fantasy Football 7's S1
[Individual] - Winner with Barcelona

English Premier League OBS S5
[Individual] - Winner with Bournemouth

English Premier League OBS S7
[Individual] - Winner with Manchester United

Podium Prediction S22
[Individual] - Winner
[Constructors' Championship] - Winner [Renault] with Sebastian Jóźwiak

GPRO F1 Reality S1
[Individual] - Winner with Shadow Racing

GPRO F1 Reality S2
[Individual] - Winner with Shadow Racing

F1 Selector 2017
[Individual] - 2nd

Elite Ski Jumping S2
[Individual] - 2nd
[Constructors' Championship] - Winner [Croatia] with Goran Slunjski and Alexey Manukalov

Elite Ski Jumping S3
[Individual] - 2nd
[Constructors' Championship] - Winner [Croatia] with Goran Slunjski and Alexey Manukalov

Podium Prediction S21
[Individual] - 2nd
[Constructors' Championship] - 2nd [Mercedes-Benz] with Stefano Dimartino

Grand Prix Manager S1
[Individual] - 3rd
[Constructors' Championship] - Winner [Red Bull Racing] with Niels Wolters

F1 Selector 2015
[Individual] - 3rd

GPROVision XL: Genre Genius 1
[Individual] - 3rd

Elite OBR Challenge S15
[Individual] - 3rd and manager with most improved position.

UEFA Knockout Phase Challenge 2017
[Individual] - 3rd

GPRO F1 Prediction S1
[Individual] - 3rd

GPRO F1 Prediction S2
[Individual] - 3rd

Ticket to Ride - S1
[Individual] - Finalist, Winner of both quarterfinals & semifinals, highest individual score of 149 in the season.


Sudeep, If you got over your own ego you might be one of the best mafia players here.. ~ Rocco Stallone

We would never have won if it wasn't for Sudeep :) ~ Stuart McIntyre

I really do think Sudeep won the game though. As much as it kills me to say it, it was his constant insistence, and a few valid points that made people look at the right players. Just made it a little less enjoyable as a game. ~ Kirsty Ridley

I hate to praise Sudeep but he was the only one that wasn't obvscum. ~ Sam Wainwright

I was gonna recruit Sudeep but he woulda just got all the remaining town players lynched & too easy for scum to win so I thought it would spoil the game :()
~ Phil Maunder

Jeremy was the best player, IMO, Sudeep the most damaging to scum though. Well, most damaging to the game in total really :P
I am not saying he won it alone, but he is so abrasive, getting the right people early still took forever to convince everyone else.
~ Kirsty Ridley

Well played, town, especially Sudeep. ~ Kevin Parkinson

Sudeep, you would be a much better player if you shouted less, you often have good points and reads. ~ Kirsty Ridley