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Name:Peter Alan
Country: Brazil
Joined:Apr 20th, 2009
Last interaction: Jul 23rd 2021, 22:52:15
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First GP: Season 14, Race 6
Times logged on:14113
Time spent on GPRO:4079.8 hours
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Manager career of Peter Alan (Last updated: Jan 21st 2021, 20:55:09)
----Flying away with this update, only keeping history until S44---
Season 44 - TD: Danny Head and I've realise that is pointless to keep updating with the info we have now in profiles.
Season 43 - Winner of Pro Cup and promotion to Master. Avonn, TD: Ron Moss
Season 42 - Maintence on PRO with 13 points. Avonn, TD: Gordon Belli
Season 41 - Maintence on PRO with 6 points. Avonn, TD: Gordon Belli
Season 40 - Maintence on PRO with 5 points. Avonn, New driver: Roberto Moreno
Season 39 - Winner of the Amateur Championship, Winner of Cup and promotion to Pro with 7 victories.
Season 38 - D.........
Season 37 - ...O......
Season 36 - ......W..
Season 35 - .........N
Season 34 - Attention all passengers! Fasten your seatbelts, cause we are going...
Season 33 - Maintence on Master with 25 points. Dunnolop, TD: Alan Jenkins / Andrew Phillips
Season 32 - Maintence on Master with 7 points. Yokomama, TD: Humphrey Corbett / Alan Jenkins
Season 31 - Maintence on Master with 25 points. Bad Year, TD: Brian Slade / Humphrey Corbett
Season 30 - Maintence on Master with 13 points. Bad Year, TD: Simon Phillips / Yoe Doe
Season 29 - Preparation season, testings and driver training. Pipirelli, TD: Gordon Murray
Season 28 - Promotion to Elite with 4 victories. Bridgerock, TD: Alan Jenkins
Season 27 - Maintence on Master with 19 points, training driver. Bad Year, TD: Gordon Murray
Season 26 - Winner of Pro Championship and promotion to Master with 7 victories. Bad Year, TD: John Moir
Season 25 - Maintence on Pro with 19 points, new driver: Adam Donnelly. Dunnolop, TD: Fernando Cerreva
Season 24 - Preparation season, testings and staff training. Pippireli, TD: Simon Phillips
Season 23 - Promotion to Master with 3 vitorys. Dunnolop, TD: Chris Murphy.
Season 22 - Maintence on Pro with 17 points, training driver. Dunnolop, TD: Chris Murphy.
Season 21 - Maintence on Pro with 7 points, new driver: Bas Neve. Dunnolop, TD: Chris Murphy.
Season 20 - A season to forget! Testings and staff training. Dunnolop, Nigel Craft failed with relegation. TD: Allan Phillips.
Season 19 - Winner of Pro Cup and promotion to Master with 1 vitory. Dunnolop, TD: Fernando Cerreva.
Season 18 - Maintence of Pro with 5 points, New driver: Siegfried Brambilla. Dunnolop, TD: Graham Judd.
Season 17 - Winner of the Amateur Championship and promotion to Pro with 8 victories.
Season 16 - Winner of the Rookie Championship, Winner of Cup and promotion to Amateur with 5 victories.
Season 15 - Preparation season. Raced against lots of friends, won my first race and got 6th in standings.
Season 14 - Learning the game, raced a few races and made my first point and podium in GPRO.

Track list victory:

4x Yas Marina
3x Buenos Aires
3x Monte Carlo
3x Nurburgring
3x Irungattukottai
2x Brands Hatch
2x Estoril
2x Imola
2x Mexico City
2x Montreal
2x Monza
2x Sakhir
2x Sepang
Indianapolis Oval
Istambul (First victory)
Magny Cours
Paul Ricard


Team history
Tigers Racing: Member for 24 season. 24 times Top 50. (Best team position 1st/ Team Cup: 1st)
Phantom Racing 3: Member for 12 season. 10 times Top 50. (Best team position 2nd / Team Cup: 2nd)
Martini Racing: Member for 9 seasons. 1 time Top 50. (Best Team position 33th / Team Cup: +32th)
Forever Rebel International: Member for 4 seasons. 3 times Top 50. (Best Team position: 34th / Team Cup: +16th)
Acceleracers: Member for 4 seasons. 2 times Top 50. (Best Team position: 12th / Team Cup: +16th)
Skullachados: Leader for 9 seasons, 4 times Top 50. (Best Team position: 12th / Team Cup: +16th)

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