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Name:Klas Britse
Country: Sweden
Joined:Nov 12th, 2015
Last interaction: Mar 11th 2021, 21:41:35
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Number of GPs:0 (506)
Points scored:0 (1409)
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Fastest laps:0 (52)
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First GP: Season 50, Race 5
Times logged on:14937
Time spent on GPRO:3073 hours
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Manager career of Klas Britse (Last updated: Jul 25th 2020, 23:37:55)
GPRO trophies (3 Championships, 2 Cups):
- Rookie Champion (season 52)
- Rookie Cup Champion (season 52)
- Amateur Champion (season 56)
- Pro Champion (season 58)
- Pro Cup Champion (season 58)
- Master Champion (season 76)

Race wins (34 oo 60 tracks, in total 50 wins):
A1-Ring (S76/Master)
Anderstorp (S58/Pro)
Austin (S73/Pro)
Barcelona (S58/Pro)
Brands Hatch (S60/Master)
Brasilia (S56/Ama)
Brno (S73/Pro)
Bucharest Ring (S52/Rookie, S56/Ama)
Buenos Aires (S60/Master)
Estoril (S60/Master, S73/Pro)
Fuji (S56/Ama, S73/Pro, S74/Master)
Grobnik (S74/Master)
Indianapolis (S56/Ama)
Irungattukottai (S56/Ama)
Kaunas (S60/Master)
Kyalami (S56/Ama, S73/Pro)
Laguna Seca (S71/Ama)
Monte Carlo (S73/Pro)
Montreal (S73/Pro, S76/Master)
Monza (S60/Master)
Mugello (S56/Ama)
New Delhi (S52/Rookie)
Nurburgring (S76/Master)
Oesterreichring (S58/Pro)
Paul Ricard (S76/Master)
Poznan (S56/Ama, S76/Master)
Rafaela Oval (S59/Master)
Sakhir (S52/Rookie, S58/Pro)
Shanghai (S52/Rookie, S56/Ama, S58/Pro, S73/Pro)
Singapore (S52/Rookie, S56/Ama)
Sochi (S52/Rookie)
Yas Marina (S52/Rookie, S56/Ama)
Yeongam (S56/Ama, S58/Pro, S76/Master)
Zolder (S69/Ama, S71/Ama)


First race point: S61-R5, Avus
First race podium: S61-R14, Adelaide
First race win:
First pole position:
First FL:

First race point: S59-R3, Zolder
First race podium: S59-R6, Rafaela Oval
First race win: S59-R6, Rafaela Oval
First pole position: S60-R13, Buenos Aires
First FL: S59-R7, Kyalami

First race point: S57-R9, Buenos Aires
First race podium: S57-R12, Suzuka
First race win: S58-R4, Yeongam
First pole position: S58-R9, Oesterreichring
First FL: S58-R5, Shanghai

First race point: S53-R3, Slovakiaring
First race podium: S54-R8, Fuji
First race win: S56-R1, Shanghai
First pole position: S55-R14, Brno
First FL: S55-R14, Brno

First race point: S50-R6, Imola
First race podium: S50-R12, Silverstone
First race win: S52-R4, Bucharest_Ring
First pole position: S52-R2, Sepang
First FL: S52-R8, Singapore

Season 74
Master-4 Points: 43; Position: 5; Tyres: Yoko
After the resign in the 2 first races, a push gave directly 3 podiums, so retention secured very quickly, and the driver is definitely competitive.
After that balancing the car a bit lower and moderately pushing to keep out of promo, but still securing a decent season position.
A few fitness trainings and also some Ninja training.

Season 73
Pro-20 Points: 115; Position: 2; Tyres: Yoko
Time for promo. With a big push from the start, much points and also quite a lot of race wins poured in. The promo was secured quite early, after 12 races.
Last 4 races sandbagged for demotivation.
Fitness training the wghole season.

Season 72
Pro-20 Points: 45; Position: 8; Tyres: Yoko
After the initial demotivation and resigning, the push in R3 directly gave a 2nd place and secured retention. From there it was a balance to save money on parts and avoid getting to many Points too early, and later in the season improving the car again to start push for some points and a decent position in the standings.
Fitness training most of the season, and also some Ninja.

Season 71
Ama-49 Points: 98; Position: 3
A nice promo season, now it's heading for Pro again. Only backlash with the season was that Borzenkov, one of the overall fastest managers in Ama this season) was in the same Group and held me down to only 2 wins. It was really no meaning to chase after him.
Fitness training all the way.

Season 70
Ama-49 Points: 44; Position: 6
9 races in points here (even 4 podiums), and I had to hold back very much to avoid the unintentional promo.
Fitness training all the way.
Finally, time to go racing for real again!

Season 69
Ama-49 Points: 24; Position: 9
6 races in points here, so the retention was easy. Had to hold back quite a bit to avoid promo.
Best race was actually a win. Oooohh, that was such a long time ago, last time was in S60.
Late in the season some sandbagging races to manage the last Ama resign coming up next season.
Fitness training all the way.

Season 68
Ama-49 Points: 15;Position: 14
All earlier problems with retaining from lastr season were now gone, with places steadily between 7 and 13, with two times a 4th place as the top.
Nice, from here it will only continue to get better, the driver is constantly improving.
Fitness training all the way.

Season 67
Ama-49 Points: 10; Position: 14
After having fought with places 20+ for 12 races there were 2 races with mixed weather,
and there it turned around with 10p for me through a 7th and a 2nd (FT) place for me.
Nice, from here it can only get better, the driver is constantly improving.
All the Yoga training till mid this season is now changed to Fitness instead.
Poor Pierre-Henri, you will be a skinny thin bastard when I'm done with you! :D

Season 66
Ama-49 Points: 11; Position: 13
The old driver got me 11 retention points Before I contracted a development driver.
After that only low places, building, training, building, training, building, training...
Must get him ready for retention first time during S67.

Season 65
Ama-49 Points: 38; Position: 6
To stabilize the fall through the tiers I got a fairly experienced driver before relegating to Ama,
and he managed well scoring a 6th place in the standings.
Even more important though was that he built up the cash again, +80M$ over the season.
Time to start building for higher tiers again!

Season 64
Pro-14 Points: 0 (best position 16th); Position: 35; Tyres: Yokos
With the plan to relegate down to Ama and on the same time keep cash positive, this season was quite ok. Again...
The sponsors like me better now... :)

Season 63
Master-2 Points: 0 (best position 15th); Position: 28; Tyres: Yokos
With the plan to relegate down to Pro and on the same time keep cash positive, this season was quite ok.
The sponsors doesn't like me anymore though... :(

Season 62
Elite Points: 3; Position: 28; Tyres: Contis
This season I didn't quite make the cut, even if it were close at the end. My dribver was simply not good enough.
Back to the drawing table to create another Elite campaign...

Season 61
Elite Points: 13; Position: 15; Tyres: Bridgerocks
Well, entering the Elite with an insane 106M, I felt it would be right to try the premium tyre deluxe, Bridgerocks.
It gave retention, but it did cost a lot of cash.
After a 4th and 8th place in race 5-6, I felt that the retention was secured, and the season after that went on with 2 more points positions, one of them actually even a podium! :)
Very nice to be able to retain in Elite in the first season there, real good experience to have for coming seasons, for me as well as for my team.
But with my cash post season, next one won't be on Bridgerocks...

Season 60
Master-5 Points: 104; Position: 2; Tyres: Dunnos
It soon turned out that there were really only 2 managers that wanted to promote to Elite, myself and Gergo Csernatoni.
So it became a 2 manager duel where we both had quite early secured promo. He was a little too strong in the end and grabbed both group win and cup win.
Nevertheless, I'm very satisfied with the result - with 5 wins, 9 podiums and 6 4th places I can be nothing else.
It's time to get up against the big dragons in Elite!!!

Season 59
Master-5 Points: 31; Position: 6; Tyres: Dunnos
My first Master season went surprisingly well, I thought it would be harder to survive.
After some early thoughts about my drivers ability I decided not to demotivate and resign him, but rather go for a new driver. To R2 I had my new driver and from there on it was pushing for results and retention. 4p in R3 was a good bit down the road but still not safe. After a win in R6 it was completely safe though. 4 more points races gave in the end a fine 31p score for a 6th place.

Season 58
Pro-3 Points: 114; Position: 1; cup win; Tyres: Dunnos
The second season had to be my promo season, since I otherwise would lose my driver. So the tyre choice was Dunnos, and I started to push in those early races. The points and nice places started rolling in, so I was obviously quite competitive, and the driver moti also rose quite fast up to a high level. During the first 16 races I had 5 wins, and all race positions between pos 1 and 6, so rather early in the season my promo was secured. Now it's time to take on a new challenge again, it's time to go to Master!

Season 57
Pro-3 Points: 18; Position: 12; Tyres: Avonns
First Pro season. After throwing a handful of races for demotivation of the driver, he was double resigned and the real racing started. In the beginning it was hard to get to those points, but in the second half of the season the points came in nicely at several occasions, so the retention was managed quite early. Avonns were real nice with their possibility for longer stints than other tyre brands.
Only negative part this season was that the cash decreased quite a bit, and also that it was really hard to get the driver moti up again.

Season 56
Amateur-45 Points: 144 Position: 1
This season all pieces came together, and with an excellent sponsor situation and the best driver in the group I dominated it and got 12 wins and 3 2nds in first 15 races, and after that unloading of Moti for driver resign in S57 started. Now looking forward to the challenge to take on a Pro group.

Season 55
Amateur-45 Points: 60 Position: 5
Third Ama season. First 4 races thrown to reduce the Moti for a resign. After that pushing to get some good results and increase the Moti. Second half of the season I was consistently in the points and got quite some podium places, although no win yet. Overall it was a season to build the complete package with aim for promotion in S56 - car, driver, untrainables, sponsors. Actually I had to slow down the driver development to not jeopardize the resigning early in S57.

Season 54
Amateur-45 Points: 16 Position: 20
Second Ama season. Already in R1 i snatched a point, so the retention wasn't too hard. Got a few good point places also mid season which brought me up to 16p in total, and 20th position in the standings. Overall it was a season for building the complete package, untrainables, driver and sponsors.

Season 53
Amateur-45 Points: 2 Position: 24
First Ama season. I early in season, R3, got 7th place giving 2p with my old driver which was just as I hoped. To R5 I contracted a young driver, Ben Williamsson, and started to develop him.
Season after that went well, with a 21st place as best, and 24st in the final standings for a safe retention.

Season 52
Rookie-348 Points: 124 (7 wins, 11 podiums, 12 poles, 4 FLs) Position: 1
The first season when I started to get things together, with good strategies, decent driver and a strong enough car to dominate Rookie.
It's time to go to Ama! :)

Season 51
Rookie-107 Points: 51 Position: 6
Realising I was caught in this game, I started looking for a good team to join, and I soon found Victorious Secret, which together with our sister team, Team Hesketh, proved to be just as good as I hoped - with a lot of interaction, good tools, helping each other and having fun.

Season 50
Rookie-107 Points: 31 Position: 9
Well, in my first season I did only the last 13 races and that got me kind of hooked to this game.
I focused on reading stuff on GPRO, testing different things and learning as much as possible.