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Name:Ivelin Dobrev
Country: Canada
Joined:May 16th, 2009
Last interaction: Today at 17:26:23
Forum posts:2435  (View posts)
GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs:0 (600)
Points scored:0 (1347)
Wins:0 (36)
Podiums:0 (109)
Pole positions:0 (57)
Fastest laps:0 (17)
Avg pts/race: - (2.24)
Certification: The manager has passed the GPRO certification test successfully! (Jul 2nd, 2010)

35% unlocked

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Fast facts

First GP: Season 14, Race 12
Times logged on:47441
Time spent on GPRO:19179.7 hours
Birth date: -
Place of residence:-
Relationship status:In a relationship

Game data overview

Group:Rookie - 140
Season position:20th
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: None
Tech D: None
Staff overall:2
Tyres: Pipirelli
Team name: Silly Gamers
Team position:1773
Team points:0


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Manager career of Ivelin Dobrev (Last updated: Aug 8th 2022, 15:22:39)
"Sometimes when we're young, and always on the run,
It gets so dark and I know that place.
So don't be too concerned, you've got a lot to learn.
Well so do I and we've got plenty of time.
Don't fall off the track yet with so many races to go.
Hold on."

- Avenged Sevenfold - Unbound (The Wild Ride) -
GPRO Oscars Wins and Nominations

Best Silly Games Player: S55 (N) S66 , S67 (N), S68 (N), S70 , S71 , S73 , S74 , S75 (N), S76 (N), S77 (N), S79 (N), S80 (N)

Best Forum User: S61 (N), S71 (N)

Best Forum Topic: S79 (Measly Moderators) (N), (Ban All Bradley Preens) (N)

Best Silly Game: S32 (Closer is Better) (N), S48 (SHEEP) (N), S49 (EPL OBS) (N), S52 (SGC V) (N), S56 (EPL OBS) (N), S56 (F1 Forum Game) (N), S62 (EPL OBS) (N), S63 (JPWITY) , S66 (Mafia - The Office) , S75 (Mafia - HIMYM) (N), S76 (Ticket to Ride) (N),

Best Silly Games Host: S66 (N), S76 (N)

Best Manager in Rookie and Amateur: S66 (N)

Most Overachieving Manager: S66 (N)

Manager with the best Alter Ego: S68 (N)

Post of the Season: S70 (N)

Most Likely to Become the Next Prime Minister: S70 (N)

Next Forum Mod: S70 (N)

I'm still in the competition for MOST WINS/NO REPEATS:
1. Buenos Aires
2. Montreal
3. Yeongam
4. Paul Ricard
5. Mugello
6. Bucharest Ring
7. Singapore
8. Melbourne
9. Shanghai
10. Laguna Seca
11. Mexico City
12. New Delhi
13. Sepang
14. Brands Hatch
15. Sakhir
16. Zolder
17. Anderstorp
18. Estoril
19. Monte Carlo
20. Fuji
21. Brasilia
22. Kyalami
23. A1-Ring
24. Austin
25. Oesterreichring
26. Indianapolis Oval
27. Valencia
28. Hungaroring
29. Jyllands-Ringen
30. Imola
31. Spa
32. Grobnik
33. Monza
34. Ahvenisto
35. Magny-Cours
36. Suzuka


SILLY GAMES CAREER: (to be continued)

F1 Forum Game

--> Individual Champion S89 S98 S100 S105 S108 S111 S116 S119 S123 S125 S128 S130 S135 S138 S140 S145 S148 S157 S159 S164 S166 S168 (22)
--> Team Champion S89 S95 S98 S100 S103 S105 S108 S111 S113 S115 S116 S123 S125 S127 S128 S130 S135 S138 S140 S142 S143 S145 S148 S150 S154 S157 S159 S166 S168 S173 S177 (31)
--> Record for most points in a season by a player: 202 points (S168)
--> Record for most points in a season by a team: 400 points (S168) with Mairo Toom
--> Biggest winning margin (58 points, S116)
--> Won the team title with 6 different teammates: Mairo Toom (24), Pedro Diogo (1), Kevin Parkinson (1), Balint Turi-Kováts (2) Ahmet Sonverdi (2) and Kshitij Sharma (1)

Football Prediction League (FPL)

--> S5 - FP League

Single Resource Strategy (SRS)

--> Team Champion
-> Benetton - S11 S13
-> Matra - S25 S26

GPRO Strategist

--> Beta Season Champion
--> S1 Champion
--> Most Wins - P1
--> Most Wins - P1
--> Most Points - P1
--> Hall Of Fame - P2
--> Team League
--> Team Cup

EPL Eliminator

--> S3 Champion

Guess The Country

--> Team Cup

Guess The City

--> Beta Season Champion
--> Beta Season Team Cup

Guess The F1 Team

--> S2 Champion
--> Team Champion

Silly Games Championship
--> SGC I - P3

--> S XIII

Games Hosted:

The Office: /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=28144&Page=1

How I Met Your Mother: /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=29285&Page=1

Win/Loss ratio: 24/28

Revenge of the Werewolves - Psychopath (healed by Psychiatrist): TOWN WIN
It's Cold Outside - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
The Town Of Clammy Wetlow - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Matrix6 March 2016 - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
The Oracle - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Fire And Ice - Ice Mafia Goon: MAFIA WIN
Pick Your Power X/Y (II) - Town Jailkeeper: TOWN LOSS
The Black Ship - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Breaking Bad - Serial Killer: THIRD PARTY LOSS
3 of 5 - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Sudeep's Anything U Pick - Town Miller + 2-shot Follower: TOWN LOSS
S&K's Mini Normal - Town Cop: TOWN WIN
Fruit Salad - Town Farmer: TOWN LOSS
Wild Wild West - Town Savior: TOWN WIN
Literary Heroes & Monsters - Lover: THIRD PARTY LOSS
09:12 - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
Desperation - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Faith Plus One - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Rocky Horror Mafia - Mafia Judas Rolecop & Faith Healer (former Town FBI Agent) - MAFIA LOSS
Backup 6 - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
C-C9 - Mafia Goon: MAFIA WIN
Cops, Cops, Cops & a Doc - Mafia Goon: MAFIA WIN
Near-Vanilla - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Werewolf: Llamedos - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
The Secret Show - Mafia Goon: MAFIA WIN
The Blackadder Wars - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Life On Mars - Town Bomb: TOWN LOSS
2d3 - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
Truth And Justice - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Modern Trio - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Server Relocation - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
Bon Cop, Bad Cop - Town Insane Cop: TOWN WIN
Forest Fire - Mafia Arsonist: MAFIA WIN
Two-Fold Matrix6 - Town Doctor: TOWN LOSS
NewD3 - Mafia Rolecop: MAFIA WIN
Chain of Command - Town Commander Watcher: TOWN LOSS
Kids With Guns - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Divide & Rule - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
Medical Mafia II - Town Doctor: TOWN LOSS
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Mafia 2-shot Janitor: MAFIA LOSS
09:12 (2) - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
Scales of Justice - Mafia Strongman: MAFIA WIN
Maintaining Law, Order and Shallow Relationships - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
Stack The Character Deck - Town Innocent Child: TOWN LOSS
Twin Trap - Vanilla Townie: TOWN WIN
A Disturbance In The Force - Town Mason: TOWN WIN
Bad Cop, Insane Cop - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Baby Too Much Scum - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Jester In Town - Vanilla Townie: TOWN LOSS
Firefly Multirole - Town Roleblocker: TOWN LOSS
My Name Is Earl - Town Cop: TOWN WIN
Cult C9 - Cultist (former Town Priest): CULT WIN
Follow The Cop…Or Not - Mafia Roleblocker: MAFIA LOSS
The Chip Contraband - Mafia Rolecop: MAFIA WIN
True Love - Vanilla Townie and Lover: TOWN WIN