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Joined: Apr 3rd, 2017
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Name: Daniel Rosa

20% unlocked

Gender: Male
Birth date: -
Birthplace: -
Place of residence: -
Relationship status: Married
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Weight: -

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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs: 0 (183)
Points scored: 0 (318)
Wins: 0 (8)
Podiums: 0 (31)
Pole positions: 0 (17)
Fastest laps: 0 (10)
Avg pts/race: - (1.74)
First GP: Season 58, Race 4


Group: Amateur - 68 Sponsor 1: Burger Worm
Money: $??.???.??? Sponsor 2: British Flyways
Season position: 4th Sponsor 3: -
Certification: The manager has passed the GPRO certification test successfully! Sponsor 4: -
Sponsor 5: -
Car livery Tyres
Driver: Samuele Abate (113)
Tech D: None
Team name: Fuel Baptized Brazil
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Manager career of Daniel Rosa (Last updated: Dec 7th 2018, 22:13:45)
1st season - learning the ropes.
2nd season - Promoted in 3rd after a pretty smooth season.
3rd season - Survived amateur - had a rough time getting the right driver.
4th season - relaxed season objective was to learn about wear, financing, improve staff and train driver.
5th season - should probably have saved a bit more, successful effort preparing for promotion.
6th season - won my amateur group! Now have to concentrate on surviving PRO next season.
7th season - survived PRO but spent too much money. saving mode ON
8th season - still struggling with money - how can one survive PRO without becoming bankrupt?
9th season - got a win, but limped for most of it. next season is relegation with cash unfortunately
10th season - relegated with cash. New driver, decent car - now is building up the cash for a return to PRO better prepared in 2 or 3 seasons