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Pacific Ilmor 1994
Name:Calum MacKinnon
Country: Scotland
Joined:Oct 31st, 2017
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Number of GPs:13 (514)
Points scored:47 (1028)
Wins:0 (23)
Podiums:3 (91)
Pole positions:0 (24)
Fastest laps:3 (26)
Avg pts/race: 3.62 (2)
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First GP: Season 61, Race 10
Times logged on:13222
Time spent on GPRO:5010.3 hours
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Game data overview

Group:Pro - 6
Season position:3rd
Money: $?.???.???
Driver: Anton Vieth (152)
Tech D: Jean-Luc Boudy (100)
Staff overall:34
Tyres: Badyear
Team name: Andromeda Racing Solaris
Team position:101
Team points:282.6


Parmalet (A39) - 6 races
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-Season 61-
Started off very strongly, taking pole at the first attempt and finishing on the podium for the first time on my fourth. Entering into the season at round 10 proved to be both good and bad; while it gave me the freedom to test strategies without any pressure and feel my way around the game, it also meant that I couldn't fight for promotion despite a string of strong results where I beat some of the promotion candidates consistently. Still, another season in Rookie would probably set me on the right track for Amateur. With a final result of 5th place in the championship having finished at least 5th in every race, season 62 looked very promising.

-Season 62-
Joined Andromeda Racing Club prior to round 1, giving a better insight into setup and strategy. However the start of the season was very disappointing, and I was often beaten by rivals who had been beaten resoundingly the previous season. At the halfway stage I had only scored one podium despite lying third in the championship. The season finished on a much better note, with podiums in seven of the final eight rounds. Also started from pole four times and took my maiden victory in the final race of the year, having barely missed out in round 12 after leading 51 of 79 laps and losing the lead with just 5 left to run. Promotion always seemed secure as I was by far the most consistent in the group - the only manager to score in every round - and on top of this most rivals had financial issues.

-Season 63-
As expected this season was not filled with success, however I did a decent job financially which ought to set me in good stead for future seasons. Most races I was somewhere between the middle and tail of the field but there were a few decent performances, mostly in races with rain. Once again the main highlight came in the final round, where due to mixed conditions favouring my driver and many others suffering technical issues I managed to finish in 5th and score my first Amateur points.

-Season 64-
Was not quite able to pick up where the previous season had ended, however still scored some decent results early on. Started 6th for round 5 but in the race just about everything that could have gone wrong did and only came home 24th. This was rectified a couple of rounds later when I managed to finish 8th in the dry - a sign of strong progress. The next race was even better, coming home 4th and even leading a handful of laps. Some other points were scored in following races although a couple of opportunities were squandered by last-lap pitstops, a particularly frustrating example being losing 4th in round 11. Despite these setbacks the performances were still good enough to see me through to the finals of the knockout cup - where I was eventually beaten by the league champion - and finish 10th in the standings. Overall the season was a huge positive and a big step up from the previous one, and clearly if the mistakes could be ironed out then the next season could be even better.

-Season 65-
Strong start this time around, taking 5th place in the opener and my first amateur podium with 2nd place in round 2. Took a surprise pole for round 3 but technical issues killed any chance at a second podium in succession while a puncture ruined a stellar drive in round 4. On pole again for round 7 and would have won but for the fuel loads being incorrect by a matter of a litre per stint. 3rd place was no consolation. Still these obstacles did not completely ruin the season, and a strong run of podiums ensured I was sitting comfortably within the promotion spots towards the tail end of the season. In the end consistency was key once again as I only failed to finish in the top five on four occasions. To top it off I finally got my revenge in round 13 and scored my first Amateur win. There were chances to make it multiple wins but a combination of more silly strategy errors and some bad luck meant that they eluded me. Given the chances it was a tad frustrating to only take a single victory, but nonetheless with a strong bank balance and reasonable preparation I was still somewhat optimistic for my first Pro season despite the difficulty of the challenge ahead. It was also the best ever season for the team as we finished 73rd in the overall standings.

-Season 66-
First time in Pro was always going to be difficult but I acquitted myself reasonably well, never right at the back albeit a long way from the front of the pack fairly often too. To begin with the results were rather weak but after much testing and money spent on upgraded parts progress was made, and when the rain finally started to fall during races I was in a position to score points. Undoubtedly the highlights were the two podiums, the first a 3rd place finish in round 12 and the second coming in the finale with 2nd. While the second could be expected due to the circuit being my driver's favourite track and many rivals suffering technical problems, the first came as a complete shock and owed a lot to luck as the rain started at the perfect time for my driver to make it to the end without another pitstop while most around me could not manage to. Certainly this season was far better than I could have expected and 19 points represented a very good total, enough to take me to 9th in the final standings. Once again this season saw us set a new record for Andromeda Racing Club, this time reaching 56th.

-Season 67-
A very underwhelming season compared to the last. The results at the start of the season were much the same as the last but this time I had been expecting to be far stronger, somewhere solidly in the midfield rather than trailing near the back as turned out to be the case. The group proved to be tougher than it previously had been, and points were largely locked out by a small number of managers who were rather dominant. I was on the cusp of the points on a few occasions, with 9th in rounds 7 and 17 particularly frustrating results, but scoring points proved difficult and they eluded me until a surprise 4th place in round 12. Certainly the lack of rain did not help - this was one of the driest seasons of all time - and while my driver's pace in the dry was much better than it had been the previous season, it usually wasn't enough to break into the top eight. The only other ventures into the points came in rounds 14 and 16, both 7th place finishes. Round 14 however was once more a mildly annoying result, as we were finally met with some rain and a good - albeit fortuitous - strategy helped me leap up to 3rd until the rain stopped with only five laps left. The subsequent pitstop was slow and a driver mistake cost me further places, and while 7th place was still a good result it was undoubtedly very disheartening, much like the season as a whole. However despite the lacklustre nature of the season I still retained and more importantly there were signs of steady progress once more, topped off with finishing as the fastest Scot overall.

-Season 68-
Points in the first round were slightly misleading as generally I finished just outside of the top eight. A podium at my driver's favourite track in round 4 was naturally an early highlight, though with better weather it may have been a win instead. This was a theme for this season, as I then lost a win in round 8 due to a technical issue while leading just two laps from the end, while in round 13 a time fast enough for 11th of all pro managers only netted me 3rd in my group. Round 15 was once again a case of close-but-no-cigar, coming home 3rd having led for the entire first stint this time with the 7th fastest pro time. To take a number of podiums was nevertheless rather encouraging, especially as they were mostly down to my own performance rather than that of my rivals. Had I been in another group it is likely I would even have taken a number of victories. 5th overall was a fair reflection of what was a very good season, though with the loss of my driver it seemed unlikely that the following season would replicate it.

-Season 69-
Messiest season to date. Spent the entire season bleeding money, resulting in a budget of $70 million disappearing down the drain after having to recruit three different drivers. The third was the only one who showed any promise, but even then it seemed that we were a long way off the pace a majority of the time. There were still chances, but a couple of 10th places was the best that I could do and I had long accepted relegation was on the cards before the season was over. The final round represented my best chance but the rain stopped earlier than I had hoped and cultivated in a pitstop two laps from home while running in 5th, a result that would have seen me survive. It was a kick in the gut to perform so badly after the previous season, and in hindsight I should have pushed for promotion to Master when it was still on the table rather than attempt to build resources to be completely ready for it when the chance may never have arrived in the first place. From previous experience however failure is the best way to learn and hopefully a second stint in Amateur would provide the opportunity to build and then progress further in the game.

-Season 70-
A decent season considering the rebuilding required. New driver was very much a raw talent that required a lot of training to take advantage of, but certainly he acquitted himself well in race scenarios. His qualifying left a lot to be desired, frequently around 30th place and with a best of 20th, but due to his strong race pace he made gains on almost every circuit, as many as 20 places on more than one occasion. A point in round 8 from 29th on the grid was one of the most memorable in my time playing this game.

-Season 71-
Another frustrating season, though in the end it could be seen as a success. Plagued with technical problems, usually at the worst moments possible and on at least a couple of occasions preventing probable opportunities to score points. Driver training was also limited this season in order to resign during season 72, meaning a lack of progress towards the front of the grid. However this did have the benefit of saving money, and therefore my bank balance was now thankfully in much better shape. Best race came in round 14 in the wet, where my package was fast enough to lead the race and even possibly challenge for the win were it not for yet more tech issues at the death, dropping me to a very deflating 4th place. Only other points came a couple of rounds later with a solid drive to 6th in the dry. Hopefully there would be more tangible progress for the following season with the aim of promoting back to pro after season 73.

-Season 72-
A big step up as hoped. Once my driver's contract was extended he managed a whole catalogue of good results, with 13th as a worst result in the final round due to technical issues. While I never grabbed a podium there were a couple of 4th places, in one instance less than a second behind the 3rd place manager. Discounting the first five rounds I only failed to score in four races, and a total of 29 points was a strong haul. Impressively I didn't drop any places from the starting position until the final race which suggested a strong race package. There were many changes within Andromeda Racing this season due to restructuring and expansion, and now with four teams it was hoped that all of us could improve even more on the heights we had already reached.

-Season 73-
As hoped promotion was on the cards right from the off, and it was soon established that my package was clearly the second best in the group. Unfortunately wins were hard to come by due to the dominance of the eventual champion, but I did steal a couple in rounds 5 and 11, my first in nearly eight seasons. Along the way there were some other good fights for victory which I eventually lost, notably in round 6 where I led until a driver mistake at the death relegated me back to 2nd place once more. In total I took 2nd place 8 times, which rather emphasised the area of no-man's-land that I occupied, and besides two 3rds in rounds 2 and 13 and a 7th in round 9 - where I struggled with an unexpected lack of pace - that was the lowest I finished all season until I had to throw the last four rounds to drop motivation and save money. Despite the wins my best race was probably round 14, a race I intended not to score in as replacing parts was too expensive, but I was completely dominant for the first half of the race and still came home in 4th despite 29 laps of technical problems. Ultimately, though I was beaten rather resoundingly it was my best season thus far, and having doubled my win count and added 12 podiums to my tally it was difficult to call it anything other than a fantastic season. Winning the knockout cup was a nice bonus, albeit it was done in underwhelming fashion as both myself and my opponent spent the last three rounds smoking.

-Season 74-
As seen in previous seasons qualifying was an issue, which did hamper what was once again a strong race package. This was exaggerated by the poor tyre warmup in comparison to other brands. In total I made up 114 places in the races, frequently 10 or more per race. Indeed, the best performance of the season was a 3rd place finish in round 9 from 23rd on the grid. Other points finishes came in rounds 11 and 15, the latter being one of only two rain affected races which saw a second 3rd place finish thanks to a strong strategy. Having selected tyres made for wet weather it was somewhat frustrating to have so little of it again, and it made scoring points much more difficult given my driver also had a preference for driving in the rain. The high cost per race also left a hefty dent in my bank balance, but ultimately retaining was the goal and having achieved this season 75 would hopefully be a tad less expensive.

-Season 75-
Points from the off were a great boost and seemed to indicate a strong season, but this was wildly misleading. Through the rest of the season there was only a single other points finish, and although there were many other races where they appeared to be within reach they all managed to slip away through a combination of bad strategy decisions and lack of race pace when it mattered. Given the amount of rain I would have expected a stronger season, definitely more than struggling and eventually failing to retain, but the aforementioned strategy errors resulted in the holes in a sinking ship growing rather than being plugged.

-Season 76-
Despite the frustration at having been relegated it was a relatively pleasing campaign, with points scored frequently while running no risks in races. The replacement driver made a good impression and even scored a podium finish in only his third race under me, then came within 1.4 seconds of winning in round 9. Clearly there was potential, and season 78 was set as the target for promotion back to Pro class. Within Andromeda Racing, I was promoted to team leader for Solaris with some rather large boots to fill, but it was hoped that in the coming seasons we would be able to fill the team roster again and compete closer to the top 100 where we had been for a number of seasons prior to member departures.

-Season 77-
A little lacklustre, with virtually the same stats as the season prior. However this was largely due to a small number of managers taking the lion's share of the points available, in what transpired to be one of the fastest Amateur groups. Nonetheless my driver seemed to be better trained than either of my previous promotion seasons, so I was confident that season 78 would see us fighting for podiums and wins on my way back up to pro.

-Season 78-
Strongest season so far, picking up 7 wins, 4 poles, 3 fastest laps and 11 podiums. Prior to smoking out the last five races I only failed to finish on the podium once. Some of the victories were scored through better strategy than my rivals, but most were through outright pace, and at one point I won 4 in a row. Overall there was very little to complain about, and almost everything went to plan and in fact I exceeded some lofty targets I had set myself. Heading to Pro this time I had slightly less funding than previous attempts but a much stronger car and driver package, hoping that this would be a much smoother ride than the last couple.

-Season 79-
A reasonably comfortable retention season, with 11 points by the midway point following a 2nd place finish. By the end of the season that total had extended to 20, largely due to another podium in the final race. There were not many points returns, but results were largely consistent and close to the tail end of the points. Indeed, a number of points finishes were missed through poorly timed driver mistakes, strategies not working out, or in one instance a race-ending puncture. Promotion had been the intended target for season 80 but that looked to be out of reach unless many rivals were to lose their drivers, so instead more regular points finishes and an easy retention seemed a more feasible target.

-Season 80-
Made a bold decision to run some very expensive tyres, but it yielded a decent reward in scoring a hattrick in the opening round. In total I rang up 4 wins, 8 poles, 10 podiums, 2 fastest laps, and 100 points, allowing me to clinch my first ever group title with a couple of rounds to spare. Financially it was a challenging season, but the performance of the tyres meant I never had to push too hard and allowed me to keep training my driver to make up for some of the shortcomings in his stats at the beginning of the season, and by the end of the season with the extra prize money my bank balance was still in decent shape. A first foray into Master seemed daunting, but retention did not appear impossible. Solaris had its strongest finish in 12 seasons, having spent the last few building a new squad after several departures.

-Season 81-
Close to points at the opener in the rain, though it took until round 7 to finally get on the scoreboard. Tyre choice was potentially a mistake as so many others made the same decision, but I felt it was important to make use of my driver's strengths to give myself the best chance possible. Ultimately, 3 points finishes for a total of 7 points were enough to retain without too big a dent in my budget. Hopefully, the next season would continue in an upwards trajectory.

-Season 82-
Despite scoring some surprise points early in the season, never looked convincing overall. Plenty of rain elevated my results somewhat, but the combination of weak tyres and low car level meant an underwhelming return despite an excellent (albeit expensive) driver. With my bank balance in tatters, I let go of the project driver who had seen me through Amateur and Pro with a handful of rounds left to run to focus on getting a head start on my relegation back to Pro. Although disappointed the Master run didn't continue longer, the insight from my brief visit proved valuable, and hopefully would help me to prepare better for the next attempt.

-Season 83-
A relatively smooth but uneventful season, with a podium in the second round and a further 2 points finishes enough to secure retention by the midpoint of the season. Smoked out the remaining half to rebuild my finances a bit, which would hopefully put me in a better place for the next season.

-Season 84-
Somewhat disappointing. On paper my driver looked like one of the group's strongest, but he struggled to even score points, let alone compete for podiums. Promotion was never planned, but I had anticipated finishing further up the table, particularly after the season prior. A podium in the on-off rain in round 7 was the highlight and helped secure my place in the group for another season, but further points were only scored in 3 more rounds.

-Season 85-
Never really got off the ground. Lost my driver after the first couple of rounds with only a pair of 12th places to show for it, and the rest of the season mostly failed to even match that. Money was tight for the entire season and testing became very limited to save on car parts. A couple of points in the final race were the only real consolation, by which point relegation was the best option.

-Season 86-
Money continued to be a concern, running negative for more than half the season. That made training my new driver almost impossible, and as such there was no real progress from my spot in the bottom half of the grid. A not-quite-fluke result of 4th place in round 9 ultimately kept me afloat, but it was a very unconvincing season as a whole.

-Season 87-
A major step forward. Consistently finished around the top 10 on low risks, with a total of 13 points to show for my efforts. In round 9 I even led the race for the first time in many, many seasons, owing to a gamble to start on wet tyres in the dry. Ultimately I came home in a not-too-distant 2nd, an exciting result that proved my project driver had potential. Whether he could deliver on promotion hopes for season 88 remained to be seen, but the signs were promising.

-Season 88-
Initially it looked like promotion was unlikely, only finishing on the podium when it rained and failing to score in round 2 where it was dry, but with frequent testing my pace picked up markedly. After scoring my first win since season 80 in round 5, I won 3 in a row. From there I only finished off the podium once, eventually ending up with 7 wins, 15 podiums, 4 poles, and 6 fastest laps en route to victory in both the championship and the knockout cup. Unfortunately I would lose my driver only a couple of rounds into my return to Pro, but he had developed well from the lacklustre driver of season 86 who only finished above 20th place once.

-Season 89-
Retained due to a single 2nd-place finish in round 8, scoring only a single further point in round 16. Generally found myself fighting in the middle of the pack, though results improved from the start of the season through to the end. Despite having a smaller budget compared to previous Pro ventures I never felt in danger of going negative and did a decent job financially compared to others in the group. Assuming I could continue to develop and maintain a positive balance, season 91 was intended to be another shot at promotion to Master.

-Season 90-
A point in the opening round appeared to be a good omen. Following a string of consistent finishes just outside the points, a good PHA match led to a first Pro victory in 10 seasons in round 5. Another podium in the form of a 2nd place finish in round 11 capped several minor points finishes en route to 6th in the overall standings with 30 points. With a good driver, high level car, and an okay budget, season 91 would hopefully be another attempt at promotion to Master.