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First GP: Season 61, Race 10


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Car livery Tyres
Driver: Torsten Rydell (134)
Tech D: Rick Oliver (78)
Team name: Andromeda Racing Club
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Manager career of Calum MacKinnon (Last updated: Feb 16th 2019, 23:43:52)
-Season 61-
Started off very strongly, taking pole at the first attempt and finishing on the podium for the first time on my fourth. Entering into the season at round 10 proved to be both good and bad; while it gave me the freedom to test strategies without any pressure and feel my way around the game, it also meant that I couldn't fight for promotion despite a string of strong results where I beat some of the promotion candidates consistently. Still, another season in rookie would probably set me on the right track for amateur. With a final result of 5th place in the championship having finished at least 5th in every race, season 62 looked very promising.

-Season 62-
Joined Andromeda Racing Club prior to round 1, giving a better insight into setup and strategy. However the start of the season was very disappointing, and I was often beaten by rivals who had been beaten resoundingly the previous season. At the halfway stage I had only scored one podium despite lying third in the championship. The season finished on a much better note, with podiums in seven of the final eight rounds. Also started from pole four times and took my maiden victory in the final race of the year, having barely missed out in round 12 after leading 51 of 79 laps and losing the lead with just 5 left to run. Promotion always seemed secure as I was by far the most consistent in the group - the only manager to score in every round - and on top of this most rivals had financial issues.

-Season 63-
As expected this season was not filled with success, however I did a decent job financially which ought to set me in good stead for future seasons. Most races I was somewhere between the middle and tail of the field but there were a few decent performances, mostly in races with rain. Once again the main highlight came in the final round, where due to mixed conditions favouring my driver and many others suffering technical issues I managed to finish in 5th and score my first amateur points.

-Season 64-
Was not quite able to pick up where the previous season had ended, however still scored some decent results early on. Started 6th for round 5 but in the race just about everything that could have gone wrong did and only came home 24th. This was rectified a couple of rounds later when I managed to finish 8th in the dry - a sign of strong progress. The next race was even better, coming home 4th and even leading a handful of laps. Some other points were scored in following races although a couple of opportunities were squandered by last-lap pitstops, a particularly frustrating example being losing 4th in round 11. Despite these setbacks the performances were still good enough to see me through to the finals of the knockout cup - where I was eventually beaten by the league champion - and finish 10th in the standings. Overall the season was a huge positive and a big step up from the previous one, and clearly if the mistakes could be ironed out then the next season could be even better.

-Season 65-
Strong start this time around, taking 5th place in the opener and my first amateur podium with 2nd place in round 2. Took a surprise pole for round 3 but technical issues killed any chance at a second podium in succession while a puncture ruined a stellar drive in round 4. On pole again for round 7 and would have won but for the fuel loads being incorrect by a matter of a litre per stint. 3rd place was no consolation. Still these obstacles did not completely ruin the season, and a strong run of podiums ensured I was sitting comfortably within the promotion spots towards the tail end of the season. In the end consistency was key once again as I only failed to finish in the top five on four occasions. To top it off I finally got my revenge in round 13 and scored my first amateur win. There were chances to make it multiple wins but a combination of more silly strategy errors and some bad luck meant that they eluded me. Given the chances it was a tad frustrating to only take a single victory, but nonetheless with a strong bank balance and reasonable preparation I was still somewhat optimistic for my first pro season despite the difficulty of the challenge ahead. It was also the best ever season for the team as we finished 73rd in the overall standings.

-Season 66-
First time in pro was always going to be difficult but I acquitted myself reasonably well, never right at the back albeit a long way from the front of the pack fairly often too. To begin with the results were rather weak but after much testing and money spent on upgraded parts progress was made, and when the rain finally started to fall during races I was in a position to score points. Undoubtedly the highlights were the two podiums, the first a 3rd place finish in round 12 and the second coming in the finale with 2nd. While the second could be expected due to the circuit being my driver's favourite track and many rivals suffering technical problems, the first came as a complete shock and owed a lot to luck as the rain started at the perfect time for my driver to make it to the end without another pitstop while most around me could not manage to. Certainly this season was far better than I could have expected and 19 points represented a very good total, enough to take me to 9th in the final standings. Once again this season saw us set a new record for Andromeda Racing Club, this time reaching 56th.

-Season 67-
A very underwhelming season compared to the last. The results at the start of the season were much the same as the last but this time I had been expecting to be far stronger, somewhere solidly in the midfield rather than trailing near the back as turned out to be the case. The group proved to be tougher than it previously had been, and points were largely locked out by a small number of managers who were rather dominant. I was on the cusp of the points on a few occasions, with 9th in rounds 7 and 17 particularly frustrating results, but scoring points proved difficult and they eluded me until a surprise 4th place in round 12. Certainly the lack of rain did not help - this was one of the driest seasons of all time - and while my driver's pace in the dry was much better than it had been the previous season it usually wasn't enough to break into the top eight. The only other ventures into the points came in rounds 14 and 16, both 7th place finishes. Round 14 however was once more a mildly annoying result, as we were finally met with some rain and a good - albeit fortuitous - strategy helped me leap up to 3rd until the rain stopped with only five laps left. The subsequent pitstop was slow and a driver mistake cost me further places, and while 7th place was still a good result it was undoubtedly very disheartening, much like the season as a whole. However despite the lacklustre nature of the season I still retained and more importantly there were signs of steady progress once more, topped off with finishing as the fastest Scot overall.

-Season 68-
Points in the first round were slightly misleading as generally I finished just outside of the top 8. A podium at my driver's favourite track in round 4 was naturally an early highlight, though with better weather it may have been a win instead. This was a theme for this season, as I then lost a win in round 8 due to a technical issue while leading just 2 laps from the end, while in round 13 a time fast enough for 11th of all pro managers only netted me 3rd in my group. Round 15 was once again a case of close-but-no-cigar, coming home 3rd having led for the entire first stint this time with the 7th fastest pro time. To take a number of podiums was nevertheless rather encouraging, especially as they were mostly down to my own performance rather than that of my rivals. Had I been in another group it is likely I would even have taken a number of victories. 5th overall was a fair reflection of what was a very good season, though with the loss of my driver it seemed unlikely that the following season would replicate it.