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Name:Damon Cave
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Manager career of Damon Cave (Last updated: Apr 8th 2010, 16:01:01)
Season 5 - The start of my GPRO career.

My first season after finding the game from OTF couldnt really have gone too much better. Starting with a fairly mediocre driver i managed 7th in my first race without really having much of a clue. I then also got a new driver, who was pants. After he came 16th, i had to scout a new driver, eventually landing Mike Hill. While he didnt look like much in qualifying, he constantly got me into the points. Towards the back end of the season, i managed 3 straight wins which guaranteed my promotion into Amateur, so i cut funds from upgrading my car to save money.
Without the help of OTF i wouldnt have managed to even get top 8 most of the season so, thanks to them ;)

Season 6 - The survival effort.

Now that i knew what i was doing, i needed to find a way to survive. I joined two OTFers in this group so it was more "involving". I found a cheap driver for 10 races that wouldnt sit me right at the back of the grid so i could save myself some money for the end of the season. I was constantly on the lookout for a new driver, and found one before race 4. Julian South. While she wasn't much to start with, having a larger salary and race results being no better, i eventually took a 6th in race 9. During the back end of the season i lost internet, so Chris Williams took charge of my account. He landed me a podium the race before i was back, so a thank you to him.

Season 7 - Will i get lucky?

After securing my Amateur status, it was time to build on that and start dominating it. I found a very quick driver at the start of the season, albeit one that was 35 and was losing stats. However, my first qualifying showed me i had made the right choice, being on pole, and in the top 10 of Amateurs for qualifying. I finished the race in 2nd. This was followed by my first Amateur victory and another victory. After sound technical problems race 3, i found my pace, getting 4 wins and 2 2nd place finishes. After promotion was secure, i saved my funds for Master.

Season 8 - Building the legacy.

Being in Master is completely unlike my previous 3 seasons in that im taking a different approach to my driver setup. Instead of swapping and changing, i wanted to train my driver. After scouting out around 7 drivers during season 7, i found the right driver. I eventually got him at a nice price at the end of season 7 whilst saving my funds. Even though i am sitting at the back of the grid instead of trying to stay up, the training of my driver should ensure i become very strong in Amateur when i relegate.

Season 9 - Will it pay off?

With my shiny new driver just finished his concentration training, would he be quick enough for this division? After a point in the opening race, i knew i had enough to stay up, so my initial worry was gone. However, the next 2 races were a disaster, not even competing for points. I then managed 8 points in the next 5 races, which was much better, before a rain race, which i knew i would be good at. A podium. From there, i managed to gain a great deal of speed out of my driver, i was nearing the promotion places. The final race i could have won quite easily if i upgraded my car, although that would have mean promotion, which i wasnt ready for.

Season 10 - Promotion here we come!

With the new Pro division coming in im assured promotion. Will it be Master or Pro though? We shall see.
Well see, we did. Straight away i knew i had top 4 pace. Though because of Pro, it mattered little, only top 2 would do. However, due to my drivers OA being completely out of wack, i spent the majority of my money, and 4 races to remove enough Motivation to renew his contract. After that, my driver showed his potential by winning two races, though i then smoked the rest of the season to save money for Pro.

Season 11 - Pro we go!

So, the new Pro division, with my my driver i figured this would be a cakewalk, but how was i wrong. A 4th followed by an 11th made me look a little stupid with my driver training. However, must have been bad luck. I went on a lovely 11 podium run. Till a puncture. Though there simply was no stopping a certain Felix Horch, 1st manager to get 170 points, so hats off to him ;)

Season 12 - Master. Again.
Felix Horch. Again. :(
So, my sole intention was just staying afloat in this dreaded division. I knew from before hand in Master i would struggle, but not by this much. It also showed just how much risks are the number one way to gain points. My first race, coming in at 24th i gathered it would be a long season. Lucky enough though i managed to scrap 2 8th place finishes, and 2 points was enough to secure my status!

Season 13 - Master. Yet again!
So i had survived by the skin of my teeth (2 points in another group would have seen me relegate!) it was time to consolidate my position as soon as possible. As i starting testing a fair bit though however, i soon found my money running out. My driver though showed enough consistency so that i was secure very early in the season and then took a conservative approach. Until next season.

Season 14 - Master. Am i good enough?

Simple answer? Yes, I was. I was able to claim my first Master podium. However, due to the higher risks I would have to have used to be able to promote, I couldn't sustain my cash flow. Eventually I decided to start again from Rookie, this time knowing what I had to do to succeed. My driver was also picked up by a teammate ...

Season 15 - Rookie. Is my driver any good?

Answer? Yes, he was. I aimed at a driver with a lower talent rating, meaning I was not very quick in the rain (but was also crucial for OA purposes, which i found out later). I was able to in the end, completely doinate my group, albeit after a shaky start. Elsewhere, my old driver secured a mid table result for my teammate - Sion Francis, showing his pace was there.

Season 16 - Into Amateur. Again.

As I had trained my driver well from Rookie, I expected another cakewalk. I was teamed up with a teammate in Martin Carson, who was doing exactly the same as I. I started the group well, managing a 3rd by a 4th, but rain and other factors went against me. I continued to push until race 12, where I called it quits on promotion, and to stay one more season to build myself up. Meanwhile my old Master driver dominated up in Master with Sion, and I expected similar thins of my current driver ...

Season 17 - Promotion or bust.

Going into this season, I know I had an inherent problem of not promoting last season - I would loose my driver before the seasons end, which spelt disaster. I had to throw the beginning of the season to keep him until I got into Pro. Luckily for me, my driver was far too good for Amateur, allowing me a free ride up into Pro ...

Season 18 - Straight to Master?

No. Quite simply, I was unprepared for the "metagame" that Pro had gotten into. Last time I was here, it was very simple, as me and Mr Horch had the two best drivers by a country mile, meaning we didnt use many risks. Now, however, it needed serious expenditure to promote, and I was ill prepared. I settled in the end for a single win, to keep me in the division, showing me I had the pace when required for the next season ...