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All achievers for Firestarter (Start from pole position on all available tracks)
(Achievement rarity: 1 out of 97901.75 managers has unlocked this achievement)
Manager name Group Achieved Race data, replay and results
 Bartosz OtworowskiPro - 9Season 68, Race 8, A-36Starting grid  |  Race replay  |  Race summary  
 Martin RennitRookie - 26Season 60, Race 3, R-26Starting grid  |  Race replay  |  Race summary  
 Joan CentellasPro - 12Season 47, Race 17, A-20Starting grid  |  Race replay  |  Race summary  
 Niko RaittinenAmateur - 58Season 47, Race 3, R-138Starting grid  |  Race replay  |  Race summary