OldSchool Team

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Team name: OldSchool Team
Team website: None
Established: Between S6 and S7
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 10,503.81
Average points/race: 6.73
Average points/season: 114.46
Average standings position: 571.05
Most points earned in one race: 42.13 (Season 14, Race 14)
Season position: 712
Season points: 0
Team achievements:

14% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 0
Members brought to Elite: 0
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 0
Free spots: 0 (Team inactive)

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Taking over a liquidated team costs $5.000.000 if you have been a member of the team in the past, otherwise it will cost you $7.500.000. Information inside the internal team forum (if the team has one) is not part of the take over process and will be deleted completely prior to the take over. The rest of the team's possessions will however stay with the team under the new leadership, including team logo, team information, team statistics, scored season points/money. Only managers in Amateur and above who are not in negative balance can take over teams.

Taking over OldSchool Team will cost you $7.500.000.

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Forever young and promising; P
The mixture of experience and youthful fantasy of self-interest and risk :)

We have a clear goal: a few seasons to enter the stock exchange;)

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If you are looking for team where activity is close to zero, does not establish a joint strategy, setup and generally everyone rides for himself, and you are only interested in the money at the end of the season - we are waiting for you!