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Team livery:
Team name: Connaught
Team website: None
Established: Season 7, Race 1
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 14,982.70
Average points/race: 11.29
Average points/season: 191.94
Average standings position: 415.33
Most points earned in one race: 36.60 (Season 24, Race 11)
Season position: 610
Season points: 1
Team achievements:

19% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 1 (Season 24, Race 1)
Members brought to Elite: 1
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 1
Free spots: 8

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Kevin Warren Amateur - 12 0% (3.6%)
02. Alan Lane Rookie - 81 100% (1.4%)

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The F1 team

Connaught Engineering, often referred to simply as Connaught, was a Formula One and sports car constructor from Britain. Their cars participated in 18 grands Prix, entering a total of 52 races with their A, B, and C Type Grand Prix Cars. They achieved 1 podium and scored 17 championship points and some non-championship victories.


The Gpro team

Established at the start of Season 7 by Mat Cochinos, we had a promising start along with our former sister team, The Twilight Zone (now Versant). After Mat's retirement from Gpro, Peter Cochinos took over and the team still retained a strong Australian flavour. With a mix of youth and experience, as well as several long standing team members, our small but friendly team is growing stronger all the time.


We are looking a member who:

- Is active and willing to contribute to the team regularly.
- Has a reasonable level of experience within the game.
- Possesses reasonable English skills.
- Is a team player and with ambition and a desire to understand the game in order to help our team move further forward.

- Potential managers can be from any league, so long as you meet the above criteria.
- Supporter status is welcomed, but not essential.
- Any special knowledge or skills would be also be welcomed.