Sjaan Titaan Racing

Auke HaarsmaJos HaarsmaBart KievietAndré AhlbergAndrew MerkelThijs RiekenEmanuel HenriquesSagar SubhedarChris LeeCasper Elshof

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Team livery:

Team name: Sjaan Titaan Racing
Team website:
Established: Season 35, Race 4
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 9,929.89
Average points/race: 13.26
Average points/season: 225.38
Average standings position: 598.69
Most points earned in one race: 45.93 (Season 65, Race 2)
Season position: 208
Season points: 67.6666
Team achievements:

24% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 1 (Season 70, Race 1)
Members brought to Elite: 1
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 5
Free spots: 0 (No applications accepted)

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Auke Haarsma Pro - 25 6.2% (13.8%)
02. Jos Haarsma Master - 2 23.3% (13.2%)
03. Bart Kieviet Pro - 4 13.9% (8.6%)
04. André Ahlberg Amateur - 37 5.3% (4.9%)
05. Andrew Merkel Pro - 14 2.1% (3.9%)
06. Thijs Rieken Pro - 23 0% (3.8%)
07. Emanuel Henriques Pro - 18 3% (2.5%)
08. Sagar Subhedar Pro - 4 24.8% (1.9%)
09. Chris Lee Amateur - 26 11% (1.4%)
10. Casper Elshof Rookie - 31 10.4% (0.4%)

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A true bandit, forever in our hearts
Andy Dowson (1964-2020) RIP

Sjaan Titaan Racing | Sjaan Titaan Racers

We are the Sjaan Titaan family (STR), consisting of Sjaan Titaan Racing and Sjaan Titaan Racers. Basically we are one team with 20 spots ;) We are a strong team of enthusiastic, ambitious managers. We stick together, we are laid back.

We enjoy interaction and banter about strategy, races, random stuff and the weather. We like to analyse data, crack the hidden formulae of the game, and help each other with long-term planning.

Originally founded as a family team for the two Haarsma brothers back in S35 for 4 seasons of data collection, STR was resurrected and founded as the team it is today at the start of S51. For 16 seasons we raced as a team of 10, reaching 17th in the S63 Team Standings and progressing to R2 of the S65 Team Cup, before expanding to our current team of 20 members at the start of S67.

Current STR bandits

FlagManagerJoined STR
Auke Haarsma S51 R1
Jos Haarsma S51 R1
Stephen Bewers S51 R5
Thomas Pitts S52 R14
Bart Kieviet S57 R1
Chris Adnams S60 R1
Vin Struder S66 R1
Marc Schokker S67 R3
André Ahlberg S67 R4
Andy Dowson (RIP mate) S67 R10
Andrew Merkel S67 R15
Mark Pinnick S68 R1
Thijs Rieken S68 R11
Andy Krämer S69 R4
Warwick Taylor S69 R16
Emanuel Henriques S71 R13
Sagar Subhedar S74 R8
Chris Lee S74 R10
Bruno Machado S75 R10
Casper Elshof S77 R5

Former/retired bandits

FlagManagerNo. of racesPeriod
Samuel Mccallion 325 races S52 R13 - S71 R15
John Doughty 306 races S51 R1 - S69 R1
Jez Banks 289 races S51 R1 - S68 R1
Anders Sandberg 224 races S52 R15 - S66 R1
Eddie Smith 124 races S51 R13 - S57 R1
S58 R4 - S60 R1
S67 R1 - S67 R4
Antti Honkanen 116 races S51 R6 - S58 R3
Otto Tos 79 races S69 R7 - S74 R1
Jackie Connolly 72 races S70 R1 - S74 R5
Wouter Kirstein 51 races S72 R1 - S75 R1
Burak Çelik 44 races S74 R8 - S77 R1
Thomas Eastwood 8 races S51 R15 - S52 R6


Season 77: Pro-13 Cup Winner - Chris Adnams
Season 77: Amateur-83 Cup Winner - Sagar Subhedar
Season 76: Amateur-11 Champion - Andy Krämer
Season 75: Amateur-37 Champion and Cup Winner - Thijs Rieken
Season 75: Amateur-76 Champion and Cup Winner - Chris Adnams
Season 75: Rookie-7 Cup Winner - Bruno Machado
Season 74: Amateur-29 Champion and Cup Winner - Jos Haarsma
Season 73: Pro-5 Cup Winner - Stephen Bewers
Season 73: Amateur-52 Champion and Cup Winner - Wouter Kirstein
Season 71: Amateur-21 Champion and Cup Winner - Andy Dowson
Season 71: Amateur-46 Cup Winner - Bart Kieviet
Season 69: Master-2 Cup Winner - Auke Haarsma
Season 69: Amateur-10 Cup Winner - Chris Adnams
Season 69: Rookie-54 Champion - Otto Tos
Season 67: Rookie-62 Champion and Cup Winner - Andrew Merkel
Season 66: Pro-18 Champion and Cup Winner - Auke Haarsma
Season 64: Pro-7 Champion and Cup Winner - Jos Haarsma
Season 63: Pro-10 Cup Winner - Chris Adnams
Season 63: Pro-13 Cup Winner - John Doughty
Season 63: Amateur-89 Cup Winner - Thomas Pitts
Season 62: Amateur-59 Champion - Jos Haarsma
Season 62: Amateur-80 Champion - John Doughty
Season 61: Amateur-111 Champion and Cup Winner - Chris Adnams
Season 59: Amateur-65 Cup Winner - Anders Sandberg
Season 58: Amateur-31 Champion - John Doughty
Season 58: Rookie-47 Champion - Eddie Smith
Season 57: Pro-20 Champion - Auke Haarsma
Season 57: Rookie-110 Champion and Cup Winner - Bart Kieviet
Season 53: Rookie-26 Champion - Anders Sandberg
Season 53: Rookie-209 Champion - Samuel Mccallion
Season 52: Rookie-87 Champion - Eddie Smith
Season 51: Amateur-18 Champion and Cup Winner - Jos Haarsma