Sex, Beer & Rock´N Roll

Jesús TorresAsdrúbal CorralDaniel PérezJesus FernandezFers HungaroAntonio SimónGorka BolloMario HernandezOscar PereiraAmato Batoni

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Team name: Sex, Beer & Rock´N Roll
Team website: None
Established: Season 50, Race 1
Championships: 0
Knockout cup wins: 0
Total points: 14,365.24
Average points/race: 24.90
Average points/season: 423.24
Average standings position: 125.78
Most points earned in one race: 60.40 (Season 75, Race 10)
Season position: 88
Season points: 359.2502
Team achievements:

38% unlocked

Most members in Elite: 1 (Season 56, Race 1)
Members brought to Elite: 3
Number of races represented in:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Number of supporters: 3
Free spots: 0

Team members

Spot Nat Manager name Group Contribution
01. Jesús Torres Pro - 5 13.4% (9.6%)
02. Asdrúbal Corral Pro - 15 26% (2.5%)
03. Daniel Pérez Pro - 6 11.3% (1.3%)
04. Jesus Fernandez Amateur - 4 11.8% (8.3%)
05. Fers Hungaro Amateur - 35 9.5% (0.5%)
06. Antonio Simón Amateur - 53 10.6% (0.4%)
07. Gorka Bollo Pro - 18 3.4% (0.2%)
08. Mario Hernandez Pro - 14 5.6% (0.2%)
09. Oscar Pereira Amateur - 41 7.8% (7.7%)
10. Amato Batoni Pro - 8 0.7% (0%)

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Sex,Beer & Rock'N' Roll fue fundado con la idea de llegar a altas cotas como equipo.
Después la formación,se consiguió tener un miembro en Élite.Dos mas le precedieron en temporadas posteriores.
En la clasificación por equipo tenemos un meritorio 3º puesto y podio de equipos,asi como un 6º puesto.
En la Copa,somos Subcampeones de la T60,llegamos a pelear el titulo con todo.
Fuimos semifinalistas en la temporada 67.

Después de varios cambios de managers,aspiramos a mejorar todos nuestros registros como equipo,es decir,asipramos a ganar la copa por equipos y a mejorar nuestra posición final.
Creemos que son objetivos que están a nuestro alcance.
En la Temporada 75 hemos conseguido nuestro mejor registro,siendo subcampeones de la Copa por equipos y 2 en la general.
Seguimos aspirando a mejorar nuestros resultados,aunque ya solo queda ganar en ambas competiciones.


Sex, Beer & Rock´N Roll RECRUITMENT ,recruiting, looking for new members,

Afternoon people,

SBR was stablished as a team for Spanish speakers, but from now long We would like to give the opportunity to join us, managers Who are able to communicate in English too.

We have an exciting position opening up soon and we are looking for you. We welcome any application from new members to experienced members. Just show us what you're made of. Tell us what you're about, your seasons planning and what drives you in life and in GPRO.

We are a dedicated group of managers with many seasons worth of experience between us but still question most aspects of GPRO. We certainly don't agree on everything and this is why this spot is so exciting. We have the knowledge to assist a newbie who have ambitions to make Elite, However can also make challenge a more experience member about their view on GPRO.

We don't hide our desire to reach number 1 in GPRO. Which will be a huuuge task considering the talent of some teams within GPRO. However we truly believe we can fight for titles in the coming seasons.

All we require from yourself is

- Willingness to open your mind to new ideas
- Determination to succeed
- Telegram discussions input
- Manager involved
- Be patient, some of the team are a pain :) and we talk just bullshit

Don't hesitate in getting your application in. Most important of all, is just be open, honest and friendly. Essentially be yourself.

Applications can go to any of the team, So please don't hesitate.

Good luck  


-Jesús Torres(Xuxoteam)
-Carlos Jimenez(Tinderman)
-Francisco Arce(PaQuillo)
-Asdrúbal Corral(Caipirinho)
- Edinson Antonio. ( Chocolatito )
- Daniel Pérez ( Tirex )
- Jesús Fernandez ( Flanagan )


Elite Manager :

-Jesús Brea (Temporada 56)

-Jesús Torres(Temporada 61)

-Jesús Fernández(Temporada 64)


-T67: SF


-T60: 6º
-T67: 3º
-T75: 2º