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Author Topic: Points System Down to P10 For some classes? 33 replies
József Ozsvár
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Old post #31 posted Apr 9th 2021, 19:09:07 Quote 
Quote ( Niels Van Heijster @ April 9th 2021,18:35:27 )

I wouldn't state this game is not eveolving. We had the introduction of Tyre Suppliers, Driver Energy, PHA Matching, Dirty/Clean Side, etc. Maybe not the evolution you would like to see, but it is evolving.

I also didn't oppose change as such. Merely stated
Quote ( Niels Van Heijster @ April 9th 2021,17:30:00 )

If your argument is to "change the game" in an effort to create an environment in which as many as possible (new) managers continue playing, there are many things to think about. However, in my mind, changing the point system would not be on that list.
Think of it like this, if I may ...
Rookie groups tend to have around 15 managers on average, or there about. What improvement would the changing of the point system bring to these ROOKIE Groups?

Just a week or two (?) ago, there were talks about possibly creating a very basic Excel sheet offering new players a chance to hit the ground running compared to the current "drop-in-the-deep-end" situation.

Another one could be to have a number of (selected) experienced and proven able to mentor others, to create or adopt an Academy team filled with max 3-5 players having less then 2-3 seasons worth of experience. Meanwhile these experienced players would be able to remain part of their current teams (just a thought - details open for discussion)

I know it may sound harsh, but there's no way to say this in a way a "new player" would not be offended. You completed 38GPs, and did very well if I may say so! I'm not sure if you went through the mentoring program, which is designed to help new players to ease into the game, but you have not yet teamed up. Joining a team is a good way to improve game knowledge and to progress in the game. Finding a team that indeed is able and willing to help you or any new player for that matter, will be a challenge on its own ;)

Quote ( József Ozsvár @ April 9th 2021,18:17:16 )

artly but I do not find correct to pay 3 million just to join a team where you can be kicked if you not produce numbers. The tutorial what the game have is mostly enough the only real problem for new players is the direct numbers on how should build up a career and what abilities must be for progressing. This alone makes a huge gap between players who knows the numbers (rng and it's works) or the ones whom not known the numbers.

The tutorial is tells you to try to stay financially fine but joining a team is money, also needs other things. You start with an expensive driver which also not helps the cause, your car on basic level can compete only in rookie but there is no clear shared numbers on what is the ideal setups for each leagues. I can figure out things by long learning process but if someone have no patience to do so then they won't be involved so long.
There's so much in these few lines to instantly improve your look on the game;
- 3M to join will be redeemed at the end of the season via earned teampoints, for instance.
- As long as you do not miss 4 GPs in the last 17GPs, you cannot be kicked.
- You could be voted out, but that (in my mind) would be due to personal issues (well normally anyway, some events of late are not representative)
- Finding out how to make progress in the game, is a personal puzzle for each, and a big part of why this game appeals to the lasting managers.
- Like in any other game, you progress and level up while moving up. Rookies is lvl 1, car is lvl 1 which firts.
- The starting driver issue is indeed something that could\/should be easily improved, you have a point there ;)

Do well, progress faster, or don't. At least you're not building something that can be completely wiped out in one single attack as in many other games is an option.

Rookie groups mostly ghost towns but there are some about the 600? I guess where there are real competition and fun battles. More or less like in World of Tanks where the first tier tanks are balanced and most battles are balanced if you are know the maps and tactics.

Tutoring others not require much of mentor programs because it only just a simple sending a message with "Hello, I saw your records and how you handled that stage of the game let me help you" or something like this.

The academy is not a bad idea however but for this purpose they could make a tutorial race situation where they explain each step and "force you" to adjust things. The only question is when the drivers will get an ability to tell more exactly what is their problem. Then the technical ability could be more useful beyond saving tyre and fuel which is helpful trait in a game like this.

I am not hypersensitive so offending me is very hard no matter. Well each driver is a different playstyle you can decide what style you like and choose a driver for that purpose. I personally would like to see youngsters like 15-16 years old drivers whom fresh and jumped into the gp from gokart. Then there would be an option to choose a role to develop drivers and let others use them then you get some kind of honor for making a bearable driver.

Well my first season after a long hiatus was not great at all with zero point and technical issues. I solved this problem with changing things and also few others helped me a little bit. The second season was much better and in this season my only goal to survive and stay in ama. Not an ideal thing but I can manage I hope.

I managed the tutorial staff but I did it 13-14 years ago aswell back in the time I was banned or not sure why but I decided to leave then. Came back to check what the game changed but not that drastical changes and also not in the community side. So the mentoring program in this case was skipped because the mentor could not race with you only can give hints what you already know when you choose a game. Mentoring and early tutorials are for those people who have no clue at all about the game like don't know what they are doing. I know what I am doing but there are others also who know what are doing and that makes it hard because the differences in car, driver basically determine your success. You can experiment with some stuff in game but the game basically limits your options so you spend hours to setup everything, think up things and make calculations and finally you do qualify and hoping that will be good enough. During the race you cannot change things so if you messed up then you messed up no chance to fix.

Joining a team is only beneficial if you know those people and can interact with them as like say family, friends. The rest is a chore also I am a lonewolf in most games and I will keep this way in this game aswell. I thank you for at least to agreeing with me in some point and feel free to chat if you feel it.

I am more than welcoming to ideas no matter how is accepted by others.

Tibor Szuromi
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Old post #32 posted Apr 9th 2021, 19:42:35 Quote 
Experience shows that successful managers thank the team for their success.

(I read many times on the forums.)
Ayyan Tamjeed
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Old post #33 posted Apr 9th 2021, 20:22:31 Quote 
Holy crap there are 2 pages on this topic was not expecting that
Zé Pedro Paula
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Old post #34 posted Apr 10th 2021, 07:23:12 Quote 
Quote ( József Ozsvár @ April 9th 2021,19:09:07 )

I am more than welcoming to ideas no matter how is accepted by others.

What you think of this idea. You joined a game full of secret knowledge. By know, 90% of this knowledge is held by another 90% of the managers, who are here for ages, grouped in guilds where this knowledge is sparingly passed to humble initiates. Their motto is "we are the game". Most of them expect the newcomers and passers-by to bow before being enlightened about the mysteries of life. Of your life.
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