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Luke Frost
(Group Master - 5)

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Old post #1 posted Dec 18th 2021, 06:38:35 (last edited Dec 18th 2021, 10:57:48 by Mick Ridley) Quote 
Brabham is recruiting...

Our teams:

Brabham BT46 - recruiting (2 available spots)

Brabham - not recruiting
Brabham BT62 - not recruiting

We're looking for players who understand the nature of this game and what it is: it's leisure, we're logging in to enjoy ourselves with this hobby, and with equal effort amongst teammates, you can achieve success both individually & with your teammates/friends. Brabham provides this kind of atmosphere, and we want 2 more players who fit the description.

For these 2 spots, it's suitable if you fit this description:

Activity on the site - from analyzing races to watching them, to storing relevant data, to communication, we want active players to join us...

Aspiring for being better every season - sometimes relegating is necessary, but as long as you take lessons from the results of every season, that's what we're looking for...

Friendly & communicative - we are looking for players who will join in our discussions which range from GPRO to all the stuff we do outside of it...

Some skills in data analysis - if you are educated in fields such as programming, analysis, project management, finance, etc., we can match you on that and ensure if you put in time & effort, it's not done alone in the team as we have a structure for utilizing these skills with time management being a priority


So with that out the way, we wanted to talk about the team a little bit, to explain our history, philosophy, ambition, and motivations as of S85.


Dec 2020 (S79): Jason & I join Brabham F1, with the ambition to bring the 3x title-winning team back to the top.

Mar 2021 (S80): after a series of really crazy events, the team as it was collapsed due to mainly miscommunication. Without going into detail, this changed the way everyone involved approach this game.
Apr 2021 (S81): after just 2 managers remained in the team, we started recruiting more players.

May 2021 (S82): We filled the team with active players ranging from Rookie to Elite experience in this phase

Jul 2021 (S83): we established a partnership with Mad Motors, later renamed to Brabham BT62, and recruited many new & active players

Nov 2021 (S84): after filling both Brabham & Brabham BT62, we opened a 3rd (and final) team; Brabham BT46, and the search began for more analysis-based players to enjoy the game together with us.

Nov 2021 (S84): Brabham finished 16th in the standings with 2 Pro promotions, many Ama promotions, and no relegations.

Dec 2021 (S85): celebrating 1 year since the ambition to rebuild this great team started, we now have 28 players, and recruiting 2 more for Brabham BT46. We finally decided to open a recruitment thread for this.

Philosophy of the team:

Brabham is a team that puts fun & friendship above everything else, and as a result, 'everything else' (data collection, tool development, progression of each player to the top, etc) gets covered. That is our philosophy.

Our Discord server is where we have our chat, share our data, and develop our tools with communication and via OneDrive, we have an R&D crew that is working on future tools, databases, and more with carefully managed collaboration that is making sure nobody is overworked, but we still make as much progress as we can on all fronts by utilizing the real skills some bring to the team which is useful.

We have 3 teams, considered like one big army. In an army, you have infantry on the ground, pilots in the air, and navy squadron in the sea. This is the best analogy to describe how our 3 teams operate. We are one big army, contributing to the success of the entire team with different philosophies and directly standing next to players who approach the game in a similar way. For more details, ask in PM.

Our leaders:


Brabham BT46 leader: Rafal Jurowski - contact: /NewMail.asp?IDM=302162&txtSubject=BT46%20Application

Not recruiting:

Brabham leader: Luke Frost - contact: /NewMail.asp?IDM=26007&txtSubject=Brabham%20Application
Brabham BT62 leader: Bob Christensen - contact: /NewMail.asp?IDM=852889&txtSubject=BT62%20Application

Application process:

1) Click on the contact link above to apply for the team you're interested in. Feel free to just keep it simple and show your interest, or you can write as much as you want.

2) Unless you do not fit the criteria we're looking for, we'll invite you to our discord to talk to the team you're interested in privately.

3) once you join the server, you'll be given a few days to introduce yourself, discuss, ask & answer any questions and represent's like a casual 'job' interview, we keep the seriousness out of it, trust that :P

4) After some time talking to you, the team will start to form a voting process, and after the majority of the team vote either yes or no, the team leader will contact you

What we're not looking for...:

This has to be put out there because we've had a bit of history and want a nice, peaceful, and fun process up the ladder in the game.

❌If you're a person who thinks you're better than others because of your profession, or you always find yourself having big arguments with people everywhere you go, we don't want you.

❌If you have no time for this game, spending less than an hour per week, you're busy, there's nothing wrong with that, but we are looking for active players.

❌If you've changed at least 3 teams without an actual good reason within the past 10 seasons, we don't want you.

❌If you have an insistent nature to 'share' other people's work with all your friends, we don't want you.

❌If you think there's only one way to play this game based on a previous team you've been in, have an open mind here or else we don't want you.

It's all about the fun:

No matter how much dedication you have for this game, you must have fun. If you consider data analysis and discussion of strategies as a chore, it's probably best you don't join any team that is ambitious. For us, that's the most fun part of the game, because during that process you start to make real friends with people all around the world.

Come and join Brabham. We look forward to hearing from you!
Miguel Ribeiro
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Old post #2 posted Dec 22nd 2021, 01:06:02 Quote 
Back at the beginning of my GPRO endeavour, I was a rookie trying to discover and understand this game.
I got some help from the mentorship program, and the info I found by searching around through the forums.

I got the necessary knowledge to start having some decent results in my debut season. I was putting hours of research, planning and I guess that’s what put me under the Brabham radar. I got a message from Luke and I must admit, I was skeptic about joining the team, after all, I was not familiar with the game nor was I familiar about the way teams worked or were about.
I joined their discord server and I was already blown away about how welcome they made me feel. I then joined what is now Brabham BT62 and got the support I needed to progress within GPRO.

Everyone in this team, in their own way, puts their heart into it. Everyone is different and that’s one of the things that makes being in this team so nice.
Make no mistake, here you’ll get the support you need, you’ll be able to give your input and make the progress you want. We will support whatever your approach is to the game.

On top of that, because we are from the 4 corners of the world, you will answers to your questions at any time you want. If you don’t have any question you can always have a nice chat with us and have some fun.

We look forward to hear from you all. Come and join us!
Gareth Griffiths
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Old post #3 posted Jan 4th 2022, 16:39:36 Quote 

Been playing for a long time and was retaining in amateurmostly, with just enough motivation to keep things ticking over but not much else. Had one stint in Pro that was disastrous and relegated immediately

Then was approached by Brabham, and found a new lease of life and enjoy racing again. Since joining I have promoted to Pro and am well on the way to retaining in my first Pro season. Will them look to go higher and into the Master levels

We have the experience to help you succeed at any level of the game, offering advice and guides

We have a friendly community that make racing fun where you can contribute to the success of all

Luke Frost
(Group Master - 5)

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Old post #4 posted Jan 7th 2022, 01:48:17 Quote 
Brabham BT46 - recruiting (1 available spot)
Brabham BT46 leader: Rafal Jurowski - contact: /NewMail.asp?IDM=302162&txtSubject=BT46%20Application%2011

Send Rafal a message if you're interested. It doesn't have to be some fancy long mail, we'll have a natural conversation with you on our team discord between now & R1 next season. As this is our final spot, we want to take our time with it and make sure who we get is a good fit.

Amongst the 29 current players, we have players who have professional expertise in data analysis, project management, front & back-end development, database development, high-level sim racing, and more. It's not too serious, and your skills aren't the be all & end all, we have very casual & very aspiring players and everything in between. We are still a relatively new team (see timeline above) so of course, we don't have everything figured out yet, but what we do have is a base of players who have more than enough RL skills to apply stuff to GPRO pretty easily.


Since about mid-last year, I have transitioned my energy from building and growing the official GPRO Discord server to building the Brabham discord server and other team-related things. I guess you'll have to take my word for it that we have a pretty active, fun, and enriching experience over here with every timezone, age bracket & many life experiences sharing this team as we aim for the top...

We're looking for someone who is pretty active, with a good sense of humor and wants to see how far they can go in this game as long as they apply themselves :)

hope to hear from ya!
Geoff Todd
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Old post #5 posted Jan 13th 2022, 07:08:21 (last edited Jan 13th 2022, 07:11:42 by Geoff Todd) Quote 
If you're looking for a dynamic bunch of guys to play the game with then look no further. I've been around GPRO since what seems like forever. Actually season 5 was my first. Since than I've only been in 2 other teams and this one is by far the best. Great bunch of guys. All willing to help each other get better and work together.

So if you want to climb to the top come and see for yourself.
Claudio Lima
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Old post #6 posted Jan 15th 2022, 01:23:25 Quote 
We (The Brabham Team family) are expecting for you that look for getting more involvement in this game. It's a great opportunity to change knowledge about the career development. JCamon, join us!
Carl Keating
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Old post #7 posted Jan 16th 2022, 06:47:22 Quote 
Thought I would add my 0.02c. I am relatively new to the game with my first race being in S81R6. I was probably the same as everyone fumbling my way through but enjoying it. I got some mentoring from Luke and before you know it I was starting to get some results. I was then asked to join the Brabham family which I was unsure of at first but I took the plunge. My enjoyment of the game increased big time and I soon became part of the whole family as it were.I am learning so much thanks to the team and I soon started moving up the ranks. There are 3 teams now and there isn't an ego anywhere - we are just a load of guys who get on great and always willing to help. We have quite a few different nationalities in the teams which means there is usually someone around to help or just chat with due to the time zones. I can honestly say now that I believe this team is the first and last team I will join in my GPRO career - I guess time will tell! We have a joint goal of moving the teams up in the ranks which we WILL do.......all with a smile on our faces. Come try us out:)
Rafal Jurowski
(Group Amateur - 13)

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Old post #8 posted Jan 18th 2022, 16:47:38 Quote 
Hi everyone,
We're still looking for active, reasonably experienced, motivated managers to join our family, who will be active on our discord - able to contribute to discussions on a regular basis and assist with tool development.
See Luke's post above for more details :)
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