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Ime i prezime:Rogerio Pereira
Država: Brazil
Pridružio se:10 Lip, 2010
Zadnja aktivnost: 15 Velj 2019, 16:51:03
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E-mail: Sakriven
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Prvi GP: Sezona 20, Utrka 8
Broj prijavljivanja:13302
Vrijeme provedeno na GPRO:3822.4 Sati
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Trenutni status:U braku

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Karijera menadžera od Rogerio Pereira (Zadnja obnova: 2 Srp 2013, 14:07:06)
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=/\= Season 37 =/\=
Again in PRO-3. Retention season, taking up Yokos. I'll be damned if I relegate with 3 FTs now (R5, R16 and R17).

News of the season is a team change after 14 seasons with Rolling Thunder's colours (S23.R16 to S36.R17), 3 seasons as team leader. Here are the stats of this stint: 239 (out of 282) races, no races missed, 19 out of my 21 wins, 21 out of 24 pole positions, 11 out of 13 fastest laps, champion of Rookie-1 (S24) and PRO-9 (S30), 1 season in Elite group (S34), 635.4 team points (12.9% of total).

Thank you very much all Thunder members. It was the best of times. We see eachother in track.

New contract signed with Copersucar Racing (S37.R1).

=/\= Season 36 =/\=
Running on PRO-3 group. Despite a crazy weather race with 5 pits, scored a 3rd at Montreal (R12) and got retaintion points. Signed a new driver with 3 FTs for the next season.

=/\= Season 35 =/\=
Down to Master-3 with team mate Rogério Araken. Attempting to retain with a FT at R12. Got some points, but they were not enough. Took a new driver with a FT in the next season for a PRO journey.

=/\= Season 34 =/\=
Elite. \o/ However, it had to be a PP season as driver was not ready for the group standars. Managed to work CCPs and money for staff/facilities. Experiencing with a couple of new drivers after 12 seasons with Jarno Colombo.

=/\= Season 33 =/\= |
Third season in M4. Tyre contract with BadYear. Objetive: promotion to Elite. Barcelona: 1st win in Master. Oesterrichring: 2nd win in Master. Win #21, Jarno Colombo's win #19, race #170. One Big Race: 27th (R14). Master OBR: 10th (R17). Promoted with 66 points from 3rd place. Second fastest Brazilian manager of the season, only behind champion Leandro Sereno. Fourth highest scorer in Nations Cup among Brazilian managers. Most points scored for team Rolling Thunder (21.1%). Team's best final standing ever in 11 seasons (19th).

=/\= Season 32 =/\=
Still on Master-4. Yokohama tyres. Objetive: retain group. Results: 25 points (Brasília 5th, Portimão 2nd - first podium in Master, Istanbul 2nd + first FL in Master, Sepang 8th, Singapore 5th). Finished 8th in standings. One Big Race: 91st. Master OBR: 45th.
Target: retain group. Milestone: R9 - Kaunas GP was Jarno Colombo's 150th race for the team.

=/\= Season 31 =/\=
Assigned to Master-4. Running Yokos again. Results: 3 points (Brno, 6th).
Target: retain group. Check!

=/\= Season 30 =/\=
Tyre contract with Badyear for the first time, this completes my "Tyre Hattrick" by using all the PRO tyres.
|Race summary| Fuji: 2nd. Sepang: WIN + FL. Yas Marina: 7th + FL. Monte Carlo: 2nd. Monza: 3rd. Hungaroring: WIN + FL (53rd One Big Race). Silverstone: 6th. Singapore: 4th. Sakhir: WIN (17th). Mexico: 2nd. Laguna Seca: WIN (18th). Buenos Aires: WIN (19th). Zandvoort: 3rd. Portimão: 4th.

>>>>> Season results: 101 points | 5 win | 3 FL | Group Champion. Unbeaten Cup Champion.

=/\= Season 29 =/\=
Tyre contract with Yoko again. Buenos Aires: pole position. Valência: 6th. Zolder: 3rd. Yeongam: 7th. Suzuka: 5th. By far, my worst season ever in GPRO. Survived by a slim margin of $ 500K

>>>>> Season results: 1 pole-position, 15 points.

=/\= Season 28 =/\=
Premiére with a new type of tyre, Yoko, for this season. R1 (Sakhir): first pole position in PRO (5th Q2 time, 23rd mark in 627 managers). Fuji: second pole position, finished 7th. Interlagos: 4th + FL. Indianápolis (Oval): WIN! (#14 in 14 different tracks). Kyalami: 5th. Spa: 8th. A1-ring: 6th. Magny Cours: 2nd. Estoril: 3rd.

>>> Season results: 2 pole-position, 1 FL, 1 win, 39 points.

=/\= Season 27 =/\=|
Assigned to PRO-9. Bucharest (R1): 1st FL in PRO, finished 9th. Zolder (R2): 2nd FL in PRO, finished 7th, first 2 points. Reached 1st stage P9-Cup. Barcelona (R9): 6th. Yeongam (R13): 5th. Laguna Seca (R14): WIN - dedicated to the memory of Dan Wheldon - plus 3rd FL in season. Win #12 in 12 different tracks. Mexico City (R15): WIN. #13 in 13 diferent tracks. Interlagos (R16): 3rd. Best starting position in season, 2nd. One Big Race: best standing 51st in PRO, 146th all-ranks (by R16). Final standing: 5th (retain group).

=/\= Season 26 =/\=
Valencia: 4th. Estoril: 2nd, first podium, first pole position in Amateur, fastest lap. Poznan: 3rd. Singapore: 4th. Índia: 4th. Fuji: 5th. Brno: 7th. Hungaroring: 7th. Oesterrichring: 8th. Buenos Aires: pole. Monza: pole. Magny Cours: pole (best time in Amateur). Promoted from 5th, 38 points. Ranked 481st in Amateur One-Big-Race (919th in all divisions).

=/\= Season 25 =/\=
Assigned to Amateur-28. First 2 points ever in amateur with a 7th place in R1-Shangai. Others: 6th place in Jerez and Indianapolis, 5th in Mugello. Total: 12 points, 12th in final standings. Qualify performance: top10 starts except R1 and R2 (best start: 5th). First Fastest Lap in Amateur: Mugello. Staff & Facilities: 33th in Amateur and best of A28. One big race: 3.805th (all) and 1.480th (amateur).

=/\= Season 24 =/\=||||||||
Relegated into group Rookie-01, as requested. Wins at Interlagos (Home Win! Hurray!), Imola, Monte Carlo (Hurray! Ultra-Classic track), Montreal, Hockenheim, Hungaroring, Spa, Suzuka, A1-ring (Untouchable achievement!). Pole positions: 13 out of 17, plus Rookie Executor achievement in R15, Suzuka. Rookie One-Big-Race: finished 12th, best standing ever (883rd in all-levels ranking). 200th point in GPRO achieved in Estoril (R16).

=/\= Season 23 =/\=
Assigned to group Amateur-52. Learning season. Low car level + low money don't work here. Fisrt race: qualified 36th and last, +15s (ugh!). Best race result: 11th at Laguna Seca GP, under rain. Season results: none, 31st. Noteworthy: finally - with help from friend Michael Keeney - found a decent driver. Joined newly formed team Rolling Thunder.
Milestone: R15 - Jarno Colombo is hired.

=/\= Season 22 =/\=
Retained in group Rookie-70. Second full season. Win at Barcelona GP (R9), full rain race. Other: 2 pole positions, 1 fastest lap. Season results: 54 points, 4th place. Promoted to Amateur.

=/\= Season 21 =/\=
Retained in group Rookie-70. First full season. First ever win at Monza GP (R14), driver favorite track. First pole position at Fuji GP (R9). Other: 1 fastest lap. Season results: 25 points, 10th place. Noteworthy: passed GPRO certification test, 2nd try.

=/\= Season 20 =/\=
Randomly assigned to Rookie-70 group. First race attended at Montreal GP (R8), finishing 20th. Scored first point in Nurburgring GP (R17). Final season position, 19th.