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Ime i prezime:Jon Liow
Država: Singapur
Pridružio se:20 Srp, 2010
Zadnja aktivnost: Danas u 10:43:26
Poruka na forumu:7  (Vidjeti poruke)
GPRO Trofeja: 0
Broj utrka GPs:7 (535)
Osvojenih bodova:11 (700)
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Pro bod/utrci: 1.57 (1.31)
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E-mail: Sakriven
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Prvi GP: Sezona 21, Utrka 1
Broj prijavljivanja:1364
Vrijeme provedeno na GPRO:321.3 Sati
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Trenutni status:Mladić

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Grupa:Amateur - 63
Pozicija u sezoni:9
Novac: $??.???.???
Vozač: Ernesto Muñoz (119)
Teh D: Nema
Ukupno osoblja:11
Gume: Pipirelli
Naziv Tima: Quantum Force
Timska pozicija:392
Bodovi tima:66.5334


DePond (A63) - 19 Utrka
Aldy (A63) - 11 Utrka
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Karijera menadžera od Jon Liow (Zadnja obnova: 2 Srp 2021, 04:29:19)
🏁Season 77🏁:
Race 17: "Thank you, thank you all for this fantastic season," an emotional Vettel cried over the radio as he crossed the line in second, "Grazie bortocelli que serra".
"We achieved more than we ever thought was possible Seb, I could not be more proud of you and of the team," said team boss Liow as he claimed a league leading 11 wins, 15 podiums and 148 points.
Race 16: ☝️ Started 6th but lapped the field to finish 1 min 32 sec ahead of second.
Race 13: Blunder of the season at Spa, pits with 2 laps to go due to fuel miscalculation. Drops from 1st to 3rd 😕😕😕
Race 12: No wet pace. Finished 4th.
Race 11: 🥇 Perfect strategy at Indianapolis sees "Vettel" cross the line with 2 litres in the tank and a 1 min 13 sec lead. Nailed the fastest lap too!
Race 10: A lucky 🍀 ninth race win of the season as weather changed from wet to dry to wet to dry. Finished with 7 litres in the tank.
Race 9: ~ "You know you've messed up" ~ All good things must come to an end. 😭😩😭 Finished 4th in a wet race due to poor initial fuel load. "Vettel" furious with manager for doing qualifying at the last minute.
Race 8: Eight in a row for Liow 🥇
Race 7: Slightly worried after the rain continued for 4 laps but strategy paid off, breezing to a 24 sec victory with the fastest lap as well!
Race 6: I'm running out of superlatives here. 🤯 Qualified 2nd but breezed to first after a few laps and was never troubled, finishing 47 seconds ahead of 2nd.
Race 5: Won easily. No pole though. Bagged BESERK ROOKIE achievement (5 in a row) 🖐
Race 4: This is ridiculous. 4th win in a row! Bagged a pole and fastest lap for good measure!
Race 3: "Vettel" wins YET AGAIN, this time, lapping the ENTIRE field, bringing home the fastest lap as well! ☝️
Race 2:Wins again with an overtake with 4 laps to go!
Race 1: ☝️ New driver wins a tight race!

🏁Season 76🏁:
End of season 76: Signed a new driver dubbed 🇩🇪"Vettel" 🇩🇪 by the press due to his nationality and racing ability. Untested by myself, I hope his stats translate into track victories.

Race 15: Realised I was in the final of the cup. Upgraded my car, signed a new driver but fell one place short of my competitor in the following 2 races to lose the cup.
Race 8: Grabbed first podium 🥉 of the season at Baku!
Race 1: Was shocked after qualifying 14th, expected better. Was shocked again after finishing 4th in the race. Seems like I have no qualifying pace like 2017 Ferrari.

🏁 Season 75 🏁: Restarted Career in Rookie, got a pretty decent driver. Prepared him over 6 races for the next season. 😀

Fernando Alonso!
Forza Ferrari!!!!!🏎