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Ime i prezime:Shersh Khandelwal
Država: Indija
Pridružio se:27 Lip, 2012
Zadnja aktivnost: Danas u 13:11:26
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Broj utrka GPs:11 (848)
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Prvi GP: Sezona 31, Utrka 11
Broj prijavljivanja:9824
Vrijeme provedeno na GPRO:7425.5 Sati
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Grupa:Master - 3
Pozicija u sezoni:29
Novac: $?.???.???
Vozač: Silvio Deletraz (170)
Teh D: Rod Stokoe (104)
Ukupno osoblja:22
Gume: Badyear
Naziv Tima: Andromeda Racing Titan
Timska pozicija:94
Bodovi tima:238.4


Vistagies (P11) - 15 Utrka
Tecto (P11) - 5 Utrka
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Karijera menadžera od Shersh Khandelwal (Zadnja obnova: 29 Pro 2015, 19:11:51)
Season 31,32 : Started playing and learned the strategies to some extent

Season 33 : Got promoted with some podiums :)

Season 34 : So now i am at Amateur level. Joined a wonderful team BALR in which there are so many friendly and supportive mates. Why didn't I joined them earlier :D
Retained with 17 points :)

Season 35 : Will look to build my driver and Funds and try to retain.

Edit : Target achieved nicely. Now will keep building my car till I am ready for pro.

Season 36 : Looking to push hard now ;)

My First win, finally :D S36 R3 Istanbul :)

Edit : Change in plans...
New Driver, New Hopes .
Finished as per my plans :)

Season 37 :
Build up season.
Lets see if my driver gets trained up as per my liking :p

Quote ( Shersh Khandelwal @ July 30th 2013,22:29:12 )

Not a bad 100th GP for me :p
Podium along with F.L.

Top 2 in my group were a bit too fast for me though ;)

STUPID random tire puncture at Suzuka, really messed my plans , but well, not everything goes as per the plans so have to move on :D

My 1st Silly Game Win :p

Elimination Game - You Are Fired.

Quote ( Mairo Toom @ July 8th 2013,14:41:26 )

Hall of Fame

1st place
Shersh Khandelwal (S4)

S38 Amateur 14


Wins : Race 5, Race 6, and Hattrick completed at Kaunas { Race 7 } :p
AWESOME stuff :)

2 comical randoms at Shanghai :

Technical problems
Lap 24 Your driver was not feeling well in his helmet and it had to be changed with a new one
Lap 43 One of the wheels seemed to be loose and had to be fixed :D

Another hat trick at Suzuka :-)
Pole,FL and Win :D

Start accident at Bucharest Ring ( Race 11)

Win at Monte Carlo : Race 12 :-)

Race 13 : Austin : Crappy pitstops costed me the victory, but still a nice podium :-)

Race 14 : NEW DELHI GP : HATTRICK at my HOME GP YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! :p

Race 17 : Got P7 with 100ctr and 8 out of 11 car parts 99% worn before the race :p

S - 39 : Ready for pro ? :-)

1st 4 races : Was able to bring my driver OA under control and resign his contract
Race 5 : Stupid random cost me P5 :(
Race 6 : My FIRST PRO points :)
Race 7 : Missed out on podium due to a DM , but overall, a pretty good P4 :)
Race 8 : FT and 1st Pro Podium, Amazing :D
Race 10 : New track , and I pushed hard this race, it was devoted to my leaving teammate Andrei, and got a podium, WOW :D
Race 11 : A Smoking P4 :p
Race 12 : Another Smoking P5 :p
Race 13 : Was like a dream race for me , winning my 1st Pro race at my Home Country, making it extra special. :)
Race 14-17 : Smoked it out ! :D

Season 40 : Promotion possible ? Answer = :D

R1 : Blunderful start :(
R2 : P8, opening the points account for the season :D
R3 : A lottery race ( did not rain even with that high rain probability ) , managed to get a P2 somehow xD
R5 : Good P5, atleast a better race after last race accident :)
R6 : Another PODIUM : AWESOME :D
R7 : P4 not bad :)
R8 : WOW, what a race !!! :D I WIN And by a nice margin, one of my best races ever :D
R9 : 2 in 2 ;)
R10 : 3 in 3 :D :D :D

Best time of my career so far :D

R11 : Indy ( Strange race, want to forget it and move on :-( ____ )
R12 : 3rd lottery race in a row :O = 4th win of the season :D
R13 : 4th lottery race in a ROW :O :O :O >>> Bad strategy, still a decent P4 :)
R14 : Another lottery :O : WON it luckily :D :D :D
R15 : 6th win of the season :D, Leading the standings now , will I be able to maintain it ? Looks tough, but worth giving a go :P
R16 : 9th Podium, takes the fight for P1 in the standings to R17 at my home GP :D
R17 : Season finale at HOME with PRO title at stake : WON IT , and sealed the deal :D :D :D



TIME for MASTER level now :)

Season 41 : Battle Retention :D

R1 : A decent P14 to start off my master career :)
R2 : Bad strategy, result = P26 :(
R3 : Another blocked race :(
R4 : Random strikes again ( brakes blow out too early )
R5 : Rain Rain Rain .... P11, best for the season :)
R6 : 3 RANDOMS :

Technical problems
Lap 10 The brakes effectiveness was dropping due to overheating and they had to be fixed
Lap 13 One of the tyres got a very bad blister and had to be changed
Lap 54 The engine was losing power

In short race ruined.... Need to move on :)

R7-8 : 2 more randoms :(
So now the plan has been changed to regroup and attack again later ! :)
Just need to build up this new beast that I have signed up now :P
R9-17 : Plan changed, will go back to Pro or Lower ( If needed ) and build up will commence again :D

S42 : Back to Pro

R1-4 : 0 Risks + Money saving mode on, resigning of driver contract done.
R5 : A Lottery race, love them :D , got a P4 :)
R6 : FT, I was waiting for this race for a while and a podium after 20+ races feels awesome :)
R7-8 : Bad races, smoked and found that it is not the right way to approach things.
R9: A decent P7, even though strategy was not the best
R10 : Another lottery race, was on wrong setups, still got a nice P6 !
R11 : New track plus a worn car = 0 risks , Result : P23, not too bad :D
R12 : Another Lottery :P
R13 - 17 : Just a silence prior to the storm :D

S43 : Fun time ?? :D

R1 : A decent P6 to start with
R2 : An amazing qualifying, and a competitive race, won on my country's Independence day, one of my most memoriable wins :)
R3 : Horrible qualifying at P18, but managed to recover nicely in the race to finally settle with a solid P4 :D
R4 : Got the Pole, but 2 bad pit stops cost me the win :(
R5 : Nice recovery from P18 to P5 :D
R6 : My 200th GP, a podium, feels good :D
R7 : Strange strategy, started low, still got a Podium = Awesome :D
R8 : yet again another blunder qualifying, still a decent top 5 result, so am happy with it !
R9 : A Lucky race ( LOTTERY ) to get P2 when I started only P9 and ad pitted at wrong time earlier, so I am not complaining one bit ! :D
R10 : One of the most thrilling wins of my GPRO career !!! :D
R11 : Another hard fought race and a nice podium :)
R12 : A Solid P2 :D
R13 : Horrible strategy, but my super driver managed to get me P4, nice ! :)
R14 : Home GP : So what will it be ? >> A random ruined my podium hopes , but still a solid P4 :)
R15 : Some more points, P6 :)
R16 : Missed out on podium , with a mistaked straetgy
R17 : Won and Sealed the TITLE :D AWESOME :D
17 races = 17 point scoring ones ! :p

S44 : Master again : ContiMental tires :D

R1 : Perfectly wrong conditions for contis , cold and wet, Crashed out on lap 1 :(
R2 : Too low starting position , P38, decent recovery though to P20 :)
R3 : Hotter race, like it :p
Still started pretty low at P29, but good race pace of my driver lead to my first master points !! :D
R4 : Again wrong weather at home :(
R5 : A poor race
R6 : Better but still far away from points
R7 : Crash !!! :(
R8 : Better but still only P20
R9 : Solid P7 :D
R10 : Even more solid P5 :D
R11 : Another Crash :(
R12 : A decent P8 :)
R13 : A pretty good race for a P11
R14 : First Master Podium :D A p2 :)
R16 and R17 : Smoking it out

S45, another interesting one :D

R1 : Cold and wet, Contis hate it :p, got a P20. so happy with it :)
R2-17 : Strong retention season, really satisfied with my preperations :)

S46 : Promotion to Elite :D
Was a big see-saw season, with lots of errors and randoms ( a few of them ) but finally made it to Elite, fulfiling my dream !!! :D :D :D

S47 : ELITE :D

Just chilling out :P

S48 : Master 4
Time to rebuild it all up :)

S49 : Back to PRO, hoping to have things get interesting again after 2 uneventful seasons :)

Really sea saw season, but was fun in the end, driver slowly getting built, some money lost but still is at ok level, sponsor needs some working :D

S50 : Pro 1
almost went to ama, but retained somehow :D

S51 : Pro 1
Interesting, but confusing time...

Thanks to my friends for their guidance and support :)
Good going so far and hope to get better in future :)