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Karijera menadžera od Nafornita Adrian (Zadnja obnova: 26 Svi 2015, 22:50:34)
Season 46 - Master 1

Pretty rough being back to Master after my ELITE experience. Managed to retain, but it will be difficult to recover and have some good results. At the moment, my main goal is to stay here and improve my performances every season. I hope it won't be necessary to make one more step back to PRO...

Season 43-45 - ELITE

Well...not much to say...I came, I saw, I went back to Master :)) I'm little disappointed about my performance here. Dindn't managed to score any points in 3 seasons, and that affected my motivation. Anyway...a good experience for least I know life is pretty difficult in ELITE, and next time I'll be better prepared for sure :D

Season 42 - Master 5

And I did it...finally the big step to Elite. A difficult season after a bad tyres choice, but that made the battle for promotion more interesting, with some breathtaking races at the end. 2nd place for me at the end of the season, and I leave Master without any victory here. I like to think I keeped this victories for Elite, but I know it will be very difficult even to reach some points when I see so many managers with a lot of experience here, at the top of GPRO. I am, jumping into an unknown territory and hoping to mantain myself at this level...

Season 41 - Master 5

A strong 5th place at the end of the season and, even though I could have done better, a good result after all and things are looking promising for season 42. More important than my own results are my team's achievements, finishing 5th overall and 1st natioanal team this season. So yeah...pretty proud being part of this project and proud of my team mates who did a really good job this time ;)

Season 40 - Master 5

First time in Master and an easy retain this time, but the good results I had this season came at a high price. As usually, I spent a lot and my main goal for S41 is to make some money. It will be pretty difficult to do this and, at the same time, to keep a strong pace, but I'm confident I will manage to adapt to the circumstances...

Season 39 - PRO 13

As I expected, the best season for me in PRO and, as a result, I've promoted to Master. Could have been better, but the second place at the end of the season isn't bad at all, giving the conditions. So...the easy work ends here, it will be really hard to do big things in Master at the moment, but I'm pretty confident I'll manage to retain. If it will be an easy retain or a hard one, well...I have a season to find out :))

Season 38 - PRO 13

Well...third season in a row finishing in the first 5 managers without promoting. I've scored most points since PRO, and I belive a better season than this can only be the one in which I'll promote to Master. The results I've had in the last period made me very confident, and I'm looking forward S39 to have a good time and enjoy every race. I should make an idea after the first races if S39 is the one to move on...

Season 37 - PRO 13

Another season I achieved all my objectives. I obtained an easy retain and managed to improve my balance, so things are looking pretty good at the moment. Hoping to maintain this pace in S38 :D

Season 36 - PRO 13

Finally a good season for me. Not the perfect season, but a very good one after all. For the first time since PRO, I will begin the new season very confident that I'll achieve all my objectives. Not yet prepared for Master, I still have some things to learn, but until then I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun here, in PRO 13...

Season 35 - PRO 13

Beginning this season with the lowest balance I ever had wasn't the best thing it happend to me. I'm pleased with my retain here in PRO 13, but I didn't achived my main goal this seaon - making money. What can I do...I love shopping :))

Season 34 - PRO 13

Pfff...big big mistake when choosing my driver for this season. A low talent driver in a rainy season ruined my balance and made my life very difficult. It will be very hard to recover from this...

Season 33 - PRO 13

Well...I'm still here in PRO 13, and even if I managed to retain the group, I did some stupid mistakes this season wich costed me valuable points. Maybe only the fact I won the cup made me forget the things I did wrong. I hope I've learned my lessons and I will not repeat these mistakes next season...

Season 32 - PRO 13

Pfff...HARD HARD HARD...hardest season for me since I strated playing GPRO. I can't say I am surprised about that, I was expecting a very difficult season, and only the fact I managed to score some points from the very first race, finnishing 5, made me dream beautiful things. Well...I woke up very fast, and worked a lot to retain this group, living dangerous untill the last race of the season. Anyway, I made it, I'm still here and I hope season 33 will be easier...

Season 31 - Amateur 29

Wins : Monte Carlo (Monaco), Indianapolis Oval (SUA), Ahvenisto (Finland)
3rd place : Interlagos (Brazil), Adelaide (Australia), Valencia (Spain)
Pole : Paul Ricard (France)

Another season above my expectations...I just wanted my first victory in Amateur, but didn't expected to go for promotion. I think I promoted to fast from Rookie to Amateur and now to Pro and I don't really have the knowledge to do big things here. So...PRO 13...I hope a lucky number for me, especially because I propose only to retain this group...

Season 30 - Amateur 29

Well...some new things for me this season but a good one after all. I managed to stay in Amateur without emotions, finishing 12th with 21 points. Maybe next season will be easier for me and I will manage to obtain my first victory in Amateur. I hope season 31 will be FUN :D

Season 29 - Rookie 204

Wins : Buenos Aires GP (Argentina), Paul Ricard GP (France), Istanbul GP (Turkey), Suzuka GP (Japan), Melbourne GP (Australia)
2nd place : Valencia GP (Spain), Anderstorp GP (Sweden), Yeongam GP (South Korea)
3rd place : Sepang GP (Malaysia), Irungattukottai GP (India)
Fastest lap : Suzuka GP (Japan)

Great season for me, a lot above my expectations. I finished 2nd in my group and I won the cup. Great group to race in and a lot of people I met. This season I was part of a team, and that helped me a lot. I am in Amateur now and I don't have some special goals for the upcoming season...still learning...

Started Season 28, Race 13

First points : 8th place at Estoril (Portugal) - Race 15, at my 3rd race
First podium : 2nd place at Ahvenisto (Finland) - Race 16, at my 4th race

Hoping to do a good job in Season 29 :D