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Ime i prezime:Tim Prince
Država: Engleska
Pridružio se:12 Lip, 2009
Zadnja aktivnost: Danas u 03:54:29
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E-mail: Sakriven
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Prvi GP: Sezona 15, Utrka 1
Broj prijavljivanja:9319
Vrijeme provedeno na GPRO:2667.1 Sati
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Grupa:Pro - 7
Pozicija u sezoni:35
Novac: $??.???.???
Vozač: Gianfranco Mortara (125)
Teh D: Nema
Ukupno osoblja:9
Gume: Yokomama
Naziv Tima: British Amateur Racing
Timska pozicija:670
Bodovi tima:13.3334


Laurent-Pernoir (A87) - 13 Utrka
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Karijera menadžera od Tim Prince (Zadnja obnova: 23 Lis 2015, 22:47:53)
First pole position: S15 R1 (Kyalami)
First podium: S15 R3 (Valencia)
First victory: S15 R4 (Monza)
First fastest lap: S16 R17 (Interlagos, Brazil, lap 51/71)
First race result: S15 R1, 8th
First 'triple': S17 R14 Fuji
Victories (to date): S15 R4 Monza, S17 R1 Adelaide, S17 R10 Anderstorp, S17 R11 Czech Republic, S17 R13 Kyalami, S17 R14 Fuji S20 R10 Yeongam, S20 R11 Kyalami, S22 R2 Magny Cours, S22 R8 A1 Ring, S22 R11 Interlagos, S22 R17 Melbourne, S29 R3 Indianapolis, S29 R9 Istanbul, S34 R12 Fiorano, S34 R16 Leguna Seca, S34 R17 Poznan, S37 R10 Brasilia, S37 R16 Brno, S37 R17 Poznan, S40 R12 Brasilia, S49 R7 Singapore, S49 R9 Irungattukottai, S49 R11 Melbourne, S49 R13 Sochi, S49 R17 Austin

Season 15 Rookie 243:
This was my debut season. I made an error in my first race, thinking it said "laps" rather than "liters" of fuel. I won my 4th race and the 4th of the season at Monza, but this was all due to high car level and led to even higher debt. I joined New Racing Order on race 6, and found a way out of my debt. When I started, I wanted to get promoted that season, but I learnt it wasn't gonna happen. I went on holiday for the final few races of the season, my team mate taking me to 4th overall during my absence, with 53 points.

Season 16 Rookie 243:
I had a poor start to the season, scoring two 8th places and a 7th at the beginning of the season. Got better as the season went on, scoring first podium of the season in race 12 at Sepang, and much better qualifying performances, while everyone is in massive debt. Scored another podium 3 races later at Indianapolis, and retired from the next race. Shot back with fastest lap, starting 2nd on grid, and a distant 2nd place next race, which was the last of the season. I wanted to win, and had a good chance, but I lost time to the pits. Finished the season 9th with 37 points. I will try for promotion next season.

Season 17 Rookie 243:
A smashing start to my 3rd season, starting 6th in the race, and won it. This was thanks largely to the new tyre suppliers making a lot of the field wobble. I start to endure a tough fight for promotion, with 5 different winners from the first 5 races. After race 9, I already have more points than my total last season, and after a wet victory in R10 at Anderstorp, I pass by total points in S15, making this my best season all round. I bring my usual dominance in wet conditions into this season. Thanks also goes to the team for their help. A combination of all this and my experience helped me to promote this season.

1st with 109 points.
Finished on the podium more times than anyone else in group this season (12 times).
R1 Adelaide, R10 Anderstorp, R11 Czech Republic, R13 Kyalami, R14 Fuji
5 wins, 12 Podiums, 1 Fastest Lap, 4 Pole Positions in this season.

Season 18 Amateur 60:
This is my first season in Amateur, and I can see that I will need to spend 2 seasons in Amateur to improve my driver and car level. I immediately saw much more activity than I had seen in Rookie. 17th in my Amateur debut due to late 3rd pit. Without that extra pit, 12th-15th could have been were I finished. Even getting into the top 10 in the races is proving to be a real challenge. Out of the first 4 races, I finish in the top 15 three times. In race 5, I manage my first Amateur point, along with my 200th career point. I pitted on lap 75 of Monaco, dropping me from 5th to 9th, making it my first non points finish at Monaco, which was disappointment as I usually do well here, especially when I started 16th and finished 8th there in Season 16. Straight after the last race, I look forward to Season 19 with much anticipation, with the aim to be consistently in the points throughout the season.
Finished 14th with 7 points overall this season.

Highlights from this season:
I scored my 200th point, which will probably secure me a place in Amateur for next season.
I led a few laps of a race.
R16: Only podium of the season for me, securing me a seat in Amateur for next season.
R17: Finished 12 places higher than starting position on driver's debut, although still only finished 15th.

Season 19 Amateur 60:
I will need a bit of time to get my new driver up to speed, after awful Qualifying in the first two races, and an awful first race of the season. I forgot to put wets on for Q2, which could have cost me dearly. If I can stay in Amateur this season, and if I have trained my driver enough, I want to promote to Pro next season. I rise to team leader of my team for Race 3 onwards, hoping to make the team survive and recover from recent events. Unfortunately, I couldn't, and after race 6, I leave the team. It wasn't an easy decision, considering that was where it all started for me on this game properly, but what else could I do? I tried what I could, but it wasn't enough. I joined Cheetah GP after a 3 races without a team. A team mate looked after my account whilst my computer was in the repair shop, which took me into debt. My main focus now is to try and stay in Amateur for another season. Cheetah weren't a good team, with most members either in debt or inactive/both. I left after race 16 to look for a new challenge.
Best Result: R17, 17th (coincidence?)

Season 20 Rookie 166:
Having been involved in a vigorous fight in the driver's market, I couldn't get the driver for R1, so signed a random bad driver instead. I finished 9th, so not all bad. I went for a driver with high talent, but poor conc for R2, and finished 8th. This was also the first race in which I used the 2010 Williams livery design.
I finish 4th in Turkey, for my best result to date this season. A surprising result, and I finished this high due to others putting the wrong tyres on and having to pit 100,000 times due to tyre wear. I finish 3rd in race 5 at Anderstorp, Sweden, thanks to rain coming and going within 5 laps, costing many people seemingly secure positions, with 2 extra pit stops. This was my 20th podium, achieved on my 90th GPRO race. I win my 95th GPRO race, which was a wet race at the new Yeongam circuit. Finished the season 2nd on results difference with 73 points.

Victories: R10 Yeongam, R11 Kyalami

Season Highlights:
-Finished my 100th race in 3rd, but I lost 4 vital points to my main rival for promotion in this race.
-2nd in final race of the season to secure 2nd in the championship and promotion back up to Amateur.
-Finished the season with 25 podium finishes overall.
-R17: Finished 2nd in an English 1-2 at the Nurburgring.

Season 22 Rookie 209 Highlights:
R17: 9 points behind in title hunt, and went on to win the race, whilst rival finished far from the points. Won the title by luck. (91 points, 4 wins, 6 podiums, 4 pole positions, 2nd Rookie title).