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Williams FW21 - 1999
Név:Leon Smith
Ország: Anglia
Csatlakozott:2010. június 15.
Utolsó interakció: 2021. január 22. 13:45:32
Hozzászólások:1021  (Megtekintés)
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Átl. pont/futam: - (2.21)
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Leon Smith pályafutása (Legutóbb frissítve: 2020. november 17. 15:50:51)
Welcome to my Career Profile :))


Season 78-79: Pro - 13

Back in the same Pro group again, had a good first season finishing 6th. I currently have no plan for this season except maybe upgrading my staff if I can afford it. I'll be using Avonns for the first time in ages and hoping I can still get good results with a cheap tyre.


Season 76-77: Master - 1

Found the 2nd season was draining my finance too much so I decided to buy a Pro driver to take down with me.


Season 72-75: Pro - 13

Looking to have some fun in Pro, hopefully I can set myself up nicely for Master. My driver I took up with me wasn't cutting the mustard so I have a new one, only hoping I can bring his reputation down before he ruins my bank. Promotion shout in Season 75 maybe :D


Season 65-71: Amateur 28

Looking to spend a good few seasons in amateur, hoping to save up some money in the process. Found a decent driver to promote with, gonna get his stats up so he can win races. I think I have a good chance of promotion in Season 71, my driver is almost ready and everything else is coming together nicely. Come first in Season 71, think I achieved everything I set out to do.


Season 63-64: Pro 19

Had an enjoyable 2 seasons in Pro, took a risk trying to train a driver up in my 2nd season and didn't pay off.


Season 60-62: Master 1

Retained comfortably for 2 seasons then felt like a change of scenery so decided to relegate S62.


Season 58-59 Group: Pro 13

2 decent seasons in Pro, was hoping to be a little stronger but my driver deteriorated with age so I just had enough pace to promote in 3rd. My team did very well finishing in the top 30 for the first time.


Season 55-57 Group: Amateur 107

These 3 seasons couldn't have went any better, my goal was to be the best and I achieved that by winning the Amateur one big race in Season 57. Also came 1st in the most competitive Amateur group.


Season 54 Group: Pro 4

Not a great season for me, think I made the wrong tyre choice and was unlucky not to retain. Worst part was losing my driver who I worked on for several seasons.


Season 49-53 Group: Amateur 12

Used these seasons to rebuild, bought a new driver who I've trained up nicely, gained a few sponsors too. Low points from these seasons are narrowly missing out on 2 sponsors that would have been worth 20mil overall and also wasting money on maintaining staff and facs I could have been alot better off financially but o well... Highlights from these seasons are winning the group cup! Was so happy to achieve this, made it my first cup win in 4 years! Also winning my group in Season 53 was brilliant :)


Season 48 Group: Pro 8

The only interesting thing I done this season was to buy a new driver to relegate with, apart from this I just made sure I relegated with decent cash and staff.


Seasons 44 - 47 Group: Master 2

Had 4 decent seasons in Master, I was quite happy with my performance. 2 podiums in my 3rd season was nice and to be quite competitive when my driver was trained up was good. My new plan is to drop back down to Amateur to spend a few seasons there and maybe find a decent driver to promote with.


Seasons 42 - 43 Group: Pro 8

I've really enjoyed these seasons in Pro, probably the first time I've felt competitive in this class. My plan that I've been working on since I relegated to Amateur is still paying off, hopefully it continues to do so in Master.


Seasons 38 - 41 Group: Amateur 4

After being relegated from Pro I decided to take my time to return. I felt it was important to strengthen up all areas again and train a new driver. Now looking back over these seasons I don't think I could have managed any better, I achieved everything I wanted to and set myself up nicely.

Season 37 - Group: Pro 11

By far my worst season, made to many mistakes and had a lot of bad luck. The worst part about it was finishing negative cash, it ruined all the work I had put into staff and facs.

Season 36 - Group: Master 5

Again I was placed in a new group part of the Master expansion this time around :)
I could have tried to retain but instead chose to put cash into staff and facs. Since I was relegating the races were rather dull as you could imagine, was good to get this season over and done with.

Season 35 - Group: Pro 19

Ah! back in Pro again! I was placed in a new group, part of the Pro expansion. My goal this season was prepare all areas for a promotion push in Season 36..... I promoted with 24 points! So kinda awkward promoting to Master unplanned.

Seasons 31 - 34 Group: Amateur 39

I think relegating back down to Amateur was the best move I could of made, great place to save cash and enjoy racing. I changed drivers once during these seasons, got rid of some old dude for a young dude then trained him up. Think Season 34 will always be one of my highlight seasons just because of how I managed my cash and also promotion!! :D

Seasons 26 - 30 Group: Pro 14

I made quite a few mistakes in Pro my first time around but very happy I managed to retain 4 times in a row. For Season 28 I should have promoted but I think my package wasn't strong enough in a tough group. Once my drivers contract was over I brought what would have been a great driver if I could have trained him up but think I was little too ambitious :p

Seasons 24 - 25 Group: Amateur 2

My 1st time in Amateur was brilliant, it went exactly to plan :)
I continued to train my driver and build up my cash and car, by season 25 I just owned it hah! but I have to admit all the big guns that were there season 24 promoted leaving a much easier group!

Seasons 20 - 23 Group: Rookie 18 & 96

Got to grips with the basics quite quickly, and joined GB Motorsport which is now known as Blitz GP. The main thing I learned in Rookie was how to control driver overall, had 3 seasons to practise at the Rookie Reset :D
My last season in Rookie to date was in Rookie 96. I went there to race some fresh faces and to dominate of course lol.