Manager profil: Adam Jaamour

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Név:Adam Jaamour
Ország: Kanada
Csatlakozott:2011. augusztus 28.
Utolsó interakció: 2019. augusztus 28. 19:20:22
Hozzászólások:351  (Megtekintés)
GPRO Trófeák: 0
Futamok száma:0 (366)
Szerzett pontok:0 (713)
Győzelem:0 (19)
Pódium:0 (64)
Pole pozíció:0 (10)
Leggyorsabb kör:0 (7)
Átl. pont/futam: - (1.95)
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Személyi adatok

Első Futam: 31. szezon 13. futam
Belépések száma:5519
GPRO-n töltött idő:842.3 óra
Születési idő: -
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Pénz: $?
Pilóta: Nincs
Tech. Ig.: Nincs
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Gumiabroncsok: blank
Csapat neve: -
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Adam Jaamour pályafutása (Legutóbb frissítve: 2018. január 3. 20:51:05)
Studying Computer Science at the University of Bath (UK)
Formula 1 fan

_______ ALL-TIME STATISTICS _______


Kyalami (R) (AM)
Magny Cours (R)
Barcelona (R)
Brasilia (R)
Brno (R)
Hockenheim (R)
Hungagoring (R)
Indianapolis (AM)
Irungattukottai (R)
Melbourne (R)
Mexico City (R)
Monza (R)
Oesterreichring (R)
Paul Ricard (R)
Portiamo (R)
Singapore (R)
Sochi (R)

Barcelona (R)
Brasilia (R)
Bucharest Ring (R)
Fuji (AM)
Hungaroring (R)
Indianapolis Oval (R)
Kyalami (R)
Mexico City (R)
Yeongam (R)

Scored points at 50/60 tracks
Scored a podium at 38/60 tracks
Scored a win at 17/60 tracks
Scored a pole at 9/60 tracks
Scored the fastest lap at 7/60 tracks
Participated at 60/60 tracks


2 Wins
1 Podium (excluding wins)
1 Pole Position
65 Points
134 races

17 Wins
41 Podiums (excluding wins)
8 Pole Positions
7 Fastest Lap
619 Points
211 races

GPRO seasons completed: 24 seasons
Seasons in Rookie: 15 (62.5%)
Seasons in Amateur: 9 (37.5%)

Total races: 345 races
Races in Amateur: 134 (39%)
Races in Rookie: 211 (61%)

Total achievements: 55/325 (15%)


First Rookie pole: Season 32, Race 1 - Hungagoring
First Rookie points finish: Season 32, Race 2 - Brands Hatch
First Rookie podium: Season 32, Race 11 - Istanbul
First Rookie victory: Season 33, Race 5 - Barcelona
First Rookie fastest lap: Season 38, Race 11 - Bucharest Ring
First Amateur points finish: Season 39, Race 9 - Istanbul
First Amateur podium: Season 39, Race 9 - Istanbul
First time Rookie Champion of the Cup: Season 49 (R-27)
First Amateur victory: Season 62, Race 7 - Indianapolis
First Amateur pole: Season 62, Race 10 - Fuji
Longest run of consecutive races: 93 races S57R1 up to now


F1 United
from S27 R3 to S28 R3
7 team points
Total contribution: 0.1%
17 total races

from S32 R9 to S38 R1
113 team points
Total contribution: 3.7%
95 total races

Britpack Racers
from S38 to S51 R2
194 team points
Total contribution: 1.9%
182 total races

Greenwood Racing GP
from S57 R2 to PRESENT
152 team points
Total contribution: 1.6%
Most consecutive races with the team: 92 (S57 R11 up to now)
92 total races

Forum Games Records

GPRO[FIFA]World Cup Season 5: Group stage
Guess the fastest pit stop season 1: 5th in Solo Championship, 3rd in Team Championship and Runner-up of the cup
Guess the starts accidents test season: Runner-up in Solo Championship
F1 Selector 2017: 8th overall (reached final stage)

[u_______ SEASON LOGS _______

Season 27: Rookie 171 - Races: 11 - Season finish: 26th - Money left: 8.754.248$
Driver: Ignazio Mortara
First season, got to know the game but wasn't good at it, had no mentor and a which didn't guide me.

Season 28-30: Retired.

Season 31: Rookie 65 - Races: 5 - Season finish: 24th - Money left: 7.682.404$
Drivers: Kenny Hayes and Hans Stuppacher
My first comeback after retiring in season 27, wasn't much motivated because there were only 5 races left, but got to know the game more.

Season 32: Rookie 65 - Races: 17 - Points scored: 28pts - Points/GP: 1.65 - Podiums: 2 - Pole positions: 1 -
Season finish: 10th - Money left: -21.741.151$
Driver: Rupert Irvine
My first full season, which motivated me to win from the beginning and allowed me to score my first points. Got pole position after race 1. Joined Taj F1 Team. I also got my first podium, but I wasn't good on the long run as I lacked experience and my team wasn't offering much help.

Season 33: Rookie 65 - Races 17 - Points scored: 39 - Points/GP: 2.29 - Victories: 1 - Podiums: 3 - Pole positions: 2 -
Season finish: 6th - Money left: 7.551.306$
Driver: David Sharp
Decided to give it a shot at promoting to Amateur but again wasn't well guided. I got my first victory ever and 3 podiums as well as 2 poles. However, I missed promotion by 4 points, but wouldn't have been ready anyway.

Season 34: Rookie 65 - Races: 15 - Points scored: 15 - Points/GP: 1 - Victories: 1 - Podiums: 1 -
Season finish: 12th - Money left: -5.756.434$
Driver: Kohei Yoshimoto
Continued playing in my rookie group, but was no longer interested in promoting, just in playing and hoping to get podiums for statistics. Got another victory.

Season 35: Rookie 65 - Races: 14 - Points scored: 7 - Points/GP: 0.5 - Season finish: 16th - Money left: -14.410.379$
Driver: Teo Nocera
Started losing interest in the game and my group was very hard this season, so didn't even get a podium finish. Missed three races.

Season 36: Rookie 65 - Races: 15 - Points scored: 30 - Points/GP: 2 - Victories: 1 - Podiums: 3 - Season finish: 9th - Money left: -8.216.869$
Driver: Euan Sharp
Decided that last season was horrible so wanted to give another shot at Amateur. Started season extremely well and was leading by 3rd race. However, started having problems later and started missing races and not scoring points again, as I still lacked the fundamentals of the game, which I believe was due to the 2 teams I joined not guiding me at all.

Season 37: Rookie 65 - Races: 12 - Points scored: 23 - Points/GP: 1.92 - Podiums: 2 - Season finish: 10th - Money left: -26.917.056$
Driver: Tiago Ramos
This season fell during summer holidays so I didn't have much time to play and when travelling, had problems findings wifi and playing the game on an ipod is difficult, so didn't get much points and missed 5 races. Was seriously considering leaving my team to find a more suitable one.

Season 38: Rookier 65 - Races: 17 - Points scored: 82 - Points/GP: 4.82 - Victories: 2 - Podiums: 8 - Pole positions: 1 - Fastest lap: 1
Season finish: 4th - Money left: 20.686.861$
Driver: Arturo Stohr
Joined Britpack Racers, an amazing active team who helped me understand the game. I was finally ready to make the jump to Amateur which was my main goal. I told myself that if I didn't promote this season I would retire from the game. Got 4 podiums and 1 win after half the season. Scored my first time ever fastest lap and got precious data. After Race 15 knew I was going to be promoted so stopped spending money to save as much as I could for Amateur.

Season 39: Amateur 83 - Races: 14 - Points scored: 8 - Points/GP: 0.57 - Podiums: 1 - Season finish: 22nd - Money left: 30.058.535$
Driver: Jules Philippe
My first season in Amateur, went on pretty well. Aimed to score enough points to retain and accomplished that in one race (R9, which was my driver's favourite track). Saved some money and did some testing. Trained my drivers fitness to get more stamina from him, which is the only thing he is lacking before I can try Pro. Planning on doing the same next seasons.

Season 40: Amateur 83 - Races: 14 - Points scored: 3 - Points/GP: 0.21 - Season finish: 29th - Money left: $7.943.592
Driver: Jules Philippe
My second season in Amateur, probably the hardest group in the game! Even with a 3rd place podium I couldn't retain. On top of that missed 3 races which didn't help. Anyway, hoping to be in an easier group next time ...

Season 41: Rookie 203 - Races: 12 - Points scored: 32 - Points/GP: 2.67 - Podiums: 3 - Season finish: 8th - Money left: $-18.311.660
Driver: Pierre-Henri Dalmas
New start in Rookie, but I lost the pleasure to play, being back in Rookie wasn't very fun so I missed 5 races (+ lots of school work).

Season 42: Rookie 203 - Races: 11 - Points scored: 31 - Points/GP: 2.82 - Victories: 1 - Podiums: 2 - Season finish: 8th - Money left: $5.272.129
Driver: Adam Khan
Repeat of season 41, didn't feel like playing the game + was focused on school and tests

Season 43: Rookie 203 - Races: 17 - Points scored: 75 - Points/GP: 4.41 - Victories: 1 - Podiums: 8 - Season finish: 4th - Money left: $19.694.845
Driver: Jeff Vasser
With the summer vacations, had time to play the game seriously so decided it was time to return to Amateur. I didn't miss any races and managed my money well. Also found an excellent driver which I trained in fitness during the whole season and plan on keep training when I get to Amateur.

Season 44: Amateur 41 - Races: 17 - Points scored: 2 - Points/GP: 0.12 - Season finish: 22nd - Money left: $11.124.321
Driver: Jeff Vasser
Managed to finish 7th and 9th in the last two races which allowed me to retain this very difficult season.

Season 45: Amateur 41 - Races: 14 - Points/GP: 0 - Season finish: 26th - Money left: $9.706.059
Driver: Jeff Vasser
Don't know how I managed to retain with 0 points and playing so little! The game bored me a little bit towards the end of the season, but at least I managed to retain in Amateur!

Season 46: retirement, finally decided to take a break from the game; keeping in mind that I would probably be back soon probably (very soon actually, couldn't stay away long enough haha)

Seasons 47-48: retired

Season 49: Rookie 27 - Races: 14 - Points scored: 94 - Points/GP: 6.71 - Victories: 5 - Podiums: 10 - Pole positions: 1 - Fastest Laps: 2 - Season finish: 3rd - Money left: $8.657.127 and Winner of the cup!
Driver: Renger Tung (races 1 to 10) and Shinji Nakajima (races 11 to 17)
Aaand I was back. Started off the season perfectly, leading the championship up until race 5, but then with university starting and I missed 3 races, so overall managed to finish the season in 3rd position and to win the cup! Hoping to score some points in Amateur next season!

Season 50: Amateur 78 - Races: 6 - Points scored: 0 - Season finish: 38th - Money left: $-9.032.017
Drivers: Shinji Nakajima
Unfortunately, workload and the drastic change of life at uni caught up with me and simply missed most of the races, remembering to qualify for only 6 of them, among which not a single point was scored and my best finish was 26th. Another retirement at the end of the season.

Season 51-56: Retired.

Season 57: Rookie 153 - Races: 17 - Points scored: 56 - Points/GP: 3.29 - Victories: 1 - Podiums: 6 - Fastest Lap: 1 - Season finish: 8th - Money left: $-29.790.391
Drivers: Riccardo Torre (race 1 to 5) and Siegfried Angelis (race 6 to 17)
Finally back after a rather long break. Started by finding a very good team which will hopefully allow me to improve and have more success in the bigger leagues. However I had a troubled start of the season with only 2 points scored in the first 7 races, mainly due to a bad driver and poor setups. I knew this wouldn't be a promotion season so I set out to find a decent driver and train him for next season (which will hopefully be a promotion season). As of race 8 I scored in every remaining round, along with 6 podiums, 1 victory and 1 fastest lap. Despite my great increase in performance I was still of the pace in a few races, and I've got to say the level was very high in this rookie group, which is why I will try changing groups for the next season. My qualifying times would always qualify me between 7th and 3rd, while they would have easily put me on pole in many other groups. Anyway, managed to finish the season with $-30M which will allow me to retain my driver next season.

Season 58: Rookie 14 - Races: 17 - Points scored: 107 - Points/GP: 6.29 - Victories: 4 - Podiums: 10 - Pole Positions: 1 - Fastest Laps: 3 - Season finish: 2nd - Money left: $39.866.778
Drivers: Siegfried Angelis (race 1 to 5) and Larry Rice (race 6 to 17)
After my first mediocre season 57, this was the one where I had to promote. I had a very good driver which i had trained the previous season. Started the season off pretty well but ended up losing my driver on race 5 (rookie mistake, forgot to resign him before he passed the 85 OA mark). I was worried for how the rest of the season would turn out but I ended up finding a new driver who was much younger (19 yo) with good base states which could be further trained. He ended being really performant, allowing me to take the lead of the championship. Unfortunately, I couldn't preserve the lead no matter how hard I tried and ended up finishing 2nd in the championship and runner-up in the cup. This could have been my first time winning a championship but it wasn't meant to be. At least I promoted with a decent trained driver who can be trained, some spare money and 2 sponsors. Hopefully I can retain with that driver in Amateur otherwise I will have to find a new one.

Season 59: Amateur 28 - Races: 17 – Points: 0 - Season finish: 28th - Money left: $65.157.226
Driver: Larry Rice (race 1 to 2) and A.J. Revson (race 3 to 17)
First season back in Amateur. The objective was to find a good driver which could potentially promote to pro in the future. Found AJ Revson and trained his fitness since his stamina was pretty low.

_______ OBJECTIVES _______

Season 39: Hoping to retain in Amateur by scoring enough points. Looking for a young driver which I could keep for a long time. Do some testing. [ACHIEVED]
Season 40: Retain in Amateur and save as much money as I can (+50.000.000$ ?) [FAIL]
Season 41: Promote to Amateur with at least $25.000.000 [FAIL]
Season 43: Promote to Amateur with a good driver + train his stamina [ACHIEVED]
Season 44: Retain in Amateur [ACHIEVED]
Season 45: Retain in Amateur with level 6 car + train driver's stamina [ACHIEVED]
Season 46: Retain in Amateur, maintaining car level 6 and perhaps start saving money for a chance at promotion? Also keep training driver stamina [FAILED]
Season 47-48: retired (exams)
Season 49: return to GPRO and promote to Amateur with a decent driver [ACHIEVED]
Season 50: retain in Amateur with the same driver with whom I promoted with, have 2-3 sponsors ready for the start of the next season, and maybe try to qualify for all 17 races [FAILED]
Season 57: Promote to Amateur with some money left aside. Try to find a new team, get back into the game and get familiar with new concepts that were introduced during my absence. [FAILED]
Season 58: Promote to Amateur with my newly trained driver. [ACHIEVED]
Season 59-60: Retain in my new Amateur group with either the driver I promoted with (and train him), else find a suitable driver to stay in Amateur [PARTIALLY ACHIEVED] (+$60M saved, some testing carried out, got a new driver after S59R3 but he ended up not being good enough)
Season 61: Find a new driver that could potentially promote and train him, while saving some money and retaining as a preparation to attempt to promote for S62 [ACHIEVED] (found driver with good pace, could score points with 0CT, so ended up saving once scored a point to retain)
Season 62: Push for big points with newly trained driver from S61 and try to promote. Last season with that driver as his OA is too high to be re-signed for S63 [IN PROGRESS]