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Nome:Stefan Voggenreither
Nazione: Germania
Registrato:27 Feb, 2006
Ultima interazione: 16 Mag 2022, 16:00:52
Messaggi nel Forum:6756  (Guarda Post)
Trofei GPRO: 0
Numero di GP:0 (333)
Punti segnati:0 (149)
Vittorie:0 (0)
Podi:0 (3)
Pole Position:0 (3)
Giri più veloci:0 (3)
Media p.ti/gara: - (0.45)
Certificazione: Questo Manager ha passato il test per la certificazione GPRO  con successo! (17 Mar, 2007)
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4% sbloccato

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Primo GP: Beta Stagione4, Gara 1
N° connessioni:18614
Tempo speso su GPRO:10467.5 ore
Data di nascita: -
Luogo di nascita:-
Luogo di residenza:-
Situazione Personale:Sposato/a

Panoramica dati di gioco

Gruppo:Rookie - 4
Classifica stagionale:21
Denaro: $??.???.???
Pilota: Nick Warwick (82)
Dir. Tec.: -
Panoramica dello Staff:2
Gomme: Pipirelli
Team: Groinkpff!
Posizione del Team:2221

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Carriera del Manager Stefan Voggenreither (Ultimo aggiornamento: 5 Dic 2010, 23:30:49)
I won't reverse any decision or action done by Mr.Shadow, another admin or a moderator. If they did what they did, they surely had their reasons for it and you should clarify that with them, not with me! Therefore I won't:

• open your account if Mr.Shadow closed it. And if he doesn't even reply anymore to you, then it's a clear sign that his patience with you is gone.

• give you the rights back to post or open topics, if someone else took them away! I don't know what exactly happened and I don't want to spend my time discussing with the other admins/mods. Discuss that please with the one who took it away.

And no, I don't give you hints or explanations how to play the game! That is not my job here! If you are too lazy to find something out by yourself, try to join a team and then pester your teammates, but not me! :)