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Nome:Peter Warchol
Nazione: Polonia
Registrato:1 Ott, 2011
Ultima interazione: 16 Gen 2020, 07:14:33
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Numero di GP:0 (314)
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Primo GP: Stagione27, Gara 10
N° connessioni:2611
Tempo speso su GPRO:642.6 ore
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Gruppo:Rookie - 59
Classifica stagionale:21
Denaro: $??.???.???
Pilota: -
Dir. Tec.: -
Panoramica dello Staff:2
Gomme: Pipirelli
Team: -
Posizione del Team:0

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Carriera del Manager Peter Warchol (Ultimo aggiornamento: 16 Gen 2020, 07:08:19)
Season 27-Joined Race 10 in that season.Got only 2 points in the race Laguna Seca.
Season 28 - Really difficult time but I managed to get 5 points!
Season 29-Had 4 points. Strategies are improved.:)
Season 30-An amazing 8 points,got all of the points from Races 16 and 17.
Season 31-I got an excellent 18 points and finished 12th in the standings,next season I hope to do even better!:D
Season 32-I am seeking for a good enough season.After my second win on GPRO in round 14 I can miss the last 3 races left of the season and I'll still promote.First win achieved at Race 8 in Sweden.Ending:Promotion!:D
Season 33-In Amateur(25) excited on competition.Goal=retain.AFTERMATH: Sadly ended 37th in the season with no points.Only contested 11 races and also went into negative money.Relegation.
Season 34- Another season but now in Rookie-13.Hope to nail this rookie group just like I did in Rookie-147. AFTERMATH: I have decided to lay back on this season and will be also in a different rookie group next season (R-358) so I can save more money and be ready when I promote to Amateur once again.
Season 35- 6 races done,inactive this season.
Season 36- This season I predicted not to race, but thought better of it. My goal is a strong promotion to Amateur. AFTERMATH: I left the season silently and was retired from the group.
Season 37- Retired for most of the season, but managed to come back in Race 11. AFTERMATH: Done Race 11-15 and ready for a new season.
Season 38- Prepared for season 38 to do yet another attempt at promotion. I will not give up. AFTERMATH: Finished 8th at end. Kind of unhappy with position.
Season 39- Ready again, time to get racing! AFTERMATH: Did 12 races, scored 1 podium. I seriously need to stop getting inactive and start getting focused on the racing.
Season 40- I may do only 15 races but that doesn't mean I don't promote :3. Please sign me to any team since I want to be in a team again since long time ago before.
Season 41- Bad season 5 races done I want to become better now this is getting ridiculous with my drivers...
Season 42- I hope to promote this season and get in a team for ONCE :(!
Season 43-51- What can I say? I've been very busy for a while, and I want to make a comeback, truthfully! My interests shift many times, so you got to keep that in mind!
Season 52- Did several races. Hopefully a mid-table position will be the precursor to a promotion next season!
Season 53-Back to try to race the full season and earn a promotion to Amateur since Season 32. MID-WAY: Wow! I can't believe it! I won for the third time in my career! What a great race in Korea! FINAL OUTCOME: So close! Disaster. Oh well.
Season 54-Chose not to race this season because lack of motivation
Season 55-Back and ready to win! FINAL OUTCOME: So close! We should have done all the races, then we would promote certainly on additional promotions.
Season 56-This time, I will promote. I can assure you that. AFTERMATH: Woohoo! I promoted out of the most boring group ever in Rookie, same guy winning each race, and no challenge at all from 3rd or worse. With just 14 races, I score 100 points and 12 podiums, the most achieving season for me. I wish GPRO was competitive again...
Season 57 - A new chapter awaits me at Amateur. The goal is to retain. AFTERMATH: Retained for another season of Amateur!
Season 58 - Here we go again. AFTERMATH: Similar season like the last one. We will aim to do better.
Season 59 - Going for mid table. AFTERMATH: Got bored late in the season, well at least I am still in Amateur!
Season 60 - The new race viewer should make this season exciting! Eventually I didn't bother too much as I am not interested here at the moment.
Season 61-present - Retired

Best finish:1st x3(wins)
Best position in an underway race:1st
Points achieved in Season 58: 0
Has had the fastest pit time in a race before:Yes
Best start:1st
Achieved a fastest Q2 in rookie with about 800 people. On the grid I was in 10th.Q1= in the 200s. Season 36- Hungary.
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