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Nome:William Pickering
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Primo GP: Stagione47, Gara 10
N° connessioni:7911
Tempo speso su GPRO:1969.6 ore
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Gruppo:Amateur - 1
Classifica stagionale:24
Denaro: $?.???.???
Pilota: Corrado La Rosa (115)
Dir. Tec.: -
Panoramica dello Staff:4
Gomme: Pipirelli
Team: Screw Loose Racing
Posizione del Team:437

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Carriera del Manager William Pickering (Ultimo aggiornamento: 20 Lug 2018, 13:24:55)
Rookie track record holder at Jerez and Singapore

A new franchise have joined into the GPRO formula with high aspirations and big dreams, what will the future hold for this new team full of optimism...

Season 47.

Brand new to the formula for race 10, for the remaining 7 races the team realise quickly there is a lot to learn, however finish with 1 fastest lap and 1 point.

Season 48.

The team turn to an experienced head who helped the team understand the basics which was quickly followed by joining group Galaxy Racing, an excellent group with some very experienced and helpful guys. Special thanks to Dan Smurthwaite for introducing the team to this group of experienced heads. Michael Jones, a senior member of the group, has also been very influential in the teams continued knowledge and understanding.

A poor start resulted in a soft reset with big lessons being learnt; money management, car upgrades, testing, training, all of the Rookie usual's resulting in a new driver to develop, train and nurture with a three season plan to fully get to grips and understanding of the game at this level, with the overall goal? To gain promotion.

Season 49.

The three season plan was well and truly thrown out of the window, promotion was a reality with early strong results.

The racing season started strongly with the first pole at "Brno" and first win at "Brands Hatch" ultimately the teams home GP. Although a few more poles, the illusive 2nd win was hard to come by taking a further 9 races. Then straight away the 3rd win... could this be the start of something? Has the driver developed a taste for the bubbly?

Season 50.

Unfortunate circumstances within the group at Galaxy racing, leads to the team organising their own group of individuals with Curtis Larade. The aim is to provide the knowledge and understand learnt ourselves and to help develop new relationships moving forwards. In these uncertain times the season expectations are to retain in Amateur and find a new driver to take the team forwards.

Again the racing has started strongly, a nice podium in the first ever amateur race all but guarantees retention in the division. During the season the team part ways with their current driver to make way to begin a young driver project.

Seasons 51.

The hard work continues.

Another development season for Rene as the team work on his abilities in and out of the car. Signs are good and he is progressing nicely after a few sessions with the sports psychologist. Performances are improving, but will he be good enough to take control of the field next season as his development continues?

Season 52.

A very tough season, planned promotion fell apart, only just missing out but with failure comes experience and the team will be better for it. The next couple of seasons will see the team work on developing the car and their skills in order to prepare themselves for an onslaught on Pro.

Season 53.

The development begins...

Season 54.

And fails miserably with a miscalculation sending the team back to Rookie groups. However the development was more knowledge based, let's see where this takes the team going forwards.

Season 55.

The search for a young talented driver begins. The team hear of an up and coming driver by the name of Jake Zober, is this who they have been looking for? They travel to the states to see for themselves. Overwhelmed by what they see, the team sign Zober with the view to enhance his potential in a weak Rookie group. Zober would gain invaluable experience and learn with the team making remarkable steps in his first season and is seen as a driver of the future, but will the team be able to manage him and his exciting development?

Season 56.

Jake starts where he left off, winning races. This trend continues and he shows the vast potential he holds. Can the team manage their package and the driver? Financial difficulties and an incredible level of development from Jake test their relationship and the boards purse strings. They have 2 races to save their relationship, what will happen... only time will tell

Season 57

The inevitable happened. The team made some small mistakes and Jake decided he was better than the team. The only cause of action remaining was to part ways. Jake went to a higher division but struggled and now resides in the same division as the team are in. The team are very quick to announce a new driver even when the opportunity to re-sign Jake presented itself. A slow season as the team builds for the future ending was some solid racing, leading the team to dream big in seasons to come...

Season 58

The season starts well. Both team and driver have a plan in place and are excited to see how the season unfolds. The season starts better than expected, however the team are not quite ready for any kind of promotion so have to slow down the development and ask Mr.Foyt no to risk so much in the races, instead to bring the car home in one piece. An interesting end to the season saw the team in the promotion places once more. Luckily results went the right way and the team remain in their current group.

Season 59

It's a sad season for the team, they have to say goodbye to Mr.Foyt who has given them two wonderful seasons of racing but he is ready for bigger and better things. The team will confirm the announcement of a new driver as soon as a contract has been signed.

Driver press conference: The team would like to announce Hendrik Engel to the fans and sponsors. Engel is a young driver full of potential and the team have decided to give Engel this opportunity to make the most of his potential. He comes to the team in mid season carrying a little extra weight so the team would ask that he is given time to get up to speed and used to this seasons car. Engel has signed for 2 seasons with the option of a third season.

Season 60

The season begins with tensions high, Engel has continued to struggle with his fitness, gaining weight over the off season. The team have given Engel an ultimatum of 6 races to prove his fitness and dedication to the team for the trust they shown in the young driver.

Race 6 post race press conference: The team are sad to announce the departure of Hendrik Engel due to breaking contractual obligations. The team also announce the 2 test drivers will race in the coming races to determine the new driver.

Bad blood between Engel and the team continue as media outlets and social media begin to report that the test drivers are only racing while a compensation package is agreed and that the team can not sign a new driver until this agreement with Engel is made. With this information out in the open the team act quickly and state there with be a press conference the morning on race day 9

Driver press conference: The team invite the media outlets into the room where they are welcomed by the team and driver Dave Watson, an experienced and popular driver who laps up the attention and controls the room with his charismatic personality. The team confirm the rumours are true, however an agreement has been made with Engel and both parties can now go their separate ways. Dave Watson has signed for 2 years with a third option.

Season 61

The team struggle with financial obligations from the agreement made with Engel leading the team to struggle until the end of the season.

Season 62

The start of a new chapter. The team and Watson are happy with the progress and continue to work well. A decision will be made on the teams future at Kyalami, South Africa.

Post race press conference at Kyalami: The team are delighted to announce a contract extension has been agreed with Dave Watson who will now continue to drive for the team for a further season. A season in which the team have been building towards and are quietly optimistic about their potential to do well. The expectations for season 63 are huge...

Season 63

The initial optimism has been tarnished by a lacklustre first race. The team decide consistency is key, however a fault during race 4 puts doubt in the minds of the team. Although fast, they are slower then expected in race trim leaving the team scratching their heads from their blistering qualifying times. Winning their first race of the season at race 5 the team continue to focus on consistency as they build a lead in the championship race.

The team celebrates their first Amateur title with 4 races remaining. Consistency proved vital over the season as the early challengers quickly dropped back unable to keep up with the pace and development made by the team. Champagne and strawberries for all!!

Season 64

A first for the team and a new adventure, the Pro ranks beckon. Inexperience costs the team valuable points in the first race, however with the team picking up a point on their debut motivation remains high. The hard work put in is paving off as the team continue to impress with consistency the buzz word around the garage. The teams driver is very optimistic with the car performing well and a return to Fuji upcoming, he believes he can deliver for his adoring fan base in Japan and collect a few stuffed toys of himself.

After narrowly missing out on the race win at Fuji, the teams driver decides he is too old to compete and win races. With his motivation and confidence at an all time low culminating in a drop in performances over the next couple of races the team decide it is best for both to part ways and introduce a new hungry driver to the fray.

The team are excited to announce Alexandre Mazet to the team. Alex as he likes to be known to the journalists has vast experience with will be invaluable in helping the team continue to grow in their quest for stardom. Alex will push the boundaries and limits of the car with the aim to get every bit of improvement out of it.

Season 65