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Žaidėjas:Calin Traian
Šalis: Rumunija
Pask. apsilankymas: 2018-Vas-14, 01:59:20
Žinučių forume:5  (Žiūrėti žinutes)
GPRO trofėjai: 0
Dalyvavo GP:0 (346)
Pelnyta taškų:0 (863)
Pergalės:0 (45)
Podiumai:0 (75)
Pole pozicijos:0 (49)
Greičiausi ratai:0 (20)
Vid. tšk/lenktynes: - (2.49)
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39% atrakinta

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Pirmosios lenktynės: Sezonas 41, Lenktynės 10
Prisijungimų skaičius:4333
Laikas, praleistas žaidžiant:2255.2 valandos
Gimimo data: -
Gimtasis miestas:-
Gyvenamoji vieta:-
Šeimyninė padėtis:Vienišas

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Balansas: $?
Pilotas: -
Tech. D: -
Padangos: blank
Komanda: -
Team position:0
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Calin Traian karjera (Paskutinis atnaujinimas: 2017-Lap-15, 10:36:48)
<<< SEASON 61 >>> (Master 1)
Over and out!

<<< SEASON 60 >>> (Master 1)
Lack of race logic in this game. So, tea in the morning, tea in the afternoon, that's the secret!

<<< SEASON 59 >>> (Pro 12)
I don't expect anything good.

<<< SEASON 58 >>> (Pro 12)
I expect a challenging season.

<<< SEASON 57 >>> (Pro 12)
Are you talking with me?

<<< SEASON 56 >>> (Ama 58)
Nice, smooth and easy.

<<< SEASON 55 >>> (Ama 58)
Did you see my new sunglasses?

<<< SEASON 54 >>> (Ama 58)
What did I say? Inertia? More inertia then!
"Memorable" event: The characteristics of the brand new circuit, Grobnik, were changed at the time of it's previous race. No comment, just saying...

<<< SEASON 53 >>> (Ama 58)
Nothing worse can happen.
No more interest in the game, staying here by inertia only.

<<< SEASON 52 >>> (Pro 23)
It is the season when I lost all the motivation and interest in the game.
The "perfect" timing random (not completely out from race, but accumulating fatidical wear: blown up engine at 80% wear and smoking till the end) sent me in negative balance and deeper down, in Amateur, loosing a hardly trained, very good and calculated grown driver. I will NEVER be supporter again, not worthy, and running only for fun, not performance. I am not sure I will stay around either. Not worthy again.

(They should put the option: "if smoking till the lap ..., abandon race", not staying in race; but who to understand it?)

<<< SEASON 51 >>> (Pro 23)
standing by
Win: Rafaela Oval (race 14)

<<< SEASON 50 >>> (Master 4)
I found a promising new driver, so I go back in Pro to train him.

<<< SEASON 49 >>> (Pro 17)
Sakhir (race 6)
Irungattukottai (race 9)
Melbourne (race 11)
Ahvenisto (race 14)
Promotion in Master from 3-th place. Too glad!

<<< SEASON 48 >>> (Pro 17)
Win: New Delhi (race 12)
4 podiums
Calculated season, even money.

<<< SEASON 47 >>> (Pro 17)
Not bad first season in Pro, balanced between learning and survival.
One podium in China, points in Barcelona and Montreal.
The twin teams (JButton Racing 1 and 2) were of real help and guidance.

<<< SEASON 46 >>> (Amateur 40)
Fiorano (race 2 / first win in Amateur)
Serres (race 3)
Portimao (race 4)
Rafaela Oval (race 5)
Austin (race 6)
Ahvenisto (race 8)
Valencia (race 10)
Sakhir (race 12)
Kaunas (race 13)

Easy first place, lucky Cup win.
Joining "JButton Racing 2" team.

<<< SEASON 45 >>> (Amateur 40)
First podium in Amateur (Monte Carlo - 3.rd place).
Easy season, easy points.

<<< SEASON 44 >>> (Amateur 40)
No objective. Run for fun.
Results: Done!
Found a new driver, good perspective, long plans.

<<< SEASON 43 >>> (Amateur 40)
Starting with a poor car and a bad driver, nightmare season. At the end of an all along season fight, I obtained the retain in the last race (Sochi, brand new race! - 5th place).

<<< SEASON 42 >>> (Rookie 285)
Indianapolis (race 3)
Kyalami (race 4)
Ahvenisto (race 8)
Silverstone (race 9)
Rafaela Oval (race 11 - new circuit) amazing race!
Hockenheim (race 13)
Yas Marina (race 16)
- Promoted from 1st position. Rookie has no longer secrets for me...

<<< SEASON 41 >>> (Rookie 285)
Finding GPRO, entering in Race 10: "Wow, addictive!" A promising 10th place.
Race 13: first point!
Race 15: first podium, 3-rd place!!! Cooling down my happiness - I was helped by the many failures of the other cars. My car broke down too, if not I could have been 2-nd. Too much for my 6th race with a poor car. Altogether: Good morale! I have in my mind to promote next season. It doesn't seem quite impossible.
Also, joining "Dacia Duster F1 Romania Team". Looking forward to next season.