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Име:Bert Huylebroeck
Држава: Белгија
Се приклучи:Мај 17, 2017
Последна интеракција: Денес во 00:11:16
Постови на форумот:218  (Погледни мислења)
ГПРО Трофеи: 0
Број на трки:13 (252)
Освоени поени:39 (629)
Победи:1 (26)
Подиуми:3 (54)
Пол-позиции:2 (21)
Најбрзи круга:0 (17)
Просечно поени/трка: 3 (2.5)
Сертификат: Менаџерот го комплетираше ГПРО сертификациониот тест успешно! (Јул 24, 2017)

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Е-маил: Скриен
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Основни информации

Прво ГП: Сезона 58, Трка 17
Број на најавувања:5320
Време поминато на ГПРО:2087.1 часа
Дата на раѓање: -
Место на раѓање:-
Местото на живеење:-
Љубовен статус:Во брачна заедница

Преглед на податоците од играта

Група:Master - 5
Позиција во сезоната:5
Пари: $??.???.???
Возач: Robert Davidson (186)
Технички Директор: Нема
Екипа во целост:40
Гуми: Yokomama
Име на тим: Nuvolari Predators
Екипен пласман:23
Поени на тимот:399.2668


Chanels (M5) - 32 трки
Automatic Datas (P13) - 5 трки
Pfiser (M5) - 17 трки
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Кариера на менаџерот Bert Huylebroeck (Последна обнова: Сеп 19 2019, 21:32:52)

Season 72
Preparing myself and picking my races where I push. Driver is performing well for me.

Season 71
I got my driver for a remaning 4 races but in Master the effect of the driver is less important then other things. You can not soly count on how good your driver is, to score points. At race 5 I signed a new driver. It wasn't my first pick nor my second. But I did manage to sign a long term plan driver. The difficult part was the retention because I didn't score enough points in the first 4 races. But I'm getting the hang of how Master level works and learned a lot from my teammates. I easily scored the remaining points for retention eventually.

Season 70
A long time ago this was planned to be my push towards Elite. But since I struggled so much previous season I don't have the money for promotion. So I decided to built my finances and just score good results.

Season 69
I joined the Youth acadamy of Team Nuvolari and tried to prepare myself to stay in Master, but in the end I really needed the help of the Family to stay in Master. It looks like I underestimated the difficultyin Master.

Season 68
First season in Master and retaining was more difficult then expected due to some bad luck. But others had the same problems, so Master is just harder then lower groups. In the end I decided to leave Team Resistance.

Season 67
My second Pro season and pushing towards Master. Got some little setbacks, but rather easily promoted to Master. I prepared myself like I wanted.

Season 66
My first season in Pro and had only 1 job and that was retaining. I did succeed but this was also due to my new teammates at Team Resistance. I joined them because it felt quiet at Port Royal Pirates.

Season 65
Completly as expected and went for the promotion to pro. I did a perfect job because I promoted, got sponsors running, better car parts, testing points,...

Season 64
Complete preperation for the push in season 65. I actually needed to hold back because otherwhise I would have promoted a season too early.

Season 63
Hoped for easy promotion, but strong adversaries made me change my plans. So another season lost and decided to drasticly change now. Got a driver that would be staying for a long time in my time, only 19y old. Because of my efforts in the team I also became team captain.

Season 62
Planned for promotion but failed because I wasn't fully ready yet. Another learning season in Amateur. Prepared for a push next season.

Season 61
Made some n00b mistakes and learned it the hard way. Hadn't had it too hard to retain, but more was expected when I started the season.

Season 60
Push for promo and won both Cup and Championship. Learned more about the game and prepared for first season in Amateur.

Season 59
Got a mentor, learned game mechanics and joined Port Royal Pirates. Got to learn a lot about the game due to the Pirates. Scored 51 points and prepared for push in season afterwards.

Season 58
Start of my GPRO carreer. Did 1 race and scored 1 point.