Nuvolari Pirates

Andrea SquizzatoAndreas RamannKuba SzajbelAntonio GattulliAlessandro CasagrandeDiogo SchwinnPedro MouraGino ZernaniSimone ScarpaAlexandru Cristescu

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Екипни бои:
Име на тимот: Nuvolari Pirates
Вебсајт на тимот:
Основан: Сезона 33, Трка 6
Титули: 1
Нокаут Куп победа: 0
Вкупно поени: 31,216.53
Просечно поени/трка: 31.44
Просечно поени/сезона: 534.42
Просечна позиција на табелата: 51.65
Најмногу освоени поени во една трка: 63.43 (Сезона 82, Трка 13)
Позиција во сезоната: 3
Поени во сезоната: 547.0668
Екипни придобивки:

52% отклучени

Повекето членови на Елит: 7 (Сезона 80, Трка 1)
Нови членови во Елит рангот: 16
Број на трки во кои се претстави:
Кумулативни резултати:
Резултати од оваа сезона:
Број на поддржувачи: 7
Слободни места: 0

Членови на тимот

Место Нац Име на менаџер Група Придонес
01. Andrea Squizzato1 Master - 1 7.7% (13.7%)
02. Andreas Ramann Master - 4 15.9% (5.5%)
03. Kuba Szajbel Elite 15.8% (4.5%)
04. Antonio Gattulli Master - 3 11.3% (4.3%)
05. Alessandro Casagrande Pro - 25 9.2% (3.1%)
06. Diogo Schwinn Elite 7% (2%)
07. Pedro Moura Master - 1 9.4% (1.9%)
08. Gino Zernani Pro - 15 9.7% (1.5%)
09. Simone Scarpa Elite 6.3% (0.2%)
10. Alexandru Cristescu Amateur - 49 7.7% (0.1%)

Лого на тимот

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This team is a tribute to Tazio Nuvolari, also known as The Flying Mantuan or Nivola, and who was called "The greatest driver of the past, the present, and the future" by Ferdinand Porsche.

The Home's Rules
#1. Nuvolari is a unique Family composed of brothers aimed to become the best GPRO managers.
#2. Nuvolari's fundamental values are brotherhood, loyalty and fairness.
#3. Each Nuvolari contributes to the Family's needs with his/her best abilities.

Nuvolari Pirates current lineup:
Andrea "Cheerleader" Squizzato
Andreas "Old School Techniques" Ramann
Kuba "Fuck it I'm clicking" Szajbel
Antonio "The Cat" Gattulli
Alessandro "Bighouse" Casagrande
Diogo "Roaster" Schwinn
Pedro "AdBlocker" Moura
Gino "Wise Old Owl" Zernani
Simone "The Shoe" Scarpa
Alexandru "Il Salvatore" Cristescu

Our family is also composed by:
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The following teams are part of our family but not subject to recruitment:
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Pirates who got a life, but will be back sooner or later:

Jan "Elite Berserker" Velske
Yug "Juggernaut, Sexy Lazy Panda" Desai
Ayman "The naviga'or" Daher
Gareth "Man of war" Love
Francesca "sexy ship wench" Pontini
Paul "The Philosopher" Williams
Devashis "Elite Win" Tamhane
Mehdi "The Masturbator" El Fathy [Good Old Secretary]
Donatas "The Zombie pirate" Paplauskas
Michal "Cup Cheater" Matloň [Bad New Secretary]
Ricardo "Plunder the Spanish" David
Rich "The Ghost" Weaving
Bert "Give me Numbers" Huylebroeck
Arek "I'll drink their Blood for the Blood God" Korn
Tomas "The corpse Smoker" Kling
Mario "Sexy Hair" Põldma
Jed "The Silent" Lilly
Marvin "Michal Cheats" Mackenberg
Gary "The Tradesman" Partridge
Max "Cabin Boy" Del Bianco
Daniele "YesYesYes!" Ambroggi
Martynas "Farty" Bražėnas