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Nama:Mantas Gudaitis
Negara: Lithuania
Penyertaan:Okt 24, 2009
Interaksi terakhir: Mei 5 2017, 01:26:40
Kiriman Forum:169  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:0 (255)
Mata diperolehi:0 (446)
Kemenangan:0 (10)
Podium:0 (32)
Posisi Pole:0 (9)
Lap terpantas:0 (2)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: - (1.75)
Persijilan: Pengurus ini telah berjaya lulus ujian persijilan GPRO! (Mac 7, 2012)

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GP Pertama: Musim 25, Perlumbaan 4
Masa log:6200
Masa di GPRO:702.1 jam
Tarikh lahir: -
Tempat lahir:-
Tempat kediaman:-
Status perhubungan:Bersendirian

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Kedudukan musim:-
Wang: $?
Pemandu: Tiada
P. Tek.: Tiada
Keseluruhan kakitangan:0
Tayar: blank
Nama pasukan: -
Kedudukan pasukan:0
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Karier pengurus Mantas Gudaitis (Kemaskini terakhir: Nov 9 2013, 14:59:02)
1st Win - Season 31, Race 1 (1st of course)
1st Podium - Season 26, Race 3 (2nd)
1st Points - Season 17, Race 3 (5th)
1st Pole Position - Season 30, Race 12
1st Fastest Lap - Season 38, Race 12

S25: Collecting data, learning the game. 0 Points in 14 Races: R-236

S26: Did huge mistakes in the start of the season and paid the price, ended up 5th overall. 60 Points in 16 Races: R-236

S27: After an unexpected promotion, it was the best season I had so far. Lots of good moments, lots of rage moments, but it was very fun. Rookie, here I come! 0 Points in 17 Races: A-60

S28: Holy, cr@p, I haven't thought that Rookie was that hard! A bad driver choice let me to a terrible results in 1st half of the season. Then I started to finish in top 10 and score points, but I thought to be smarter and get a good driver before the market frenzy. Lesson learned: Don't resign drivers who have 85 OA when you'll need him under 85 OA for the next season. Now I will pay the price by getting into the frenzy once more. 4 Points in 17 Races: R-266.

S29: Getting better and better! Although I lost the driver I had this season, with which I could've tried for promotion in S30, I scored points consistently for the 2nd part of the season and ended up 8th in the standings. Next season I will try to get as good driver as possible. Gotta thank my team for all this help during the season, since without their help I wouldn't have fared so well. 39 Points in 17 Races: R-266

S30: A nice season overall, managed a nice string of points finishes towards the end of the season. The driver is much better than I anticipated, which helps me tons next season, I hope. Got tied for 5th overall, but the other guy had more 2nd place finishes, so I end up just outside of my intial goal. No worries though, this was a great season overall, I'm happy that I helped my team get such a high position in the standings. 56 Points in 17 Races: R-266

S31: Well, that went better than expected. 4 wins, and second place in the group along with some nice money management, I promote happily. 104 Points in 17 Races: R-266

S32: Got it! Retained barely, but it was fun nonetheless. Hope that this season was the last for the Mairo train. 7 Points in 16 Races: A-3

S33: A decent season. Got more points than I anticipated, and had a good time. 22 Points in 17 Races: A-3

S34: Thanks to rain, this season was much more difficult than I hoped it to be. Nevertheless, managed to promote. 43 Points in 17 Races: A-3

S35: Well, Pro sucked. Lost all my joy for the game, hope to get it back in Amateur. 0 Points in 16 Races: P-2

S36: Well, as always, first season in a new group is extrememly difficult. Luckily, I managed to retain just barely. Let's hope for the better results in the future. 2 Points in 16 Races: A-73

S37: Improved on money, but the situation still looks tricky. Next season might be vital for the future. 16 Points in 16 Races: A-73

S38: Everything's easier with a good driver. Sponsor situation is not the best, but it's better than last time I went into Pro. Here's to hoping I won't lose my joy for the game again. 81 Points in 16 Races: A-73

S39: Pro again. Have the cash, now the only thing left is to get the right pieces for the push to retain. Here goes nothing... P-16

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