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Nama:Daniel Holzheid
Negara: Jerman
Penyertaan:Okt 11, 2008
Interaksi terakhir: Ogo 17 2018, 13:18:52
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Karier pengurus Daniel Holzheid (Kemaskini terakhir: Feb 3 2010, 18:05:54)
I was promoted too early - then went directly into the red - struggled to find a driver - now I got an hideous expensive driver OA 70 - for 2.000.000$ per race, not to talk about the signing fee - and I lose him again in just 2 races!

I finally got another driver for 1st a incredible signing fee and 2nd at the expense of another 5 offers and he sucks too, not as much as my first one but as I couldn't offer any contracts to 80+ overall drivers I thought I might just get a talented driver and build him up a bit, but wrong again...

now I am in the red again (pretty deep), but hope to hold the class as it should be possible to finish top 5-16 and get the red balance into black in the remaining 6 races... if not, I surely learned quite a bit and will be back in at least season 16;-)

But really hope to hold the class as I have a couple of sponsorship deals close to finish and I certainly don't want to lose these; by a relegation when all got reset... but the season isn't over just yet, so do not count me out, the hope dies last...

after 4 seasons in rookie again I finally got promoted to amateur again, this time with a sponsor, and now I found a driver as I didn't manage to keep my promoting driver, as I wasn't sure if I can get a promotion-spot when my driver was still under 85 OA, and when I saw that I will get promoted his OA was way over 85 already, so no chance to extend his contract:-(

but now I got a driver which is quite good, tho a bit expensive, but my only goal for this season must be to stay in amateur for at least one more season, get more sponsors, and then attack the promotion to PRO... lets press fingers;-)

Season 18:
Amateur 1:
GOALS: Hold class | Get more data | Get more sponsors | Make money | Train driver | Do some testing |
TEAM Scuderia Fernando Alonso
DRIVER: Cristiano Maia
TEAM GOAL: Finish in Front of our sister Team "Scuderia Felipe Massa, my Team goal is to finish infront of my last two Teams (Forever Rebel GP and Vodafone McLaren...

01. Melbourne GP (Australia) 05/01/2010 -
Overtaking Hard - need a good grid position
looking good so far, but will see what comes when all of the other managers did their qualifying;-) so far 6th on the grid... lets hope it stasys like this;-) or won't go back very much... but at least I am in front of at least 8 others...
Update: drid position: 9 after 20 did their Qs, one sure to go infront of me, as he already did Q1 far better than me... but at least I got position 29 save, and my times weren't that bad... lets see what comes in the next 2 days till the race
what a crap race!!!!! started on a very good 15th place, but my stupid soft tires didn't last long enough for 19-20 laps, but only for 15-16 laps, so I had to come in again... and as I didn't think my tires would last that short, I had to come in another 3 times to refuel a bugger of 10 litres... so I finished up on a very disappoininting place 38!!!! LAST!!!!!!!! there goes my target of holding class right at the start of the season!!!!

but season is long and last season I started quite similar ugly, but managed to get promoted with a very strong 2nd half, so I still have hope...

02. Singapore GP (Singapore) 08/01/2010 -
Overtaking Hard - need good grid position
learned from Melbs and won't do the same mistake again (I hope), so different strategy on singapore to be used! wish me luck, I think I deserve it;-)
Had a not so good 30th grid position at start, but used Hard tyres just to be sure not to make extra stops, but with these tires I couldn't make the time compared to the others, driving on medium or softs on a 2 stop strategy, like me, and wasn't brave enough to go on a 1 stop strategy... so I finished 29th this time... better than last (38th) as in first race but not really satisfactory either...

but season is still long and hope dies last;-)

03. Suzuka GP (Japan) 12/01/2010 -
Overtaking Hard - need good grid position

Grid Position at start: 21st (well, not very good but not very bad either;-))... at finish line: a bit better as I finished on 20th position... now it looks a bit better, but money is running out (especially after the needed updates of my car, but should last at least another 3 races now with only inexpensive updates after the next race;-))

still not looking good, but on a good way to hold amateur class...

04. Poznan GP (Poland) 15/01/2010 -
Overtaking Hard - need good grid position
after a quite good Q1 and a not to bad Q2 in the rain I am atm on place 5 (after 19 in my group did their Qualifying)... so it can and should if all goes worst and all the others get in front of me maximum back to 24th at start, but I guess not all the rest will do a better Q1 and Q2... now it is up to a(nother) gamble rain race... and luck with stopping and starting rain and the times when it does this... just hope for the rain not to go all through till 1:30 Race time as this would screw my strategy:-((...

but in the end it is a gamble and I can only hope for the weather now to be as I estimated (and hoped) it to be coming race day;-)
Finished with grid Position 9 and my first Point!!!!! crossed the checkered flag on Posiotion 8 and scored my first Point in race 4 of this season... a better look now for this season, that is still young, so 13 more races to go to hold amateur level, but looking much better now than it has been in the first 3 races, where I had either no luck (R2-3), used a totally wrong race setup (R1), but now after this rain lottery race at Poznan I look forward to the next few races;-) still not perfect and not sure if I can hold this level of competition, but with my first point in Hand it looks a lot better now... just need to stay in the black, get a few more sponsors, and keep on training my driver;-)

05. Paul Ricard GP (France) 19/01/2010 -
Overtaking Easy - better grid position welcome but not really needed
WOW!!!! What a fuel consumption!!!!! 262 litres with engine 6!!!! and tyre wear also much higher than expected (had no data till now for that track;-))... started - as expected - at the back end of the grid with the heaviest car (I guess), but missed around 5-10 litres in my planned 1st and only pitstop, as tires didn't last long enough... so I lost arond 5 places with my - unnecessary 2nd pitstop... very disaapointing!
Grid: 36th, End Position: 28th... not very pleased as I was 24th when I did my extra stop, but in the end I wasn't the only one who did do another unplanned stop...

06. Spa GP (Belgium) 22/01/2010 -
Overtaking Normal - better grid position welcome but not really needed
another disappointment for me. Finished on a bad 26th place, losing 15 places from my good grid position at start, but had the wrong strategy obviously...

07. Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) 26/01/2010 -
Overtaking Very Hard - good grid position a must
perfect race! started on 20th grid-position but gambled on a rainy race and had a competely rainy setup... so very slow on dry track, but therefore very quick on a wet one... and luckily for me the most of the race was wet... and another time lucky as I came in with 0% of fuel in the last 2 laps... finished on an excellent 3rd place and this should keep me in amateur, unless I finish the season in red figures...

08. Zandvoort GP (Netherlands) 29/01/2010 -
Overtaking Normal - better grid position welcome but not really needed
started on 30th grid, but made only one stop on medium tyres, again got it figured out better as I have been using medium tires, but had to pit for tires at lap 39(40), refueled a bit too little I thought but went out perfectly... Finished on a quite pleasing 16th Place when I saw the checkered flag...

09. Brands Hatch GP (United Kingdom) 02/02/2010 -
Overtaking Normal - better grid position welcome but not really needed
wow, car is really worn after Zandvoort (car eater!!!!) nearly everything went up 30+, brakes even 40+ and broke at lap 70 of Zandvoort... now replaced some parts of my car, but not enough I'm afraid, but I hate to replace eg wings when they are under 70%, tho they are close to it, but can't really afford it, so lower risks on at least the next two tracks... hope to finish 90% of Oesterreich... started 24th and finished 28th, but only because I used the wrong tires (x-softs) that lasted not longer than 23 laps and I was on a 2 stop strategy...

10. Oesterreichring GP (Austria) 05/02/2010 -
Overtaking Easy - better grid position welcome but not really needed
as I think I Could drop out here, I want a good grid position to get at least a bit of money in case I don't get the 90% distance done... but I also think I could stand the whole distance, tho my car will definitely smoke in the last laps, so I used a fuelload that can get me over the whole 309 KM of Österreich.

11. Imola GP (San Marino) 09/02/2010 -
Overtaking Hard - need good grid position

12. Hockenheim GP (Germany) 12/02/2010 - Home Race for me (tho in my profile it still says OZ, I am German) -
Overtaking Normal - better grid position welcome but not really needed

13. Valencia GP (Spain) 16/02/2010 - Overtaking Hard - need good grid position

14. Yas Marina GP (Abu Dhabi) 19/02/2010 - Overtaking Hard - need good grid position

15. Sepang GP (Malaysia) 23/02/2010 - Overtaking Normal - better grid position welcome but not really needed

16. Laguna Seca GP (United States) 26/02/2010 - Overtaking Easy - better grid position welcome but not really needed

17. Interlagos GP (Brazil) 02/03/2010 - the Home race for my driver - Overtaking Normal - better grid position welcome but not really needed