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Nama:Aaron Mullan
Negara: Ireland
Penyertaan:Dis 23, 2008
Interaksi terakhir: Mac 27 2018, 14:17:04
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Prt mata/perlumbaan: - (2.09)
Persijilan: Pengurus ini telah berjaya lulus ujian persijilan GPRO! (Ogo 24, 2012)

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Masa log:15166
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Karier pengurus Aaron Mullan (Kemaskini terakhir: Ogo 24 2012, 12:46:15)
Season 16

Lots of learning and plenty of mistakes. Biggest lesson learnt is the importance of a good driver. Scored a couple of points and finished mid table.

Season 17

Joined a team, Psycho Racing, learning even more from experienced guys and hope to progress abit more. First win is looming. 13 poles for the season. First WIN at Germany. Pole to Flag victory. Totally buzzin and alot more victories to come. Managed 2nd in Sweeden, 2nd in Brno after the re-run, 2nd in Mexico and 3rd in Brazil. Managed to get my second VICTORY at the season finale in Canada. So happy to get promotion in my second season. Want more wins.

Season 18
WHOAH!!!! Harder than I thought it was gonna be but I learn fast. Managed 2nd in Belgium. I got a total of 4 points finishing races with 16 points in total. Not my best season but managed to retain group. Made the huge mistake of shelling out for a car to push for a victory and it's cost me massivly for the rest of the season. I was starting to get competative then driver motivation went to zero.

Season 19

Ready to fight. So watch out Amatuer 10. This is the season from hell. Total nightmare.

Yippee. Managed to get my first Amateur Victory and my first Fastest Race Lap at the sametime at my home race. The British GP. Get in my son. Got my second Amateur victory and another fastest lap at the Chinese GP. Buzzin. Got 2nd at Turkish GP and another fastest lap.

Season 20

Plan to get a cheap driver to train over 2 seasons and promote at the end of season 21. I will be looking for lots of victories from the start and lots of poles, points and fastest laps so guys in Rookie 68 need to watch out!!!!!!!

Victory at Spa, Podium at Abu Dhabi, Victory at Valencia, Victory at Paul Ricard, Victory at Mugello, 3 wins in a row, Nice one.

Season 21

Plan from previous season is coming together. I hope to dominate from the very start and score big early on. Fight for win after win. Rookie 68 u guys are screwed this season. Haha.

3rd at Hockenheim. 2nd at Hungaroring. 2nd at Laguna Seca, 2nd at Mexico GP, WIN at Buenas Aires GP, Sweet, No risks, WIN at Adelaide, really unexpected, WIN at Fuji, 3rd win with no risks, strategy payed off well, WIN at Spa, totally romped it, awsome. WIN at Brands Hatch and on my birthday too. Nice. WIN at Monza, into the cup final too. 3rd at Sepang even after screwing my strategy up, 2nd at Sakhir and confirmed me as Group Champion and also winner with a race to spare. WIN at Singapore and managed to lap everyone in the group. Sweetest Victory of all.

This season went exactly as I had planned. Perfect and proves preparation is the key to success.

Onwards and upwards for my second crack at Amateur.

Season 22

Looking to do lots of testing and driver training. My group is pretty tough but with my cash balance I will beable to make tracks soon enough. Next season I will be looking to dominate.

Managed to survive, this season was tougher than I thought it could be but stayed up with decent cash, car and driver so ready to do abit better next season.

Season 23

Hoping to achieve abit more this season. Keep training my driver as I've managed his OA pretty well. Target for the season is to get some podium finishes.

2nd at Suzuka, sweet. Win at Yas Island GP but only 0.231 ahead of second place. Really close. Win at Estoril. Win at Bucharest, 3rd at Poznan. 2nd at Buenos Aries, lost an easy win because I put 5 litres extra on my last stint and it wore the tyres out just enough to make me pit 1 lap from the end. Gutted. 2nd at Laguna Seca, should have won.

Season went really well even though I had to change my plan to retain in my group half way through the season and push for promotion. Achieved a lot though there was stiff competition.

Left Psycho Racing and was lucky enough to get a spot in Team Edifice. Such a great team to be part of and glad to be there.

Now my first try in Pro, gonna be very very hard.

Season 24

Plan and hope to retain group. Entering new territory with tyre suppliers and Technical Directors to consider.

Got my first points in Pro at Barcelona GP, very happy. Just survived and spent a fortune. A lot tougher than expected.

Season 25

Hope to score a podium or 2 and retain with abit more cash to push for promotion next season. Yes, yes, yes, got my FIRST PRO VICTORY at Magny Cours. Sweet.

Season 26

I'm gonna try to promote this season. Just have to see how it goes. It'll be no biggy If I don't do it but would be great if I could. Got a great team to support me so that's half the battle.

Looks like I've had to change my plan early. No promotion for me this season. Just not quick enough to last in Master.

2nd at Silverstone. VICTORY at Brno. Get in. Time to save. Victory at Yas Marina and again at Buenas Aires. Happy days.

Well my plan to retain was scuppered by my will to win. Had enough points to retain half way through the season but kept pushing for more wins. Got promoted when I didn't want to and Master is gonna be really hard but I'll try my best and see where it goes.

Season 27

First try at Master. I expect tough competition but that's a good thing. If I retain, great. If I win a race or get some podiums, miracle. Gonna be fun either way.

Well I tried and failed. Back to pro for another try there.

Season 28

Well back to Pro with a bump but a very nice bump indeed. Got myself a really decent driver and results will come.

2nd in Sakhir (first race of the season) Happy days. Victory in Singapore. So good to get back to winning ways. Safe for this season so new plan of action to prepare for next season.

Retained fairly easy. Job done.

Season 29

Another season in Pro, driver becoming pretty well developed so just need to focus on car. Promotion season so gonna push like crazy.

3rd at Buenos Aires, unexpected. 2nd at Indianapolis, sweet. 3rd at Valencia. Pole and lights to flag Victory at Zolder. Hard fought victory at Istanbul. Win and fastest lap at Nurburgring. Win and Fastest lap at Anderstorp, get in. Fortunate Win and Fastest lap at Yas Marina, 4th win in a row. Win at Yeongam.

Season 30

Another stab at Master and hope to do a little better this time round. Should be fun. Well I achieved something I never thought I would. I got a VICTORY in Master. Win at Silverstone, this ties the record in the whole game for win from lowest position in the highest group, massive gamble paid off but attribute the win to getting a tricky strategy 100% perfect. Buzzin.

Season 31

On route back to amateur. Got a great car so gotta maintain that best I can and looking to develop my driver to dominate amateur when I get there.

Season 32

Back to amateur for me. Car at the level I wanted, driver a little way off where I needed to be but I can keep working on him. Looking to retain with decent cash then push in season 33 for promotion back to pro. Managed to nick a point in race 3 so looking promising for retention.

And that's the end of that. It's been a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful team as Edifice. Friends for life and brothers.

Goodbye GPRO.

No More to come......................ciao.