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Nama:Joao Dias
Negara: Portugal
Penyertaan:Ogo 25, 2015
Interaksi terakhir: Jan 21 2020, 11:30:55
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GP Pertama: Musim 49, Perlumbaan 1
Masa log:1997
Masa di GPRO:580.3 jam
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Karier pengurus Joao Dias (Kemaskini terakhir: Feb 19 2019, 11:33:41)
Season 49, My first(26-08-2015) - On this day, i signed a new contract with the Racer Chrissy Watson( for 10 races. She did a few laps on the qualifying, but nothing out of this world. Still managing with the car configurations. We hope to finish the race. As this is my first season, i Hope to learn the ropes and traits of this Job.

Season 49, My first(28-09-2015) - This was the day of my first race. My driver had a bad start, she dropped from the 6th place she got in the qualifying to the 9th place. But we were consistent in the race, and with some luck we got to the 7th place. In the process we got our first two points ever. In the same day, we did our qualifying to the next race. Our driver got satisfied really quickly with the setup, we are hoping another good and consistent race.

Season 49, My first(01-09-2015) - This was a interesting race. Once again, my driver lost a few position on the start of the race, but then after a few strokes of luck, we climbed to the 7th position in the end! Even if we got outplayed in the pit battle by one of our direct competitor (well played) we did improve our starting position.

Season 49, My first(02-09-2015) - Today is the day we updated our car for the first day. After having some training laps in italy, we finally updated some car parts and then we have gone to the qualifying. The driver was happy with the car configuration very fast, and then, in the qualify she did a respectfull position. Lets hope for the best in the race.

Season 49, My first(04-09-2015) - Race day. And what a race it was. We started poorly, with a drop to the last places because it was raining the first laps and we started with dry tires. But as soon as it stopped raining, we started our comeback and ended at 5th place! We did had luck, because theone that was at 5th pitted in the last lap alowing me to pass them in the last lap. Non the less, we were happy with this position.

Season 49, My first(07-09-2015) - We did today our qualifying, and we are not very happy with the result. We expected a little more, since its in Portugal, but we have to remind ourselves that this is our first season. We are aiming to end this race in the positions that allow us to get some points.

Season 49, My first(08-09-2015) - Today we had our first hard lesson. Because of a bad choice of the hardness of the tyres, we loss a few positions in the final laps of the race. We ended in 9th, our starting position on the grid. It is hard, to make the first major error in the race planning that cost us race positions, in my country. Live and learn.

Season 49, My first(09-09-2015) - We had a not so calm qualifying today. Our driver, Chrissy Watson, were a little picky with the setup of the car today. She must be upset with the last race planning of our part. Yes, it was totally our fault, not the drivers. We all know that. But still, she didn't had to trow the helmet to the team's mechanic.

Season 49, My First (17-09-2015) - Recently tension as been rising with our pilot. We think she could and should be doing better in the races, and since she assaulted the team mechanic, tension is high. We are studding our options. A break between pilot and team is, at this point, the only way out. Meanwhile, she struggle doing the car setup for the next race. That was the breaking point.

Season 49, My First (17-09-2015) - Today we signed with Denny McLaren ( We hope fot the best for Chrissy Watson. But we had to start thinking about the future. And someone that promisses to not trow the helmet to the mechanincs.

Season 49, My First (22-09-2015) - After our first race with Denny Mclaren, we are truly happy with the results. Having a real experienced driver can make the real diference and we not only dependent on the car configuration. Even if the choice o the tire type cost us one position. We hope for the best for the next race.

Season 49, My First (29-09-2015) - The last race was disastrous. We started with rain tyres in a dry circuit, and that was sufficient to damage the entire race. Our race driver questioned us why where rain tires being equipped in is car, but the mechanics said that was the order they had. And that was an error. Even with that, Denny made a really good comeback after the dry tires were equipped. In the end it was all good, our driver joked about a umbrella and all was ok. He knows this is our teams first season. Rookie mistakes are tolerable. Latter, he made a ok configuration in his car in the qualifying for the next race. It may be the best yep so far. Lets hope for a good race.

Season 49, My First (30-09-2015) - Yesterday was the race, and we were happy with our performance. The pilot was great, the race tactic was almost perfect. We endend in 4th. Its the best ending position yep. We are happy with our performance. It was a great decision to substitute our previous driver with Denny. In the garege box, its all smiles right now.
Meanwhile, we already made the qualifying for the next race. The setup is not that great, even after all the work. We just hope we can finish in the points position, in the next race..

Season 49, My first (02-10-2015) - Today was again race Day. It was a well balanced race, and quite amusing. I might add it was roller-coaster of emotions.We ended in a respectable position, but we feel we could do a little better with a better car configuration. Later we did the qualifying for the next race. At the moment we are financially struggling and are looking for new sponsors. The most paying sponsor ended, and we are in negotiation for the next one. In the future, it might be dificult to repair the car parts, and the rest of the season will be at risk because of this.

Season 49, My first (06-10-2015) - After what was a great performance at the qualification, best yet (4th) the race went horribly. The race tactic was awfull, and that cost us 4 places. But at least, we still ended in a pointing situation. So it was not that bad. With the next race qualifying done, we just hope for the best. After a conversation with our driver, he announced that next year, he will be searching for new challenges. We wish him luck, and would like to thank him for all the hard work so far.

Season 49, my first (09-10-2015) - Great performance! Its our first podium in our short career! A great performance by our driver, even if we had a little luck. Right now is time for celebration. Later tomorrow, we will return for the qualify for the next race. Now? Is celebration time!

Season 49, my first (13-10-2015) - In today's race, we had a preaty reasonable result. Back to our normal races and results. For the first season, we are happy with our development.

Season 49, my first (21-10-2015) - TODAY WAS THE DAY! It was our first race victory in our short career. Today is party day! At the present moment, every one is drunk and happy... Our chief mechanic, is dry humping a photo our previous driver! We thinks its payback for the helmet... This victory happened earlier than we anticipated.

Season 49, my first (23-10-2015) - We were unlucky in todays race. Everything was going acording to the plan, until we had a puncture and it was game over for us. Wont be a race to remember. A sad way to end the season.

Season 50 (24-10-2015) - Today we were informed by email that we were promoted to Amateur - 114 . It was a surprise to the crew. Even to the pilot that was thinking about joining another team. After a quick video conference with our pilot, he was on vacation, we agreed to continue our partnership until the end of his contract. We are not very healthy financially. It will be difficult season, we think that it will be almost impossible to avoid relegation..

Season 50 (05-10-2015) - Being in the amateur division is as hard as we expected! Two races so far, and we just stayed in the last places. The pilot is as pleasant as always, but we can see it in his eyes that he was never cut out for this division. He only stayed, because we asked him. We are really grateful to him, but we dont think he will stay with us until the end of is contract.

Season 50 (23-11-2015) - We would like to congratulate the new driver to our team, Pierre-Henri Philippe is the name. We would like to wish all the best to Denny McLaren, he helped us a lot, and we wish him all the luck. But we let him go after the pressure made by our sponsors. After-all, is the money that dictates it all! And that's something we currently dont have.

Season 50 (23-12-2015) - We are going to the last race of the season with a sentiment that we could have done better. It will be the last race of our driver with our team, and we would like to say to him, goodbye and retire already. You are not in condition to continue in this line of work. Hell, he comes to work every day in a bicycle... Next year, we hope to get a better driver. Pierre-Henri Philippe, is not bad, or good... He simply exists, and his personal goal for the race is to bring the car to the end... Lets just see what the future holds for us. But one thing is certain. We will be relegated, and start a new for the next season.

Season 51 (30-12-2015) - Today marks a new day for the team. We are back on rookie, in the 289 Group! We are aiming for at least 1 podium in this season... But we are currently lacking the most important peace of the team, a driver... And so, the hunt begins!

Season 51 (02-01-2016) - We signed with a new driver today, we welcome Piercarlo Larini ( We signed with him for the next 7 races. We dont have high hopes for these races, and we agreed with the pilot that the main objective was to get some points. If he cannot do it, at least we hope to finish the race.

Season 51 (06-01-2016) - As we expected, we where unable to point this week. The tactic was good and worked, but we think that our pilot was not very aggressive in the track, and that was costly. We hope for the better next race, and hope we can finish it with the car in one piece. At the current moment, we think that Piercarlo is a average pilot, but there is something about him that unsettles the rest of the team... We think that its the fact that he comes every day to work by bicycle... He says that he does not want to mess up "HIS" car... That is a strange think to say...

Season 51 (07-01-2016) - Today we would like to anounce the hiring of a new racer to the team. Robert Westbury ( is the name of the new driver, and we hope that together we can do great thing this season. Robert Westbury, we expect great thing from you this season, so.. no preassure. Oh, and Piercarlo Larini your services are no longer required. You can come get your bicycle, since you leaved it here yesterday.

Season 51 (18-01-2016) - So far, we are pleased with the new pilot performance. In the last 3 races, we got 2 podiums. It would be 3 podiums, if we used the sufficient gasoline. but well, it was our mistake. No problem. We hope for another strong race, even if we feel that the car is not very well balanced at the moment. And the bicyle is still here waiting for you dude... Come and get it.

Season 51 (22-01-2016) - A great victory! A excelent race! Great tactic, great driving... What more can we hope for! Its time to get drunk!!!!

Season 51 (22-02-2016) - What a great season that we are having. The best so far! 2Wins and 8 Podiums. We are overly satisfied with our driver! What a great work that he has done! We will take the foot off the acelerador for the rest of the season and concentrate only in finishing the races. Robert, you are the men!
Oh, and the bicycle is still here... Dude, just come and get the stupid bicycle. Its not like you are driving anymore...

Season 51 (02-03-2016) - And so, i reach the end of my third season. It was our best season so far, we ended in the third position and with a good bank balance. And in the last two races, everything has gone as we planed. We feel that we are not good enough for the amator, but we will try to do all we can so we stay there. It will be dificult. It will be hard. But i feel that we can do it! WIth luck, lots of luck of course.
And dude, seriously, come and get your bicycle!!!

Season 52 (09-03-2016) - A new season is uppon us. We were notified that we will be at Amateur - 108, and after analyzing the group we come to the conclusion that it will be very difficult to stay in amateur. We shall try our very best, but unfortunately we fear that it wont be enough... In other news, we would like to inform that we extended the contrat with our driver for 5 more races, and depending on his evolution, we may renew for 5 more.
Our chief mechanic, put the damn bicycle on ebay. We are waiting for some offers for now...

Season 52 (15-03-2016) - last race was better than we atecipated, we ended at 21. The bad news is that we will be starting from the bottom this time since the qualify we did was terrible. We hope for the best for the race, but a position like the last race will be almost impossible. We are aiming to finish the race. We are receiving some bids from the bicycle on ebay, and a few people will be coming to see the bicycle first hand.

Season 52 (28-03-2016) - After the first two races of this season, we had high hopes for this season. We even thought that we had a chance of avoiding relegation this season... We were so very wrong. After the first two races, we had terrible results and just thinking about avoiding relegation, sounds like crazy talk right now. The season is long. Lets wait and see what happens. We sold the bicycle dude. Sorry. We are low on money, and the car needed new tires.

Season 52 (08-04-2016) - We are happy to announce that we signed with a new driver for the rest this season, welcome to the family Nigel Kimber-Smith ( It's a desperate move to avoid relegation this year, we are aware of that. We would like to thank for everything to our last driver, Robert Westbury and we hope all the best to him... Even if the rescission with him took most of the money we had... Damn. That was a beginner error... Damn

Season 52 (14-04-2016) - Apparently our plan worked, we finished in 9th in the last race and apparently we will avoid relegation. We are proud of that! But now, we are going to be bankrupt. I am even stating about to live back at my mothers house... Hope she accepts me back and gives me some food... I dont eat for 3 days since we fired our last driver and he took most of the team savings... We are getting desperate.

Season 53 (09-05-2016) - After avoiding relegation last season, and ending with our net ballance on the green, we approuch the next season with the same objective. We will try our most to avoid relegation. We know that it will be difficult to do it! But we are coffident that our pilot can manage it! Well, he has to do it since we have a long term contract with him... He cant get sacked...

Season 53 (23-05-2016) - This has been a bad season start. The first 3 races, we finished 2. The one whe did not finished, we got hit by another car on the first lap. The ones whe finished, one we did not have enough fuel and had to make a pit stop with 2 laps to go. The other we simply were not good enough and finished in th 15th... We were hoping to avoid relegation this year... But i fear that it will be almost impossible if this keeps up. We are hoping for the best in the next race, but the team is not motivated. Maybe we should all take a break after the season ends...

Season 53(20-06-2016) - The last race will be forever printed in our memories (Jun 21st, 2016). Against all odds, we scored this team first point in Amateur! We would like to thank our driver, Nigel Kimber-Smith for make this possible. You sir, are the real MVP! To score a point with a car at level 3, i take my hat off! With this point, we sure will avoid relegation. Time to start to think off the next season and end this current season with the finances in the green..

Season 53(23-06-2016) - Another race and another point! This season is exceeding all of our predictions! This will be forever printed in our memories as a turning point to the team! Now, if its for the better or worst, that we do not know. But we have 2 points this season! Gimme a hell yeah! HELL YEAH!

Season 54(11-07-2016) - After one excellent season, we start now a fresh one. Last Year, was a blast. We made 5 points in total and got a fastest lap! It was an amazing season. This one, we will try to make our financial status even better and try to avoid relegation. For that to happen, we need to score at least one point again. It will be difficult, but its not impossible. We would like to announce that we renewed with our driver for another 17 race. He is not getting younger, but we believe that he is the right men for the job.

Season 55(13-09-2016) - Its the beginning of a new season, and it is time to close the chapter of the current pilot. He informed us that he wont be extending his contract with us anymore. Its a shame, since he is the most to praise for the amazing last season. We wish him all the best, and to do his best for the next 8 races.
As we already said, last season was amazing! Our goal was to avoid relegation, but we did better than that! We ended in 9th Place with 29 points!!!! We even managed to get a podium! A second place in Oesterreichring GP, the last race of the season! We would like to do better this season, but we may not be able to do so. It is still better to try to avoid relegation, but we have a objective. For the first time, we are aiming big,we will try to make at least 10 points! And off corse, to make our finances even better.

Season 55(06-10-2016) - It is sad from our part to say, but as we suspected, we are unable to renew contract with our driver Nigel Kimber-Smith. He informed us that the next 2 races are the his last. We hope the best for him. Now, the hunt for a new driver is on the way.

Season 55(14-10-2016) - Yesterday, we said goodbye to Nigel Kimber-Smith. As he packed his things in the locker, tears were falling down from his face. Tears of joy, of a job well done. He decided that he needs a new challenge for him, but at the same time he loved this team. Well, he was with us for 3 seasons. As he walked away saying goodbye to all the mechanics on his way out, something very strange happened. A driver, knowing that there was a free spot on our team, solicited a reunion with us. We agreed. This, pilot, is Emil Galica (, he came with a lot of charts and papers, and he presented a two year plan to get this team to Pro league ... Well, he his the ambitious type we figured... We replied that all we wanted was to make 10 points this season, and maybe 15 in the next! He nodded... And took all of his papers and charts back to his car... After he singed a two year contract with us... Oh boy. This guy is a little... Strange...
Later this day, we noticed that our blue prints for car next season were missing... Weird...

Season 56(09-01-2017) - Very well, we are at the end of the second season with Emil Galica, and things are terrible with him. Since he started with us, he just made one point so far. He is not a problematic type of person... Hell, it would be awesome if he even talked to the team. Every lap that he makes during the setup for the car, all he says is, "Its ok, i guess."... Every since the blue prints of the car disappeared last season, every thing has gone to the gutter. All the backups of the blueprints were burned or deleted from the ofice network... Yes, we were sabotaged! We couldn't find the culprit, and beacause of all of that we started from scrach. But still, Emil galica could be doing better... At the moment we are thinking about letting him go, and decided (With two races to go) that we are not going to make more investments on the car this season... One point in two seasons, is very poor for a driver that was thinking about a two year plan to promote to PRO league...

Season 57(16-01-2017) - A new season is upon us! After the total shipwreck that was season 56, we will have to adjust some things this year. We already informed Emil Galica that we wont renew our contract with him, we thanked him for everything he has done, but as we could see, we was a total flop! We were planning on finishing more times on the points, but he never pointed last season. It was a total let down for all of the team! We also think that he is stealing toilet paper...
For this season, out only objective is to avoid relegation, and at least make one point... And always thinking about our finances!

Season 57(13-02-2017) - We are happy to announce that we signed with Renger Muermans ( We wish him all the best. We have high hopes... Well, its a little dificult to be as irregular as the last driver... Lets just hope that he doesn't disappoint .... Like the last one.

Season 58(10-05-2017) - Its been a while since my last update. Well, lets just say that the results of our last driver are the main reason why. Since he signed, his performance is... Modest. He rarely finishes in pointing position, and he normally stays away from the rear of the race. A modest racer... With a salary of a freaking prince. And so, as i saw what kind of a driver he was, i went around the globe to find a driver that will be able to attack the pointing positions. It will be difficult. It will be hard.But i think that we can do it! In, 3 or 5 more seasons... If we are lucky.

Season 58 (18-05-2017) - Well, that was funny. As soon as i bitched about my driver not being capable of finishing his races in pointing position, he goes and grabs a podium finish in the last race. Third place to be more exact. Well, this is awkward now. And the bastard as soon as he finished the race, he came by my office and said that he wont renew his contract with us. Well, i must say, this guy does know how to go out with a bang. After two seasons, and he finally gets a podium finish with us... Lets hope the next driver we sign is a little more gratefull....

Season 59 (09-06-2017) - we would like to announce that a new driver has been signed. We would like to welcome Ayrton Carrapatoso ( This season will be a learning one since we already have avoided relegation. We are aiming to give the best possible to this driver, something that was impossible to the last driver. To our last driver, Renger Muermans, we would like to wish all the best and thanks for everything. It was difficult in the beginning for him, he never really had a great car to fight for what we were aiming. I hope he find a good spot in a good team.

Season 60 (31-07-2017) - A new season is upon us... ANd the objectives are the same. Avoid relegation, and try to do point as fast as possible... What can go wrong?

Season 61 (10-10-2017) - A new season as arrived, and a new driver as been signed. Trent Hemric ( is the name. And the season objectives are already completed. We have already made a point in the last race, and because of that we wont get relegated. We would like to thank Ayrton Carrapatoso for that. In his last two races for us, he was amazing. Thanks for all your hard work.

Season 64 (08-06-2018) - What terrible news! We were relegated! We are ashamed of that, and because of what happened, the driver was sacked, beaten up and we stole his personal car! God dammit. We hatted that guy! And now we are welcoming our new driver, David Hobbs ( And we are warning you little guy, if you dont get promoted we will steal your car! We already keyed his car as a fair warning.

Season 68 (30-10-2019) - This is one of the best season on Amator so far! We would like to thank our pilot... But recently he refuses to talk to us.... We think its because of his contract, he does not want to renew and after the last talk he just appears to race and the he just go home. No talk no nothing. He is being rude.

Season 69 (19-02-2019) - We would like to welcome our new driver, Richard Lovely ( As we were thinking, our last , and best driver so far, didnt renew his contract with us. But its ok. Its ok. He later found out that it was him who were staling all the Ferreros from the waiting room. Oh, but we did our revenge. We puncture all his tires of his personal car in the last race... He had to walk home... Take that you punk... Oh, we could have been so happy together...