Nitrous F1 Racing

Ben ScowenŠarūnas ValinevičiusSartaj AliDanniel CaoBert MeeusLuka RusaMichael EvansAlex RichardsonBradley Cao

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Nama pasukan: Nitrous F1 Racing
Laman web pasukan:
Ditubuhkan: Musim 32, Perlumbaan 1
Kejuaraan: 0
Kemenangan Piala Kalah Mati: 0
Mata keseluruhan: 14,415.48
Purata mata/perlumbaan: 18.41
Purata mata/musim: 312.98
Purata posisi kedudukan: 232.39
Mata terbanyak dalam satu perlumbaan: 34.60 (Musim 64, Perlumbaan 8)
Kedudukan musim: 406
Mata musim: 9.6
Pencapaian pasukan:

24% dibukakunci

Ahli terbanyak di Elit: 1 (Musim 73, Perlumbaan 1)
Ahli dibawa ke Elit: 1
Bilangan perlumbaan diwakili dalam:
Keputusan kumulatif:
Keputusan musim ini:
Bilangan penyokong: 1
Kekosongan: 1

Ahli pasukan

Tempat Kew Nama pengurus Kumpulan Sumbangan
01. Ben Scowen Amateur - 49 37.5% (9.8%)
02. Šarūnas Valinevičius Amateur - 84 0% (3.7%)
03. Sartaj Ali Amateur - 18 23.6% (0.3%)
04. Danniel Cao Amateur - 10 2.8% (0.3%)
05. Bert Meeus Amateur - 57 0% (0.4%)
06. Luka Rusa Amateur - 20 22.2% (0.3%)
07. Michael Evans Amateur - 89 9.7% (0.1%)
08. Alex Richardson Amateur - 19 4.2% (0%)
09. Bradley Cao Amateur - 83 0% (0%)

Logo pasukan

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From the ashes of Red Hawk Racing comes Nitrous Racing, a team of friendly active managers looking to share ideas, knowledge, data and more with the goal to help everyone achieve as much as they want/can in the world of GPRO. As well as sharing knowledge we are also constantly building and improving our existing tools and knowledge base.

As with many teams out there, we too have lost a good number of great players in the past seasons. However, we are also now rebuilding our family of teams and aim to be returning in the Top 100 soon enough. We still have the knowledge and the will to share it with upcoming talents in the game, by use of our external forum.

We are a team that believes in enjoying the game and ensuring good fun between its members. We have an active external forum shared with our sister teams Nitrous F2 and Nitrous Racing Academy with in forum games and plenty of discussion. We have a strong culture of helping and supporting each other. Together we seek to improve our overall and combined knowledge of the game. Besides our joined experience in the game, we can also supply calculators and planners for various parts of the game.

We are always welcoming new and old talents! Do you think you are the one that can handle the bottle of Nitrous in the engine bay, ready at your command of the button? Then by all means, contact one of the team leaders and most of all, don’t be shy telling us why you would like to join, what you would be adding to the team and what you would seek from us!

- Established since Season 32
- Renamed as of season 46
- S65 - Best Finish at #46 in the Team Ranking
- S65 - Most points totalling 452.4002
- 1x participating in the GPro Team Cup
- 7x finishing in the Top 100 of teams

- Nitrous F1 (est, S32) with team leader Ben Scowen | /gb/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=1241
- Nitrous F2 (est, S46) with team leader Lucas Holmes | /gb/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=1893
- Nitrous Racing (est, S56) with team leader Alf Wiklund | /gb/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=2154