Versant Racing

Mikko HeikkinenTim WagnerMike BastonMichael MonacoJohn IbbotsonMartin BritainGreg TierneyGraham MercerSebastian JóźwiakJonathan Beagles

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Liveri pasukan:

Nama pasukan: Versant Racing
Laman web pasukan: https://upload.wikimedia...
Ditubuhkan: Antara M7 dan M8
Kejuaraan: 0
Kemenangan Piala Kalah Mati: 0
Mata keseluruhan: 33,527.68
Purata mata/perlumbaan: 28.10
Purata mata/musim: 477.76
Purata posisi kedudukan: 33.25
Mata terbanyak dalam satu perlumbaan: 52.00 (Musim 50, Perlumbaan 2)
Kedudukan musim: 65
Mata musim: 72.9335
Pencapaian pasukan:

38% dibukakunci

Ahli terbanyak di Elit: 2 (Musim 38, Perlumbaan 1)
Ahli dibawa ke Elit: 9
Bilangan perlumbaan diwakili dalam:
Keputusan kumulatif:
Keputusan musim ini:
Bilangan penyokong: 10
Kekosongan: 0 (Tiada permohonan diterima)

Ahli pasukan

Tempat Kew Nama pengurus Kumpulan Sumbangan
01. Mikko Heikkinen Master - 3 10.6% (7%)
02. Tim Wagner Pro - 6 9.3% (7.8%)
03. Mike Baston Amateur - 24 7.9% (8.5%)
04. Michael Monaco Master - 2 2.2% (6.5%)
05. John Ibbotson Master - 5 4% (4.1%)
06. Martin Britain Pro - 15 23.9% (3.3%)
07. Greg Tierney Pro - 16 0.8% (3.3%)
08. Graham Mercer Amateur - 2 16.3% (2.1%)
09. Sebastian Jóźwiak Master - 1 10.2% (1.6%)
10. Jonathan Beagles Amateur - 7 14.8% (4.4%)

Logo pasukan

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Versant...the word stands for knowledgeable, we stand for friendship, camaraderie and striving to learn more.

Tim-Oliver Wagner – Last surviving German and proud of it. Let’s face it, he’s probably planning an invasion of Jaguar or Whiskey and Cigars. In the meantime, he is rightly Versant’s resident football authority and anger management consultant.

Mike Baston - Epitomises the English grit, screwed over by public sector cuts and here to nationalise GPRO one race at a time!

Mikko Heikkinen – Legend of the game, prised from the heart of Martini and installed in the heart of Versant. Think of him as a trophy kill, with his head mounted on the wall of the Versantian drawing room.

Michael Monaco – “Look, you’ve already got a Mike”, they said. We overlooked the potential confusion and snapped him up as soon as the chance arose after stalking him for 25 seasons. Good at shrugging.

John Ibbotson - Versant's Silent Paragon and new "Silly Games Jo(h)n". Sucks your soul out of your body if you see a picture of him. Got around Versant's latrine cleaner duty because of a sore back.

Martin Britain - After the stunning success of fellow Aussie Troy Sheahen it was decided to bring another Antipodean into the Versant fold.

Greg Tierney - Has a head like a racing beaver. The world needs more racing beavers...

Graham Mercer - The illegitimate love child of Santa and Chewbacca. As old as Methuselah with dad jokes to match.

Sebastian Jóźwiak - Has a finger much like another Seb we know... Might also be on Firefly getting into all kinds of mischief

Jonathan Beagles (JB) - The squirrel has returned!!! Here to tell us folksy tales of what Versant was like "back in his day" and definately NOT to plan a coup to reclaim leadership of the team...