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Naam:Rick Cortese
Land: Australië
Speelt sinds:Jun 7, 2009
Laatste actie: Vandaag om 13:16:21
Forum berichten:233  (Bekijk berichten)
GPRO Bekers: 0
Aantal GP's:15 (946)
Punten behaald:14 (1870)
Overwinningen:0 (12)
Podiums:1 (108)
Pole positions:0 (18)
Snelste ronde:0 (6)
Gem pntn/race.: 0.93 (1.98)
Certificatie: Deze manager heeft de GPRO certificatie test succesvol afgelegd! (Jun 9, 2009)

19% vrijgespeeld

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Snelle feiten

Eerste GP: Seizoen 15, Race 1
Aantal keer ingelogd:7935
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:2336.6 uren
Geboortedatum: -
Status relatie:Getrouwd

Game data overview

Groep:Amateur - 38
Seizoens Positie:12
Saldo: $??.???.???
Coureur: Emerson da Matta (131)
Tech D: Geen
Personeel's overall:19
Banden: Pipirelli
Team naam: Team Downunder
Team positie:194
Team punten:271.3999


Schwappes (A38) - 35 races
Cartierier (A38) - 16 races
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Carriere van manager Rick Cortese (Laatst aangepast: Mei 31 2012, 08:03:43)
Season 15 - Rookie

My rookie year, although years ago I loved playing Grand Prix Manager 2 on my pc at home - and did well at it. I've started playing it again. Same concept and good training ground for this game. I love the concept of this game and it's a great pastime for me. I'm a retired aeronautical engineer who, as one of many hobbies in the late 80s, actually spent time as a race engineer for a F2 team in the NSW state titles. Helped capture lap record at Oran Park which stood for many years.

Had a go at the certification test and passed it 1st go - $3M in the kitty - ching ching - thank you!
1st race - finished 2nd!
3rd race - won it!
11th race - finally took lead in group championship!
17th (last) race - lost the lead in the group championship and came 2nd overall in my 1st season with 97 points!
Led the group points ladder for 6 races - longer than any other manager in my group this season.

Goal = get promoted and have enough money left over to do well in Amateurs next season.
Result = Achieved goal!

Season 16 - Amateur

Goal = reach a bank balance of $50M and stay above relegation zone to set a promotion challenge in my 2nd Amateurs season (#17).
Result = partly achieved goal! - I stayed above relegation zone by finishing in 14th (7 points) but with only $17M (+$6.5M in bonuses) in bank.

Season 17 - Amateur

Goal = reach a bank balance > $50M and finish in the top 10.
Result = almost achieved goal! - Finished 18th with $48M after bonuses.

Season 18 - Amateur

Goal = reach a bank balance > $70M and finish in the top 10. I want to accumulate more money before promotion to cope with higher cost of good tyres in Pros.
Result = mostly achieved goal! - Finished 7th with $65M after bonuses.

Season 19 - Amateur

Goal = get promoted to Pros and have enough money left over to do well in Pros next season.
Result = achieved goal! - Finished 4th with $52M after bonuses.

Season 20 - Pro

Goal = reach a bank balance > $50M and consolidate in group.
Result = Nowhere near achieving goal! My worst season in GPRO! A string of randoms at the start of the season ruined my chances. But I managed to scrape out of relegation. Finished 25th & left with only $18.2M after bonuses.

Season 21 - Pro

Goal = survive in pros! then reach a bank balance > $50M and consolidate in group.
Result = Nowhere near achieving goal! My 2nd worst season in GPRO! Not enough money and car level to compete and had to downgrade parts to keep a + bank balance. Time to relegate and regroup.

Season 22 - Amateur

Goal = regroup and save money to go for promotion in S23.
Result = achieved goal! - Finished 6th with $40M after bonuses (after starting season with $6M). Could have easily been promoted but held myself back.

Season 23 - Amateur

Goal = get promoted to Pros with a good bank balance.
Result = partly achieved goal! - Promoted! Finished 3rd but with only $40M after bonuses. Randoms started returning too. Got 3 randoms in a row in the last 6 races of season which nearly derailed my easy promotion.

Season 24 - Pro

Goal = reach a bank balance > $50M and consolidate in group.
Result = Bad! No goals achieved. Finished in 34th, relegated back to Ams and scraped to keep + bank balance. Another series of randoms occurred at season start. 2 randoms in the first 3 Pro races. Just like the last time I was in Pros and I don't know why. If this keeps up I'll quit GPRO. I'm getting fed up with these randoms. This is 5 randoms in 9 races vs 1 random in the previous 2 seasons. As a result, I fast ran out of money - just like last time I was in Pros. This time I got much better driver/TD/staff - still no good.

Seasons 25-29 - Amateur

Goal = regroup and save money.
Results = Reached $76M in bank but just missed out on promotion in last 3 seasons (S27-29) (finished 5th all 3 times) Ouch!
Became Team leader during Season 29.

Season 30 - Amateur

Goal = go for promotion with a new driver (tough but achievable).
Results = Ouch! Finished 8th! Dropped to $12.8M in bank. Worst result in last 4 seasons and spent over $45M of bank account doing it. :(

Season 31 - Amateur
Goal = regroup and save money with new driver...again. :(

Good luck everyone and see you in the races.