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Naam:Sara Lingrey
Land: Australië
Speelt sinds:Feb 16, 2021
Laatste actie: Vandaag om 20:28:53
Forum berichten:116  (Bekijk berichten)
GPRO Bekers: 0
Aantal GP's:12 (90)
Punten behaald:56 (232)
Overwinningen:0 (3)
Podiums:5 (22)
Pole positions:0 (0)
Snelste ronde:1 (5)
Gem pntn/race.: 4.67 (2.58)
Certificatie: Deze manager heeft de GPRO certificatie test succesvol afgelegd! (Mei 18, 2021)

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Snelle feiten

Eerste GP: Seizoen 80, Race 8
Aantal keer ingelogd:1191
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:288.4 uren
Geboortedatum: -
Status relatie:Single

Overzicht spel gegevens

Groep:Amateur - 9
Seizoens Positie:2
Saldo: $??.???.???
Coureur: Corrado Adamich (139)
Tech D: Geen
Personeel's overall:13
Banden: Pipirelli
Team naam: Tyrrell
Team positie:57
Team punten:307.6666


EI du Pond (A9) - 9 races
Louis Vuittons (A9) - 5 races
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Carriere van manager Sara Lingrey (Laatst aangepast: Jan 19 2022, 15:35:39)
S85 (Amateur-9):
Race 1: Jeddah: Started 13th, finished 7th. Strong start of the season considering I didn't push and was on a slower 2-stop.
Race 2: Irungattukottai: Started 9th, finished 10th. DM cost me some points sadly.
Race 3: Abu Dhabi: Started 12th, finished 12th. Had a poor start, dropped 3 places, and then got stuck in a train which messed up my race. From there it was pretty much a shit show.
Race 4: Yeongam: Started 9th, finished 2nd. First podium in Amateur, when I thought my race was over after all that weather shenanigans. Got lucky in an unlucky situation somehow, I'll take it.
Race 5: Fuji: Started 2nd, finished 3rd. Decent pace, not the best pace, but good enough for a podium.
Race 6: Indy Oval: Started 4th, finished 3rd. Had decent pace and a decent strategy. Fight for promo is on! + Fastest Lap
Race 7: Brasilia: Started 3rd, finished 4th. Should've been 2nd, but I made a stupid fuel calculation error that dropped me two places due to me pitting 2 laps before the end.
Race 8: Mexico City: Started 6th, finished 2nd. I'm a 1-stop genius ^^
Race 9: AVUS: Started 4th, finished 6th. Rubbish race, no pace whatsoever.
Race 10: Jyllands-Ringen: Started 9th, finished 4th.
Race 11: Mugello: Started 3rd, finished 4th. Got stuck after lap 1 and it was a frustrating race since then.
Race 12: Bucharest Ring: Started 2nd, finished 2nd. This was my opportunity to win a race, but the weather wasn't in my favour.

S84 (Amateur-9):
Race 1: Istanbul: Started 29th, finished 25th.
Race 2: Adelaide: Started 25th, DNF. Had a random at my home GP :( "Your car had a puncture and could not finish the race"
Race 3: Suzuka: Started 22nd, finished 21st. Had some decent pace, but also 3 DMs. A race to forget.
Race 4: Estoril: Started 13th, finished 9th. Hard one to take... P9 is brilliant given last season and this season so far. But to throw 2 points away with a DM with only a few laps to go, is a hard pill to swallow.
Race 5: Jerez: Started 27th, finished 16th. Went better than expected! Had more pace than I thought ^^
Race 6: Grobnik: Started 23rd, finished 21st. Always seemed to be stuck, and when I had clean air, the pace wasn't there.
Race 7: Austin: Started 22nd, finished 8th. My first point in 2 seasons and my first point since joining Tyrrell! So happy with this one :)
Race 8: Montreal: Started 20th, finished 19th. Got stuck in a train from lap 1 until my first pitstop which ruined my race (:
Race 9: Mexico City: Started 19th, finished 24th. Another random to ruin my race, especially because I was in P10 and P8 was 2s up the road by the time the random hit.
Race 10: Buenos Aires: Started 21st, finished 15th. Didn't have enough pace to truly take advantage of my 1-stop, but it was a decent try.
Race 11: Interlagos: Started 19th, finished 11th. Satisfied :)
Race 12: Serres: Started 22nd, finished 17th. One of the most frustrating races I've ever had...
Race 13: Bremgarten: Started 19th, finished 13th. Not much pace in the beginning of the stints, but the 1-stop worked wonders.
Race 14: Zolder: Started 21st, finished 11th. 1-stop worked well, only 5 seconds off of points. Not bad!
Race 15: Sakhir: Started 15th, finished 10th. Started smoking with 2 laps to go while I was 1s behind P8. Good result, could've been better though.
Race 16: Baku City: Started 11th, finished 6th. Great pace, finally a race without DMs. Happy lassy.
Race 17: Singapore: Started 8th, finished 6th. A shame the rain stopped earlier than expected, but I had some decent pace nonetheless.

S83 (Amateur-9):
Pre-Season: Moved from IceWomen to Tyrrell.
Race 1: Hungaroring: Started 16th, finished 22nd. A race to forget. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong...
Race 2: Mexico City: Started 24th, finished 25th. If this is my genuine pace this season, then it'll be a season to forget. Luckily I was in the same boat last season and managed to have some cracking races, so just waiting around for my opportunities.
Race 3: Indianapolis: Started 24th, finished 22nd. For a race where I had no pace, this was a decent result!
Race 4: Brasilia: Started 31st, finished 26th. First race of my new project driver, looks like a lot of pace is yet to come, but at least he didn't make any mistakes and the 1-stop sorta worked.
Race 5: Yeongam: Started 23rd, finished 11th. Really strong race! Would've been stronger if I didn't get stuck in a train for like 20 laps, but hey, I'll take it! :D
Race 6: Brno: Started 29th, finished 24th. No pace on the 2-stop, I think I went too conservative.
Race 7: Brands Hatch: Started 28th, finished 22nd. Not great, but not horrendous either. Basically where the pace of my guy is at the moment.
Race 8: Hockenheim: Started 21st, finished 21st. Let's leave it at that :)
Race 9: Spa: Started 22nd, finished 17th. Though it's one of my best results this season, I'm sad because I miscalculated my fuel... I could've scored points if it weren't for that extra pitstop a few laps before the end...
Race 10: Grobnik: Started 22nd, finished 20th.
Race 11: Zandvoort: Started 27th, finished 19th. Had some decent pace, need to get on top of my qualifying sessions...
Race 12: Ahvenisto: Started 25th, finished 19th. Decent 1-stopper.
Race 13: Monza: Started 23rd, finished 16th.
Race 14: Kyalami: Started 28th, finished 20th.
Race 15: Sepang: Started 27th, finished 19th. One stopper worked to a certain degree.
Race 16: Yas Marina: Started 28th, finished 18th. One stopper definetly is the way to go.
Race 17: Sochi: Started 20th, finished 11th. Not a bad end of the season.

S82 (Amateur-9):
Pre-Season: Signed a new driver named Dave Priaulx. Plan is to retain this season and upgrade the car. Let's see what I can do!
Race 1: Suzuka: Started 25th, finished 31st. Lost the race at the start. Lost like 4 or 5 positions and got stuck behind 1-stoppers. Didn't have much pace anyways. Let's see if I can improve during the season. Early signs are telling me that I'll struggle a lot.
Race 2: New Delhi: Started 19th, finished 28th. No race pace. Definetly a struggle season ahead of me.
Race 3: Baku: Started 23rd, finished 23rd. Slowly improving.
Race 4: Singapore: Started 24th, finished 31st. All the confidence I've built up from last race, has gone.
Race 5: Montreal: Started 30th, finished 31st. Seriously debating firing my current driver.
Race 6: Austin: Started 25th, finished 27th. Fired Dave Priaulx!
Race 7: Buenos Aires: Started 12th, finished 15th. Debut of Greg Pantano. Best race so far, great debut!
Race 8: Adelaide: Started 12th, finished 6th. FIRST AMATEUR POINTS at my home race! I should be safe now.
Race 9: Paul Ricard: Started 14th, finished 19th. Not bad for no risks.
Race 10: Valencia: Started 20th, finished 22nd.
Race 11: A1-Ring: Started 17th, finished 17th. Pretty boring race :)
Race 12: Monte Carlo: Started 22nd, finished 19th. Was better than expected. Wish I had a bit more pace (:
Race 13: Bremgarten: Started 17th, finished 12th. No pace in the beginning of the stints, but so fast at the end!
Race 14: Fiorano: Started 23rd, finished 19th. Got stuck behind a slower car, was unlucky with the rain hitting 2 laps after a pitstop, and had a DM on my in-lap. A race to forget.
Race 15: Silverstone: Started 19th, finished 25th. Race was over after the first driver mistake. Had another one near the end...
Race 16: Poznan: Started 24th, finished 27th. Definetly my worst & unluckiest race so far. Got stuck for 10-20 laps behind a smoker, had 2 DMs & a random. LOVELY!
Race 17: Nürburgring: Started 11th, finished 5th. Perfect strategy, decent pace! Best result in Ama so far :D

S81 (Rookie-37):
Race 1: Sakhir: Started 6th, finished 2nd. A bit lucky with a late pitstop from the then leader, which bumped me up to 2nd. Great start to the season, no complaints!
Race 2: Shanghai: Started 2nd, finished 2nd.
Race 3: Istanbul: Started 2nd, finished 4th. Tried a 3-stop strategy, it didn't work. Fastest lap though!
Race 4: Fuji: Started 5th, finished 2nd.
Race 5: Sochi: Started 2nd, finished 2nd. Fastest Lap!
Race 6: Zolder: Started 3rd, finished 2nd. Didn't really have great pace, but still managed to get 2nd.
Race 7: Imola: Started 4th, finished 2nd. Racing for Australia for the 1st time, happy to score a podium for them :D
Race 8: Rafaela Oval: Started 3rd, finished 4th. Low CTR, mixed with a miscalculation on tyres resulted me going P4...
Race 9: Laguna Seca: Started 3rd, finished 2nd. Fastest Lap!
Race 10: Interlagos: Started 3rd, finished 2nd. Started on slicks during the rain, good call. Had decent pace in the middle stint and caught up with the leading pair. In the end, I finished 2nd, 0.208s behind the leader... Devastated not to win, but the pace is there at least. But this P2 hurts.
Race 11: Portimão: Started 2nd, finished 1st. I WON!! Strong pace all race, especially in the rain.
Race 12: Mugello: Started 3rd, finished 3rd. No pace all race.
Race 13: Barcelona: Started 3rd, finished 2nd. Decent pace in the rain, acceptable pace in the dry. Made a pitstop error, so I finished a long way behind the winner, could've been closer.
Race 14: Jyllands-Ringen: Started 2nd, finished 2nd. Didn't really have the pace this race.
Race 15: Österreichring: Started 2nd, finished 1st. Great pace in the wet, definetly made the difference there ^^ Good to win a race on merit :)
Race 16: Magny Cours: Started 3rd, finished 2nd. Good pace, even with the smoking at the end ^^
Race 17: Monte Carlo: Started 3rd, finished 4th. Only 0.2s off the podium with an extra pitstop due to a random. Not bad! Promoted to Amateur, curious to see what happens there ^^

S80 (Rookie-37):
Race 8: Silverstone: Started 9th, finished 10th.
Race 9: Poznan: Started 10th, finished 8th.
Race 10: Austin: Started 3rd, finished 8th. My first rain race and it could've gone better.
Race 11: Mexico City: Started 9th, finished 7th. My highest finish up until that point. Decent race pace, not quick enough to fight for top 5, but definetly quick enough to score points.
Race 12: Brasilia: Started 6th, finished 7th. 2 more points in the bag, got stuck after the 1st pitstop. 6th would've been possible. Lots to learn!
Race 13: Suzuka: Started 7th, finished 6th. Best result so far ^^
Race 14: Irungattukottai: Started 6th, finished 12th. Throwaway race as I had engine issues.
Race 15: Singapore: Started 2nd, finished 1st. MY FIRST WIN! WOOHOO!
Race 16: Yas Marina: Started 6th, finished 2nd. Would've won if I didn't pit on the final lap...
Race 17: Melbourne: Started 3rd, finished 3rd. Decent end to the season in a difficult race! Happy with my first season :D