Helmsman: Roelof Mulder


Helmsman: Roelof Mulder
Homeport:  (Netherlands)

Helmsman legend

Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races: 165
Victors: 26
Plinths: 42
Tot'l prizes: 443
Afore places: 13
Quick'st loops: 34
Avg prz/race: 2.68

Favoured seas

Rafaela Oval, Kaunas



O'erall: 115 
Preparin' yer ship:
'Ow fit:
'Ow afrai':

Fame: 94 

'Ow fat (kg): 68 
Old: 32 

Off'rs fro'

Nay cap'ns wi' off'rs

Tot'l off'rs: 0

Cap'ns fro' afore

Cap'n Start'd steerin' End'd steerin'
Redange Marotops Voyage 62, Race 7 Voyage 62, Race 16
Andreas Tsiamis Voyage 63, Race 1 Voyage 64, Race 3
Christopher Willis Voyage 64, Race 6 Voyage 65, Race 17
Luiz Carlos Maciel Jr Voyage 66, Race 1 Voyage 67, Race 17
Carina Gaton Voyage 68, Race 4 Voyage 70, Race 3
Catherine Matton Voyage 70, Race 4 Voyage 74, Race 2

Do we 'ave an accor'?

Ye need to've embark'd to be makin' off'rs
Bounty per race:  $
Bribe:  $
Loot fer victor:  $ (up t'ye)
Loot fer plinth:  $ (up t'ye)
Loot fer prizes:  $ (up t'ye)
Loot fer chalice:  $ (up t'ye)
Time afore th' mast:  (1 - 17)
Be ye sneaky?:


  • If a new bilge rat be acceptin' yer offer ye'll be payin' booty to yer barnacle-covered bilge rat (hal' wha' ye would be payin' 'til his steerin' end'd)
  • If ye wants t' be changin' yer hirin' off'r ye be needin' t' dismiss th' first off'r 'n be makin' a new'n'. Mark ye, ye'll also be payin' fer th' new off'r
  • Ye can be makin' open, sneaky 'n' secr't off'rs only 'f ye be 'n Pro, Master o' Elite armadas
  • An open off'r be plain to all, wit' the cap'n's name who be makin' th' off'r. A sneaky off'r be plain to all, but th' off'rin' cap'n be hidden. A secr't off'r will nay be spied 'til th' crew hirin' deadline
  • An open off'r be costin' ye $500.000, a sneaky off'r be costin' ye $1.000.000 'n' a secr't off'r be costin' ye $1.500.000