Helmsman: Guy Acheson


Helmsman: Guy Acheson
Homeport:  (United Kingdom)

Helmsman legend

Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races: 183
Victors: 23
Plinths: 54
Tot'l prizes: 549
Afore places: 17
Quick'st loops: 15
Avg prz/race: 3

Favoured seas

Laguna Seca, Rafaela Oval, Hungaroring



O'erall: 158 
Preparin' yer ship:
'Ow fit:
'Ow afrai':

Fame: 44 

'Ow fat (kg): 72 
Old: 34 

Th' bargain struck

Thar cap'n: Pedro Nazaré
Armada:Pro - 1
Time left afore th' mast:1 boat race

Cap'ns fro' afore

Cap'n Start'd steerin' End'd steerin'
Regimantas Sabunas Voyage 58, Race 3 Voyage 58, Race 12
Jhonata Silva Voyage 58, Race 17 Voyage 62, Race 16
Serg Egorov Voyage 62, Race 17 Voyage 64, Race 16
Alex Belão Voyage 65, Race 11 Voyage 68, Race 10
Marco Lopes Voyage 68, Race 16 Voyage 70, Race 15
Pedro Nazaré Voyage 72, Race 1 Nay yet

Do we 'ave an accor'?

Ye need to've embark'd to be makin' off'rs
Bounty per race:  $
Bribe:  $
Loot fer victor:  $ (up t'ye)
Loot fer plinth:  $ (up t'ye)
Loot fer prizes:  $ (up t'ye)
Loot fer chalice:  $ (up t'ye)
Time afore th' mast:  (1 - 17)
Be ye sneaky?:


  • If a new bilge rat be acceptin' yer offer ye'll be payin' booty to yer barnacle-covered bilge rat (hal' wha' ye would be payin' 'til his steerin' end'd)
  • If ye wants t' be changin' yer hirin' off'r ye be needin' t' dismiss th' first off'r 'n be makin' a new'n'. Mark ye, ye'll also be payin' fer th' new off'r
  • Ye can be makin' open, sneaky 'n' secr't off'rs only 'f ye be 'n Pro, Master o' Elite armadas
  • An open off'r be plain to all, wit' the cap'n's name who be makin' th' off'r. A sneaky off'r be plain to all, but th' off'rin' cap'n be hidden. A secr't off'r will nay be spied 'til th' crew hirin' deadline
  • An open off'r be costin' ye $500.000, a sneaky off'r be costin' ye $1.000.000 'n' a secr't off'r be costin' ye $1.500.000