Cap'n: Lychezar Stoyanov

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Cap'n's name:Lychezar Stoyanov
Homeport: Bulgaria
Lad o' lassie:Lad
Went on account:Aug 22, 2012
Last carousin': This very day at 14:38:56
Jabb'r postin's:284  (See postin's)
Numb'rs 'n lies
GPRO Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races:15 (960)
Tot'l prizes:38 (1705)
Victors:3 (52)
Plinths:3 (151)
Afore places:0 (34)
Quick'st loops:0 (69)
Avg prz/race: 2.53 (1.78)
Sea legs: Aye! (May 24, 2019)
Thin's tha' be done:

Ahoy! 43% unlocked

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Hailin' Coordinates

Electronic devilry: Nay sharin' 't wit' ye
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Buccaneer Vitals

First BR: Voyage 32, Race 8
Times embark'd:37379
Time in th' cap'n's chair:9779.5 hours
'Ow tall:-
'Ow fat:-
Date o' birth: -
Place o' birth:-
Livin' place when nay at sea:-
Be they shackl'd:Served their time afore the mast

Game data o'erview

Armada:Pro - 5
Voyage coordinates:6
Booty: $?.???.???
Helmsman: Eddie McCarthy (86)
Bosun: Joanna Gascoyne (106)
Crew o'erall:35
Oars: Dunnolop
Squadron be call'd: McLaren-Honda BULGARIA
Sail ho! Team position:76
Armada scores:351.0665


Iveko (A35) - 20 boat races
Hugo Bross (A35) - 17 boat races
Thompson (A35) - 10 boat races
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Cap'n record o' Lychezar Stoyanov (Las' updat'd: Jun 11 2022, 17:40:40)
Season 32 Started playing GPRO
Season 36 Promoted to AMATEUR
Season 39 Promoted to Pro
Season 43 promoted to Master
Season 45 again in Pro
Season 46 again in AMATEUR time-out
Season 49 rase 14 I am back
Season 50 Promoted to Pro
Season 55 again in AMATEUR
Season 59 Promoted to Pro
Season 60 promoted to Master
Season 61 again in Pro
Season 63 again in AMATEUR
Season 65 Promoted to Pro
Season 67 promoted to Master
Season 69 again in Pro
Season 73 again in AMATEUR
Season 81 again in Pro
Season 83 promoted to Master
Season 84 again in Pro
Season 86 again in AMATEUR
Season 88 again in Pro