Cap'n: Peter Abbott

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Arrr! Helmet
Ships colours
Cap'n's name:Peter Abbott
Homeport: Australia
Lad o' lassie:Lad
Went on account:Aug 24, 2018
Last carousin': This very day at 19:40:48
Jabb'r postin's:112  (See postin's)
Numb'rs 'n lies
GPRO Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races:0 (387)
Tot'l prizes:0 (881)
Victors:0 (38)
Plinths:0 (85)
Afore places:0 (40)
Quick'st loops:0 (50)
Avg prz/race: - (2.28)
Sea legs: Aye! (Mar 15, 2020)
Thin's tha' be done:

Ahoy! 43% unlocked

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Electronic devilry: Nay sharin' 't wit' ye
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Buccaneer Vitals

First BR: Voyage 66, Race 5
Times embark'd:3151
Time in th' cap'n's chair:1767.9 hours
'Ow tall:-
'Ow fat:-
Date o' birth: -
Place o' birth:-
Livin' place when nay at sea:-
Be they shackl'd:-

Game data o'erview

Armada:Master - 1
Voyage coordinates:6
Booty: $??.???.???
Helmsman: Jarno Barilla (158)
Bosun: Ken Brown (116)
Crew o'erall:31
Oars: blank
Squadron be call'd: Wizards from Oz
Sail ho! Team position:90
Armada scores:0


Ericssons (P12) - 25 boat races
JOPS (A14) - 13 boat races
Lucrent Technologies (P12) - 5 boat races
Paneri (A14) - 4 boat races
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Cap'n record o' Peter Abbott (Las' updat'd: Jan 8 2020, 07:27:18)
Season 67
First full season.
First points this season.

Season 70
First race win.
First podium.
First pole position.
First fastest lap.
First hattrick.
Podium finish every race
Rookie 132 Season Championship winner.
Cup winner
8 wins
17 podiums
5 pole positions
12 fastest laps
4 hatricks
148 points scored

Season 72
First point in Amateur
First podium in Amateur
First race win in Amateur

1 win
3 podiums

Season 73
First Pole position in Amateur
First Fastest lap in Amateur
First Grand Chelem
Point finish every race

5 wins
14 podiums
8 poles
10 fastest laps

126 points

Championship winner
Cup winner