Numb'rs 'n lies

GPRO legends numb'rs
Armada numb'rs
Game activity statistics
Jabb'r numb'rs
Home Port numb'rs
Oth'r numb'rs
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Crew numb'rs
GPRO dues pay'rs numb'rs

Thars tha' did Elite podium invaders ('ave 3 crew hands on th' Elite podium in th' same race)
Squadron figurehead Squadron be call'd Be done Race data, replay and results
Jaguar RacingSeason 83, Race 12Race replay  |  Race summary  
Polish Racing TeamSeason 63, Race 10Race replay  |  Race summary  
Team EdificeSeason 39, Race 15Race replay  |  Race summary  
Black SupernovaSeason 32, Race 6Race replay  |  Race summary  
Mooncraft Racing TeamSeason 24, Race 4Race replay  |  Race summary