Continental Racing

Alex HerbanNuno Silva

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Squadron be call'd: Continental Racing
Squadron website: Nay site list'd
First sail'd t'gether: Voyage 27, Race 1
Chalices: 0
Knockout flagons: 0
Tot'l prizes: 16,911.99
Av'rage prizes/race: 14.31
Av'rage prizes/voyage: 243.24
Av'rage rankin': 294.95
Most prizes in a race: 43.13 (Voyage 53, Race 8)
Voyage coordinates: 477
Voyage prizes: 45.4667
Squadron accolades:

Ahoy! 24% unlocked

Most cap'ns in Elite: 1 (Voyage 39, Boat race 1)
Cap'ns raised to Elite: 3
Boat races represented in:
Tot'l victors 'n' plinths:
Joss this voyage:
Thralls o' th' Pirate King: 0
Berths: 8

Cap'ns in th' squadron

Berth HP Cap'n Armada Who did wha'
01. Alex Herban Amateur - 62 27.3% (14.9%)
02. Nuno Silva Amateur - 71 72.7% (3.4%)

Squadron figurehead

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The Idea behind Continental Racing is to form a global team with guys from all over the world. The goal is to work together and win the championship one day.

We are a bit like the Olympic games, but without the "The most important thing is not to win but to take part!" thing... We are here to win!