Black Panther Portugal Team

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Squadron be call'd: Black Panther Portugal Team
Squadron website: http://bpantherpt.forume...
First sail'd t'gether: Voyage 35, Race 1
Chalices: 0
Knockout flagons: 0
Tot'l prizes: 9,672.70
Av'rage prizes/race: 9.90
Av'rage prizes/voyage: 168.31
Av'rage rankin': 477.68
Most prizes in a race: 41.27 (Voyage 51, Race 13)
Voyage coordinates: 718
Voyage prizes: 0
Squadron accolades:

Ahoy! 14% unlocked

Most cap'ns in Elite: 0
Cap'ns raised to Elite: 0
Boat races represented in:
Tot'l victors 'n' plinths:
Joss this voyage:
Thralls o' th' Pirate King: 0
Berths: 0 (Squadrons wi' nay cap'ns)

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Comandeerin' a scuttl'd squadron be costin' ye $5.000.000 'f ye be a form'r captain o' th' squadron, else 't be costin' ye $7.500.000. Any postin's fro' th' squadron jabb'r be gone 'n nay be a part o' th' bargain'. E'erythin' else fro' th' squadron past still be thar, includin' th' colours, numb'rs 'n prizes per voyage. Only cap'ns 'n Amateur 'n 'bove 'n not owin' booty be able t' be comandeerin' scuttle'd squadrons.

Comandeerin' th' squadron Black Panther Portugal Team be costin' ye $7.500.000.

Squadron figurehead

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Black Panther Portugal Team

Esta equipa é formada por "Jovens" managers portugueses, que têm varios objectivos em comum como:
Divertimo-nos; ter sucesso e adquirir bastante conhecimento.
Queremos atingir o patamar maximo, mas sabemos que não vai ser uma tarefa facil, por isso vamos subindo um degrau de cada vez e tentar solidificar cada patamar.Nem sempre vai correr da forma por nós planeada, mas com garra e determinação esta equipa com todos os membros a trabalhar em conjunto, vamos conseguir ultrapassar todas as dificuldades e obstáculos que ocorrem no decorrer de cada epoca e vencer.

This team is formed by "young" Portuguese managers , who have several objectives in common like:
Have fun; succeed and acquire enough knowledge.
We want to reach the maximum level, but we know it will not be an easy task, so we will rise one step at a time and try to solidify each level. Not always gonna be the way that we planned, but with grit and determination this team, with all members working together, we can overcome all difficulties and obstacles that occur during each season and win.


Dinis Batista - " Main Shaft "
Jose Almeida - " O Calculista "
Daniel Andrade - "The Vampire"
Bruno Monteiro - "Castigador Implacável"
Filipe Vieira -"
Ricardo Jesus -"
João Santos-"
Luis Machuqueiro-"