Brawn-Mercedes AMG Team F1

Dezső Bodor

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Squadron be call'd: Brawn-Mercedes AMG Team F1
Squadron website: Nay site list'd
First sail'd t'gether: Voyage 9, Race 16
Chalices: 0
Knockout flagons: 0
Tot'l prizes: 9,285.34
Av'rage prizes/race: 6.30
Av'rage prizes/voyage: 107.16
Av'rage rankin': 570.72
Most prizes in a race: 33.00 (Voyage 17, Race 11)
Voyage coordinates: 733
Voyage prizes: 0
Squadron accolades:

Ahoy! 14% unlocked

Most cap'ns in Elite: 0
Cap'ns raised to Elite: 0
Boat races represented in:
Tot'l victors 'n' plinths:
Joss this voyage:
Thralls o' th' Pirate King: 0
Berths: 9

Cap'ns in th' squadron

Berth HP Cap'n Armada Who did wha'
01. Dezső Bodor Rookie - 135 0% (7%)

Squadron figurehead

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F1United are a global group of GPRO fans that help each other to improve and enhance each others game play.

Our goal is not to be the top ranked team at the end of the season. It is to be the top team in GPRO because everyone is treated fairly and equally, and because we all enjoy playing this game that breaks up the monotony of our everyday lives. If we do well during the season, we see it as a bonus to a job well done. However it is not the one goal that drives us or F1United.

In keeping with our main goal, we accept any Nationality into our fold. That will never change. We are not an exclusive team. We are not egotists, or nationalists. We are a group of friends who are bonded together by GPRO.