Team South Africa

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Squadron be call'd: Team South Africa
Squadron website: Nay site list'd
First sail'd t'gether: Voyage 12, Race 4
Chalices: 0
Knockout flagons: 0
Tot'l prizes: 15,226.41
Av'rage prizes/race: 10.62
Av'rage prizes/voyage: 180.51
Av'rage rankin': 400.54
Most prizes in a race: 33.53 (Voyage 50, Race 10)
Voyage coordinates: 624
Voyage prizes: 0
Squadron accolades:

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Most cap'ns in Elite: 0
Cap'ns raised to Elite: 0
Boat races represented in:
Tot'l victors 'n' plinths:
Joss this voyage:
Thralls o' th' Pirate King: 0
Berths: 0 (Squadrons wi' nay cap'ns)

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Comandeerin' a scuttl'd squadron be costin' ye $5.000.000 'f ye be a form'r captain o' th' squadron, else 't be costin' ye $7.500.000. Any postin's fro' th' squadron jabb'r be gone 'n nay be a part o' th' bargain'. E'erythin' else fro' th' squadron past still be thar, includin' th' colours, numb'rs 'n prizes per voyage. Only cap'ns 'n Amateur 'n 'bove 'n not owin' booty be able t' be comandeerin' scuttle'd squadrons.

Comandeerin' th' squadron Team South Africa be costin' ye $7.500.000.

Squadron figurehead

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Team South Africa is a team for South African managers.

Requirements to be part of the Team:

1. Be active on our team forum
2. Take part in ALL races (You can holiday your account if needed)
3. Have participated in at least 2 FULL SEASONS in the game
4. Share data from all races in our forums
5. Understand the basics of GPRO
6. Willing to improve even if it does take a little work
7. Some experience in Excel would also be to your own benefit

PM before applying to avoid rejection

Team Records:

Team standings - 58th (Season 50)
Total points - 426.7 (Season 50)
Team points - 10 056 (129th)
Most wins in a row - Sarel Jacobs (8)
Most podiums in a row - Martin Kotze, Hein Joubert (14)
Most point finishes in a row - Sarel Jacobs (19)

Hall of Fame:

Hein Joubert /gb/ManagerProfile.asp?IDM=265093
Sarel Jacobs /gb/ManagerProfile.asp?IDM=402854
Adriaan V Jaarsveldt
Martin Kotze