Pacific GP

Squadron numb'rsBe clickin' t' be addin'/dismissin' th' squadron fro' yer spyin' lis'

Squadron be call'd: Pacific GP
Squadron website: Nay site list'd
First sail'd t'gether: Voyage 24, Race 9
Chalices: 0
Knockout flagons: 0
Tot'l prizes: 18,789.54
Av'rage prizes/race: 15.33
Av'rage prizes/voyage: 260.54
Av'rage rankin': 347.94
Most prizes in a race: 48.67 (Voyage 44, Race 12)
Voyage coordinates: 602
Voyage prizes: 0
Squadron accolades:

Ahoy! 24% unlocked

Most cap'ns in Elite: 2 (Voyage 34, Boat race 1)
Cap'ns raised to Elite: 6
Boat races represented in:
Tot'l victors 'n' plinths:
Joss this voyage:
Thralls o' th' Pirate King: 0
Berths: 0 (Squadrons wi' nay cap'ns)

Be comandeerin' thi' squadron

Comandeerin' a scuttl'd squadron be costin' ye $5.000.000 'f ye be a form'r captain o' th' squadron, else 't be costin' ye $7.500.000. Any postin's fro' th' squadron jabb'r be gone 'n nay be a part o' th' bargain'. E'erythin' else fro' th' squadron past still be thar, includin' th' colours, numb'rs 'n prizes per voyage. Only cap'ns 'n Amateur 'n 'bove 'n not owin' booty be able t' be comandeerin' scuttle'd squadrons.

Comandeerin' th' squadron Pacific GP be costin' ye $7.500.000.

Squadron figurehead

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Once a clueless team in F1, now a group of ambitious managers aiming for Elite in GPRO. This is Pacific GP.

The team is open for any managers regardless their GPRO experience who:
are nice and friendly,
race every race.
speak/write English.

If you are interested in joining Pacific Grand Prix send a message to the team leader.

!!! Applications without letter of introduction will be rejected !!!