First mate: Bernie Murray

First Mate Details

Captains' Name: Bernie Murray
Homeport: (United Kingdom)

Helmsman Legend

Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races: 334
Victors: 13

First Mate Skills

O'erall: 101
Command o' men: ?
Plannin' th' Smithe: ?
Plannin' th' riggin': ?
Plannin' th' Ships layout: ?
What they be havin' lived thru': ?
Dockside plannin': ?
'ow Afrai' they be: ?
Old: 59

Off'rs fro':

Nay off'rs fer thi' first mate
Tot'l off'rs: 0

Be makin' a off'r

Yer needs t' be board'd t' be off'rin hirin's
Bounty per race:  $
Treasure Chest:  $
Loot fer Victor:  $ (up t' yer)
Loot fer Plinth:  $ (up t' yer)
Loot fer Scores:  $ (up t' yer)
Loot fer Chalice:  $ (up t' yer)
Time o' Hirin':  (1 - 17)
Off'r be seen o' nay:
Current offer cost: $500.000 
Th' next offer cost increment in:

Be 'ware:

  • 'f th' first mate be acceptin' yer off'r o' hirin' yer be needin' t' be payin' yer old first mate t' be goin' (50% o' th' bounty per race t' end o' thar hirin')
  • 'f yer wants t' be changin' yer hirin' off'r yer be needin' t' dismiss th' first off'r 'n be makin' a new hirin' off'r 'n also be payin' fer th' new off'r