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Nazwisko:Stavros Oikonomidis
Kraj: Grecja
Dołączył:Mar 1, 2010
Ostatnia interakcja: Wczoraj o 22:00:00
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Ilość GP:13 (930)
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Pierwsze GP: Sezon 18, Wyścig 17
Liczba logowań:8935
Czas spędzony na GPRO:2235.5 godzin
Data urodzenia: -
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Status związku:Żonaty/Zamężna

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Grupa:Amateur - 18
Pieniądze: $?.???.???
Kierowca: Christijan Lammers (92)
Dyr Tech: Brak
OW Personelu:15
Opony: Pipirelli
Nazwa teamu: OLYMPUS Racing
Pozycja zespołu:35
Punkty zespołu:410.6666


Brambo (P7) - 14 wyścigów
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Kariera menadżerska Stavros Oikonomidis (Ostatnio uaktualnione: Paź 8 2014, 10:18:47)
1st GP: S18, race 17 (R256)
1st points: S19, race 2 (R256)
1st podium: S19, race 16 (R256)
My first season was a learning one. Found a reliable driver for next season and found out how to be competitive in rookie without spending much money.
1st win: S20, race 13 (R256)
Second full season and promotion by 25 points. More than promotion, most important is that the final cash is 42million. I think I could give a try and avoid relegation. First 2 races will judge if I stick to the driver or go for another
S21: First season in amateur. Avoided relegation with a good 4th place in penultimate race. Had to change 2 drivers to find the one to give me the points. At least my car is now good and I hope to avoid relegation more easily next season, to be able to collect some money too.
S22: Second season amateur. Started with only $1M and after early 5 points, just collecting money. Finished with $56M, so next season will be much more comfortable I hope
S23: First full season with Androb racers and finally in a good team with good team-mates. I think I learned more this season than in all previous together. 2 podiums (2nd) one near miss to win (1/10") and 2 FL. If some races with mixed weather had gone my way, I would be a promotion contender till the end. Next year I aim promotion
S24: Big promotion effort and finally achieved promotion through mistakes and some lack of luck. Without a win, with fewer points than predicted. My first 2 poles was the best part of the season. I am also happy that I repaid my team all the knowledge I gained by being the best contributor of the season. Too bad I had to move on, for a better team. Next year with Olympus I hope I will avoid relegation
S25: Dream first season in Pro. Top-10 position in final table and all goals achieved. Win, poles (3), and FL. Move to Olympus paid off from the first minute and I thank them. Next year the aim is to be a regular points finisher, at least
S26: And here I am to Master. After a season very much like the one that brought me to Pro a consistent season made me achieve both goals. Promotion and economical growth. I have more money than in the beginning but less than I should. Next season will be tough. Real tough. But I will fight again.
S27: M1 was too good for me. I hope I gained a lot of experience but failed to retain. Maybe I promoted too fast, now I try to stay for a while in Pro before I try to promote. This years goal is avoid relegation.
S28: My best season so far. Quickly achieved my goals and raced through the rest of the season without problems. Financialy season was a triumph. I started the season dead last at money in the group and earned 55M (3rd in P6 at finish). I even payed taxes for the first time in my career! This season me, my team, my driver and my car must get ready for a promotion challenge S30.
S29: And here I go to Master again. This time better prepared and more experienced. The odds are again bad, but I will fight. The season went as planned. Slow start and strong finish. Promotion came easier than planned. The best part of the season is my 5 wins. I had 3 in my whole career!
S30: Another succesfull season. Victory in Master and easily avoiding relegation. I think that was the apex of my career or at least this cycle of my career. I will try to race at my best next season but if I won't be satisfied, I will start another cycle
S31: At the middle of season I realized that all I would achieve was just another season in Master broke. Then next year the same etc. So with a win in Master the first part of my carreer is over. I have a driver for Amateur and from S33 I will start my build-up again
S32: A boring season down to Amateur. Maybe I overtrained my driver, I hope I won't pay for this
S33: My calculations were unfortunately wrong and due to an unexpected aggro rise, I ended with no renewal oportunity for my driver. So after race 9 I had to fight for promotion. Mission accomplished even with the additional promotions. Now for S34 fight for survival. Too tough, I promoted one season too early.
S34: I retained much more easily than predicted. That doesn't mean that next's season effort will be easier, but confidence is good and progress of the driver continues as planned. S35 targets remain the same. Retaining and developing.
S35-37: Same mistakes again and again. Overtrained 2 drivers and now I am heading to Master without any serious planning. My driver S38 will be in great condition for promoting even running only 8 races, but no plan besides this. Race for the joy of racing for now on.
S38: Raced full throttle first 8 races and were enough to promote. To Master for another time.
S39: Finally it was better for me to spend this build up season in Master than Pro. I checked the speed levels, checked my driver's pace, got data for Conti, even gained a lot of money. Now I have to decide if I will bounce back right away or wait for S41.
S40: My pack was slower than expected and there was absolutely no way of bouncing back. At least for the first time I won the cup. S41 is the final chance for my driver
S41: Disaster. After a predicted slow start, in the moment I was planning to attack a start accident and 2-3 randoms sent me completely out of goals. I would have promoted if I had chosen a faster tyre but that wasn't my goal. Bad decisions, bad luck and maybe bad training resulted to the failure.
S42: Bizarre season. First half with a driver who could easily promote but lost him after 8 races so build up with a new driver with high risk. 0 stamina!
S43: An expensive season who ruined all my economical progress made all previous seasons. In the final part of the season I was competitive enough and retained with ease. Next season I will try to push